True, i just it gets me every time: janelle, okay, fine, i’ll, take it i’m. Definitely a crybaby! You cried during the wedding, so you can’t we’re, never gon na. Forget that who’s, the best at doing impressions of other cast members noah lana. I only went with lana because she spends the most time with everyone that i feel like she would have intel. But i can definitely like hear noah. No one can do funny kind of impressions of people. Lana was really good at playing lee and margo lana. I wouldn’t say they’re good, but she’s most likely to do the impressions yeah and she captures the essence like the character essence of each of us, who’s likely to laugh during an awkward situation. Lana me, i would have said lana. You think me yeah well because – and i say that because lana and i have like really awkward situations, a lot and she doesn’t laugh like we ross and i have a really hard time. Communicating let’s do 10. Second role play action: hey what’s up uh good! How are you i’m going to craft you out i’m going to get coffee? Do you want to you don’t have to if you don’t want to like yeah um, no i’m? Fine. Thank you. I i have to go to the bathroom myself now or me yeah. I might say: madeline i find the humor in everything you always have to find. It reason why is i said me and lana is that both of us when we start laughing, we can’t stop like that: it’s contagious right, there’s, no there’s, no stop there’s! No going back once it begins, it’s, just it’s, just rolling and yeah domino effect, who’s the best at giving relationship, advice.

Alana, look at us! Oh look at us. Look at us go, i think. Okay, let me first hand. I have received advice about this kind of thing from, like the whole cast they’re, just like different perspectives, which is why it works when he got everyone, but i don’t know i feel like janelle is like the wise old grandma. So i always i always go with that. I love it yeah. I was thinking lana, probably because she’s the person, i would talk to you, the most about relationship advice and she can be very sage about it. I said anna because even though she’s the youngest she’s, probably the wisest out of all of us, lana noah, did you even say anything: i’m, just offended noah here’s the thing about your relationship advice is, i think you can. I well. I think you give good relationship advice here. It goes there. It comes the levy’s breaking ross. I i think noah gives good love advice, not relation advice. You give like a philosophical like what is love. What is love? What you’re saying is i just confuse you more. You always are like well, i do feel like the core values of love could be in your blood. Let me ask you: have you read osho yeah that’s, his exactly you’re right, it’s lana, every time every day, who’s most like there to all the boys, i’ve loved before character, ross yeah ross, i don’t think i was really acting for a lot of the the movie.

I think it was. It was just kind of us you’re, very cunning, and your wit is so just sharp and smart. It was rarely something written that would come out of trevor’s mouth. It was always like ross sitting there like like on the side for like 20 minutes, just like reeling and coming up with different ways to say it janelle. What no, because i would get kind and you’re so kind and like genuine, i don’t know i don’t really think lana is like largine or you’re like margot. I don’t really think you guys are like your characters. I was going to say ross. I don’t know i don’t know ross very well even but like i can totally get trevor vibes i’m like yeah, now that you’ve that anna not to be annoying, i think i’ll change my answer too. The way that she’s, very romantic and like can be silly so i’ve never met ross i’ve, never had a sweet pain with ross, who’s least like there to all the boy’s character, madeleine or me. I said you anna, oh because you’re so like loving and nurturing, and warm and kitty can be those things but she’s like sarcastic and snarky and like you’re, just the most lovely human i’m, definitely more sensitive than her for sure. Come on. Chris though chris and madeline, i feel like very different we’re, all so very different. I feel like it’s kind of similar to you and kitty in the way that kitty and chris can both be more sarcastic than we are and we’re like.

You know what i mean. They’Re both like yeah you’re, both little love funks, but no it’s it’s like peter’s, this brooding kind kinda, oh, what am i gon na do with my life and noah is like let’s. Do it? I don’t care what happens? Yeah he’s very conservative who’s, most likely to be caught, taking a selfie, jenny han and me, are you taking in a very stylish way, like you, have a good aesthetic when it comes to things? Thank you so much who’s, most likely to break out into song. Janelle. Now, yeah because she is a singer one day on set, i was like feeling down. I don’t even know why i was sick. Really tired and janelle was like anna every half hour. I will perform you a song and it was one of the best days ever. It really she just turned that front upside down. I was like, i think, it’s time that she was like, ah six, seven, eight, and would you start next time i see you. I will also sing you songs sing me a song. Thank you. Yeah 100. You will just like explode out of nowhere into song and into trumpet, and i feel like it’s like it’s, like your body being like. I need to get this energy out and the thing is it’s, not even songs that are relevant. Like you’ll sing, a song from like the hercules disney soundtrack. I will find my way who’s most likely to send a meme in the cast group chat.

