It is a versatile camera that users can use to monitor their home and surroundings around the clock, as you heard its a pan and tilt camera, so users can control it via the app which we will explore later in the video lets check out what is inside, The product packaging inside the box users will find one switchbot, pan and tilt camera. A pack of user guide is also found inside the packaging to guide users on the setup procedures and functions. A wall power adapter is provided, along with a power cable for users to connect power to the camera. A pin to reset the camera is provided along with a mounting bracket and some screws for users to mount the camera onto the ceiling all packed neatly in the product packaging on first impression the switchbot pan tilt camera looks really sleek and solid upon holding it. It has a modern and minimalist design by the looks of it at the back of the camera, users will find a power port to plug in the power cable, along with a speaker, grille for playing, sounds like voice and a reset button to reset the camera when Required first before use, lets plug it into a power outlet to get it powered up. Remember to download the switchbot app from the app store before use so that you can configure and connect to the camera via the app first log in or choose to sign up to use the app once that is done.

The app will launch into the home page where you can add the camera to the app via the plus sign. As you see, there are multiple different switchbot devices that you can add to the app select the pan tilt camera. Since this is the product we want to add thereafter, all i have to do is to follow the on screen instructions to configure and connect to the app the entire setup process should take around 5 minutes. Quick and simple. As you see, the camera is now added and connected to the app. I can easily watch the camera in real time via the app zoom in and out on different parts of the view easily. I can scroll my finger around the control, the camera to pan to different angles of the room check out how smooth the video feed is. As you see, there is no lag or interruptions in video transmission on the app i can save pictures or videos with the camera or video button. Just like what i am doing here, it will save the media file to your gallery for easy reference when you need it. The app allows you to know when motion is detected and you can get real time alerts in your notification panel. So you know what is going on Music, a great way for you to protect your home and monitor whats going on anywhere you are. There is also two way audio. You can just press the microphone to speak to the person on the other side, useful feature.

There is motion tracking feature in case you dont know, motion tracking is a smart feature that the camera has. That allows it to automatically start tracking and recording whatever is in sight so like, for example, if my hand is waving and fluttering around the camera lens, it will move itself automatically to capture the motion. So any motion detected is captured and recorded. How smart and cool is that Music? Another innovative feature is privacy mode lets say the camera is in your bedroom and you want some privacy when you are inside simply tap the privacy mode like what i did here. The camera will automatically point downwards and not record what is going on giving the user the privacy they need check. All motion alerts detected on the camera with the recent events list. There is also a toggle switch to toggle the camera, with control keys good for people who want to toggle switch to pan and tilt the camera. With this pan and tilt feature, it offers users a clear, high definition, view of their home in clear detail with 115 degrees, rotatable lens and 360 degrees rotatable around. It can point to an angle: you want to monitor anytime anywhere, with remote connectivity check out some actual test videos recorded on the switchbot pan tilt camera Music. It is pretty clear and vivid and image quality Music. There is infrared night vision, so even in complete darkness, the recording still goes on in good detail Music.

The lens is decently, innovative to record in 1080p full hd. What i like about the switchbot pan tilt camera is the innovative design and functions it carry. It can be synced to different switchbot products via the app and with the switchbot hub mini. It can connect the camera to voice assistance in your home like alexa. How cool is that, if you want to find out more about the switchbot pan and tilt camera, you can check out the link in description for more details.