Team koizumi wants this 3d world port to be big, and i mean big and i’m going to need your ideas before it turns out like that. God, awful mario brothers, oh boy, more, add ons for these ports, because why come up with new? And we can recycle the old put some glitter on top typical nintendo rantaro. You know better than the delta nintendo clan. We have at least two more years worth of these wii. U ports and damn it. We will do it right. You might as well just slap my deluxe label on it and act like it’s worth 60 dollars. One more remark from you when i will stick the images on your ass. Do you hear me fine, sir good, now that the slacker is done speaking? How about we hear from you shinji we loved your idea for that menu screen onto the all stars. You must have something else, big brewing in that noggin, absolutely sir, when i think big believe me, i think, beg how about we add a mini mushroom to the game. That way, everything will be big, sir shinji, a mini mushroom. Yes, sir it’s, the best way to make everything big. I expected so much better from you. You dare come in here with those small power ups, i said, think big, dammit monster. You know me: i am the same guy who came up with the idea to make the girls nintendo look at these beardies hell.

I even made snake bigs huh, not to mention. If we make mario small, then everyone will have that cake it’s better than making mario with a wagon shinji don’t get me wrong. We love the thick era of nintendo, but we will not be playing into another one of your fetishes it’s, bad enough that this game caters to the furry community. But now this it’s gone too far get the out of my sight all right. Let me be clear about this. When i say big, i mean exciting and fun, not just some big nintendo girls. Ah, i know exactly what you mean, sir. You me the brightest on the team. Tell me what you have in mind: okay, so i’ve been holding on to this one since the 90s and with today’s, kids being so advanced. I think it’s, finally time we bring out the big guns now that’s, exactly what i’m talking about yumi big, so tell me, is it like a massive adventure, add on like odyssey or maybe even a challenge mode where you tune with the enemy and fight an even Greater film, sir, those are great ideas, but i think mine is much bigger and much better. I think it’s finally time to bring back super hornio brothers, i’m. I’M. Sorry, but not either yeah. I didn’t think about it. Today’S kids, love tic tocs with all the bucket challenges, so why not bring out a sick, mario challenge featuring ron, jeremy himself? You mean you do know that this is supposed to be locked in the nintendo vault until 2043.

Right, you know when we finish making these super mario love motels. Yes, i know, but sir think about the potential drama is at an all time: high it’s, not enough for us to take down fan games anymore. We need some big waves and fast. What better way could there possibly be ready first off leave that vhs on the table because i’m absolutely gon na need that later? Second, please get out of myself: okay, fine rancirol you’re! The only one left let’s hear your idea, but it better be big and it better be quick. Okay, listen up! You know how it’s called super mario, yes, ever since the beginning, what’s your point. My question is why the is it called super when he’s never went super saiyan before i’m? Sorry, what yeah i mean super saiyan is literally the most super. You can get just look at sonic he’s been ripping off a super saiyan since the 90s rancheros. You know what you got a good point exactly just take this and make it a cat instead of a monkey and you’re done that’s it.