Music feels like it’s, hard to believe i’m standing in a timeless state. What all started with a letter, a hot tub and a diner, could turn into this Music. I am so so grateful for this opportunity and for these films it has, you know, changed my life drastically, but it’s also connected me to our community and connected me to so many people around the world, like, i think the most rewarding part of it has been Sharing stories and listening to stories from you know, people who have related to the films growing up. I didn’t really see many asian american girls represented in stories, and i saw even less asian american writers and so for me. It’S always been wanting to do both things. What i love is being able to see a wider spectrum of what it looks like to be asian american and also what it looks like to be american, because there’s so many different ways to be the girl next door. And what does like americana? Really look like you know, um, and for so long we’ve only seen one version of that, and now i think it is starting to expand a bit. I am so devoted to this world and i’m so devoted to lara jean. It is an honor to play her and i don’t want to say goodbye in fact, i’m quite deeply in denial um, but i i’m just i’m just very grateful for this whole opportunity in the past years, lara jane song covey.

Will you go to prom with me? Yes, of course, i think there was a there was an organic chemistry. You know between the two of us from the start, you know kind of a natural chemistry and then, from the first day we ever met, which was her doing chemistry, reads and me showing up for the chemistry read you know like. I didn’t know that she had already booked the role, and so i i like was like hey like you, want to run lines or something she’s like no i’m good, like. I think we just always had kind of a natural rapport with each other, and i think, just like you know, 13 hour days just sitting and talking getting to know each other – hey covey, hello from korea, Music. The best part of this vacation is spending time with my sister, such a crazy trip. It was so cool just getting to see all of these big tourist spots we were shooting in and we were also like being tourists ourselves. So honestly, i was like we weren’t. Even asking that much because we were genuinely so excited to see all these amazing locations and all these cool things but yeah that trip was very, very bonding for all of us as well, and that was we actually wrapped the movie there and we, like wrapped the The whole thing, so it was very bittersweet. Our last two scenes there together on a scale of one to ten.

How much are you gon na miss me when i’m gone next year? Four, a four just the second all three of us met on set. We instantly all just bonded and connected, and you know, giggle fits on set lots of time on set between, takes to just talk and get to know each other and honestly keeping in touch between the movies as well, because we missed each other. You know we just. We luckily just had an amazing bond from the start before we unleashed our weirdness upon each other. We definitely had like an introductory period where um yeah yeah. I think it was really new york when we all when we would go out to dinner and because we we shot in new york and we would do dinners and um we’d go to like a new restaurant, pretty much every night and uh. I think that’s when we started to really unleash the the weird stuff yeah we had. We had a good period of time to get to know each other i mean now. I feel like i’ve known them. My whole lives because i’ve known them for so many years now, but we all met on set and then lana’s become one of my best friends in the world and i’m, so grateful that the movies brought us together. I didn’t know you guys were friends: oh no! Nothing to see here, i think ross, which what’s crazy is ross, is like from his first day on set of the second film.

He quickly became my favorite character in the entire universe. We both know what 3 000 miles would do to us. This is a little dramatic even for you. I feel really good about um the way that lara jean’s story ties up at the end. I think you know, because i’m a storyteller, i say, never say never in terms of what i will feel inspired to write next. But i have so many stories in me that i want to tell too, and i think that it’s really fun to explore new worlds and for me, it’s always about finding like what’s, most interesting of an angle, to take and like who is that character and getting To explore um who they are, the pressure that i felt finishing these films and wrapping them up was that i just i love jenny, han’s work, i love jenny han. I love all of the actors, i love the story, i love netflix and the production, and so the pressure was. Can i do this right, where we can finish these films in a satisfying way and do it justice, because i just believe so much in this world and in terms of largine and peter, oh, have always known even after the books, i know that they will be Together, i think that there’s a real world where they go off and they try and make it work, and then i think life kind of gets in the way and then they have to grow apart.

I see in her future, i see them, you know meeting and coming back together. You know, i think it’s bittersweet um, you know and peter in the to all the boys. Universes has given me so much. My life has been. You know, limitlessly enriched by it. So saying goodbye is is definitely like a bittersweet thing, but at the same time i think we poured everything that we had into it and i think it’s time it’s a good time. You know to let it to let it finish. All good things must eventually come to him. You know whether he’s death or whether it’s at some point you just decide right, um and yeah. I think it’s. I think it’s time and i i just hope you know we did it justice. I hope that i hope the people that love the first one um, the second one love the third one Music the world keeps shifting under my feet. All i want is for it to stand still. I know that they will end up together. I’Ve never considered another possibility, so i wasn’t very stressed about that.