What all started with a letter, a hot tub and a diner could turn into this congrats. On this film i mean what a whirlwind for you: the first movie was this huge breakout, and now here we are three movies later. So what are you gon na miss the most about this franchise and playing lara? Jean, i will say once you do three movies things start to blur and you’re like come on, so there’s. Definitely definitely parts of myself in there i’ll miss it all and i’m unprepared to say goodbye, it’s, a very fun role to play, even in its most dramatic moments, i think i’m just going to miss the whole ambiance, the environment. You know the friendships working with lana and ross. Did you get to keep anything from the set after you rap like anything of peter’s? We did a shot for shot from the big lebowski and and on that day we had a specific wardrobe that i i took with me and then of course, like the director chairs, you know the backs of that and stuff we’ve all become so close, and we Really do feel like real life sisters, and i know that we’ll carry that with us moving forward. It reminds me we went to seoul tower, we were filming there and we actually got one of those little love locks and we wrote names and our little soul sisters and we locked it. There forever talk to me about the last day of filming.

What was the last scene, you shot what emotions were going on that day? How are you feeling? Oh, my god, i was feeling i was distraught. My last day we were shooting in korea, so we shot korea at the end, even though it’s in the beginning of the film and when i did my final scene, it didn’t make the movie because that’s how distraught i was like. I was a wreck. It was like in tears, literally they couldn’t. They were like. Oh, i don’t know about that. I was lucky enough to um, go to korea as well and and visit and watch them film for a day. So after that day, because i still was seeing everyone that was hard, i went back to my hotel room and just started crying. The last thing we all got to be together, which is rare, a lot of the time that doesn’t happen. So when they called rap. We got to be holy hands and we’re together. It was in korea, late night at this night market and we were eating these fresh handmade noodles in this scene. So it was the best we were all having and it was uh. It was lots of tears. Lots of hugs, i could really see myself living there. You know we both know what 3 000 miles would do to us. This is a little dramatic. Even for you. Looking back on all three films: do you have a favorite scene or a favorite day of shooting that stands out to you? Everything in new york definitely stands out to me, so we got to go to new york and experience all these iconic locations filming and then offset on the weekend.

We went to the men we went to the high line. We uh did a group workout together the scene where we chrissy and i have a date, a subway date and there’s an awkward moment that lana like looks over and um there’s, like no dialogue, but just like everything that we did was all improv. One of my favorite days of shooting was we were in new york and we did the montage scene that’s, but um that’s. What ross and madeline said really yeah. It was all improv for you guys right, yeah just show up. Do your thing do, whatever you know, it’s great in the third movie we’re talking about wedding plans and lara jean and kitty are like spitting out different ideas. That was not even in the script and we were like. Can we please? I think this would be so cute such a fun little moment and, like every take, we said something different and those are some of my favorites on a scale of one to ten. How much are you gon na miss me when i’m gone next year? Four, a four: where do you think peter kavinsky will be 10 years from now? He could, you know, be a retired, professional, lacrosse player. He could still be playing. You know, lacrosse professionally, you know. Maybe he turns and goes a completely different route west coast east coast. I definitely would choose nyu if i had the choice. Oh yay, this is the first time anyone’s asked me this.

I think she’ll be, i think, she’ll be in new york, i’m hoping she’ll be like working publishing. I’D love for her to be like this badass. Like you know, like her editing ahead, something rather that she’s just living her life, i feel like margo would be a professor somewhere and she’d have like a really smart bow. I i would love to see kitty in college. I feel like she would have so much fun. She’D probably be like the head of, like all the clubs and just be super involved with school and meeting so many new friends, chrissy’s gon na have her own coffee shop, i’m gon na be like the assistant coach of like a pee, wee baseball team and we’re. Just gon na run into each other and and the sparks are gon na immediately fly again and uh, and then we’ll never speak to each other. Ever again, the world keeps shifting under my feet. All i want is for it to stand still. These movies have been such a huge part of my life for years and have been very integral in who i am today. As a young woman, it feels like, like you’re, almost saying goodbye to like a part of a part of yourself.