. This dark, chaotic Bowser takes me immediately back to Yoshis Island and the end game fight.. But while this new mode has Mario becoming super sized to take on a giant Bowser, What if we were a super sized cat in the main game, Could we beat Bowser in the final level of Super Mario 3D World Lets find out. So a while back? I made a short video talking about how characters can swap abilities without swapping costumes if we mess with the game. And during this process I talked about being a giant cat.. So this is a combination of the Cat Bell, Powerup and the Mega Mushroom.. What we are left with is a giant cat, Mario, that has the momentum and skillset of a cat, but the weight and floatiness of a character under the effects of the Mega Mushroom. Theres. A problem with this setup though, but Ill go over, that in a moment.. For our quest were heading to the very last Bowser stage in 3D, World. But Bowsers in for a big surprise., So our giant cat Mario spawns up top and we decide to climb onto the ruins of Bowsers car, destroying it further. Like most cats would. After we move on from our new litterbox, we make our way over to the lift. Surprisingly, because this lift was designed with 4 people in mind its the right size for a giant cat.. Now, at this point I was already starting to think this level was going to be brutal.

If not impossible. Lots of standalone objects are instantly destroyed when touched by a mega mushroom, including pipes and other important fixtures.. I was hoping with my cat abilities. I could fudge the level, though somehow., That was until I remembered theres a launch pipe right at the start of this level. Marios too thick of a lad to fit into the pipe. So I thought well maybe Ill just build up, speed and launch myself over to that wall.. Not only am I terrible at building up speed, but at this moment I then realized something else., Despite having the abilities of Cat Mario, I was actually missing one of them.. I had my scratch my dive and everything else, but I didnt have my wall climbing ability. For some reason, the mega mushroom effect just eliminated this all together., So we have a problem. After dying again. I then had to resort to another cheat Utilizing a moon, jump. Yeah, I know. It defeats the purpose, but weve already lost., At least with this. I can try to make it to the end and honestly, Im glad I did use this because I ended up discovering a lot of interesting things.. So with our moon jump in tow, we blast off like a rocket ship way above the clouds and then slowly fall back down to the level.. With this, we scare Toad to death with our giant feline body and we race to the next section of the level.

, And this is when I realized just how annoying this was going to be.. So the moon jump is a blessing, but also a curse, because this entire area is littered with death plains.. But this is when I noticed that every Bowser action in this level is independent of each other and they can trigger in any order.. So we enter this scene properly and now its time for giant cat Mario to face off against giant cat Bowser., And I start off by dying instantly out of curiosity.. We spend most of our time being off screen in this section, simply because our size causes us to snap to the ledges above us when we jump.. But then we make it to Bowser, who is conveniently sitting on top of a pow block and we send him sky high Only to run into a problem.. We cant use the pipe here and because the pipe makes you invincible when youre travelling upwards. That means it allows Mario to skip the death planes that are above this area that normally kill Mario. If he falls off the upper tower., So we jump to the clouds in a daring attempt only to get our head stuck in them as we slide around.. But as soon as we break through, we shoot off like a rocket and hit the death barrier at the top of the pipe.. So this route wont work., But before skipping this entire level to literally get to the end part, I want to show you some cool stuff.

I discovered along the way., So apparently every single Bowser here isnt, triggered by our character at all.. Everything has to do with camera placement.. So when our camera enters a certain range, a bowser will be activated.. So, for example, the floor Bowser appears and crawls out of the random purple crater at the start of the tower.. If we just move the camera around, we can activate all these Bowsers out of order. Making our way up top. We can see that cat Bowsers are stuck inside black boxes within the tower itself.. When the camera gets into position, they break out and attack, but they just wait like this in the wall until the camera activates them., Going back to our mission, we basically need to moon jump over the entire level and treat this as a game of operation.. You know that game where you reach down from above into someones body and try to remove problematic things.. If you touch the sides, you lose. Think of Bowsers tower as that game. Every area on the side has death barriers, but the top is safe.. However, we arent going to have a shadow guiding us until we get super close and the camera is not going to be fun. So its a lot of guess and check work.. But if done successfully, we can reach Bowser at the top before Bowser even starts at the bottom.. No one can hurt us because the Mega Mushroom makes us invincible and, despite our deadly abilities, no Bowser here can be defeated.

With attacks either.. We try to fit under the block and its a bit of a pain, but with a few mighty hits, we defeat Bowser only to run into a showstopper of a problem.. So when you beat Bowser, you basically load into a different area, thats contained within a box of death, And we cant use the pipe. So all we can do is sacrifice Mario to the death gods and throw in the towel.. Thankfully, the lad has 9 lives. Or in this case hundreds.. Our mission was a complete disaster, but it was fun to see how this tower actually worked., Finding out everything relied on the cameras. Positioning was pretty cool and dealing the final hit. Bowsers Fury style was pretty satisfying, even if it amounted to nothing.. Before dipping out, I want to toss out a big thanks to Postposterous for building this giant cat toolset. So I could even attempt this video.. They are a cheat mastermind, so I recommend checking them out.