I feel like lana likes her memes. Does she i don’t think so. Do you like names, lana yeah? I do here’s what i think. I think that if we had a group chat, i would be the one that started it and i would start it with a meme that’s, a sensible argument to be had, and maybe anna because she’s, like the young one yeah. Where are you sorry? You too? She sends us videos and yeah she’ll just be like saw this random video of something completely unrelated to everything, but thought it was amazing and it always makes our day and we always appreciate it. So i would definitely say sorry: she’s she’s, just the best i’m trying to make everyone smile who’s, most likely to learn a tick, tock dance and perform it flawlessly. Oh, i know the answer a lot of times, not that i would perform it flawlessly, but i’ve learned too many things about dances that’s. My reasoning, you do love your peep talk dances and i love it when you do it with your sister it’s so cute, they are really thinking lana cause of the tick tock dances that she’s done to her music. Yes, those are so fun, anthony, yeah, they’re, so cute anna i’d say anna. I i’m, not a tick tock guy. I i don’t like tick tock dancing, i feel like you. Would you would do it really? Well? I’M, a savage, oh god. I don’t even know the lyrics.

What is this is that the corvette one corvette corvette. I don’t know i just it’s it’s like oh, i like on a roller coaster, what it’s, just the soul, leaving the body who’s most likely to introduce you to a band musician. You’Ve never heard of ross ross. Ross is pretty good at that here’s. What i’ll say: noah’s like for newer music i’m with like older music, yeah, that’s, true that’s, true ross noah. I was saying ross because he would bring his boombox or stereo into the hair and makeup trailer to set, and he would play some music that i’d never heard. He introduced me to this really good band called lempe, just like on this radio. He was playing or something he said, noah for the exact same reason, one time we were in the hair makeup, trailer together and he hooked up his phone and he just started playing the best music. I was like oh my gosh, who is this? Who is this, and he gave me so many artists that i love now i mean lana’s, giving me a lot of music recommendations. I think out of everyone, like i have a closer music taste to her, so we always i’m, like oh, my god, sir. This is me, please send me your playlist yeah noah definitely has a bunch that i’ve never heard of before so it’s, always cool who’s, most likely to break character during a take shauna. Yes, he just like wanted to say something ridiculous or silly and just like he’d say it and it would be so unexpected and we’d all just start laughing.

I agree. I’M gon na change, mine, yeah i’ve, been one over two john lana lana, oh okay, yeah making you but but really lana lana’s broken a couple times that’s. I think i’ve broken with every single actor. I think yeah consistently, which is you know, not a great testament to me to my to me acting abilities. I genuinely love you guys and i genuinely love the cast so when there’s moments that i see a tiny bit of your heart come through in your acting. It tickles me a lot of you pulls the parachute. Sometimes is what happens when lana cracks. I feel like everybody cracks, because when she cracks, she just has like the smile that’s. Just so infectious, so it’s like you, can’t help, but just be like god, damn it. I remember janelle in the first movie was like she was like: why stop it stop lana. I want to go home. Stop hold yourself together. Who’S the biggest rom com fan anna anna. I thought it would be lava that’s what i thought i feel like. She watches a lot of rom coms alone by herself i often cry alone: okay, yes, that’s true, i do cry alone, but not to rom coms. I cried because of the general sadness within but it’s. No, i just because of general sadness what the general sadness within she said that would be such a good cards against humanity card the general sadness with it. Whatever move on me, i don’t, like anything scary i’m.

Not into like horror, movies or mystery or like anything so broncos are just always the best okay. I i’ve passed you that crown, i think, thank you. I’Ve never heard anybody speak as passionately about rom coms as again as anna okay, i get so into them and so attached, so yeah who’s, most likely to be caught napping between scenes ross, ross, he’s a napper. Definitely i think so. Many people in this cast are nappers, lana wouldn’t happen, so yes, or not, even in the trailer like we would just come to the green room and like on the floor under your chair, just like a little robe i’ve seen janelle wrap i’ve seen janelle robbins i’ve. Seen jail, i love a nap yeah i’ve, seen lana even just like in her director’s chair with, like herbie purchase girl. Well, you got ta get those naps in when you can. Okay, all right noah, oh you’re, gon na, say you dude, you’re kind of like a bit that i fall asleep everywhere. Really you know that was more on 13. I think with you guys. I i was more of a friend and didn’t, and you know wasn’t bored with everyone else’s companionship, unlike dude, it was i i literally sleep consistently throughout the day. Thank you for having us buzzfeed, make sure you watch to all the boys always and forever february 12th.