It features a set of basic specifications and features. There is a sufficient 6.5 inch. Hd screen fingerprint scanner 30mp on the back and 5mp on the front for selfies. The rest of the specs are quite standard and it brings back the old fashion for smartphone opening the box. You will get the c21 a set of manuals, a micro, usb cable, the charger battery and a free jelly case cover. Lastly, the headset, the back of the phone, can be removed for battery setup operation and when uncovered there is the fingerprint scanner and camera module in the middle. Then above it, the slots for two sim cards and micro sd card. The back plate is made of plastic, but the texture resembles a matte finish, look and feel it is curved and patterned polycarbonate. That is designed for a greater longevity. There is a power and volume button on the right side of the device on the bottom. There is the micro, usb port and microphone hole. There is nothing on the left side. While there is the 3.5 millimeter audio jack at the top, there is a 6.5 inch screen size with a teardrop notch design on display with the nokia logo below the chin flipping. It on the back theres, a single camera module and fingerprint scanner at the center. It weighs around 195 grams. It feels solid and comfortable to hold and the buttons are easy to reach with one handed usage navigating while swiping is convenient.

There are two color variants available on this device: a dark blue and a warm grate. Pawn comes in an hd resolution of 720p and 1600. It is an ips lcd, capacitive touchscreen display the side. Vessels and cheeks are thick no high refresh rate. It lacks a needs of brightness when outdoors under the direct sunlight display. Quality is very standard, though it is not sharp. There are pixelated elements when viewing on the screen and watching videos. Nevertheless, users will be happy to use the device for a big screen purposes. The device comes with a power efficient, android 11, go edition, a lighter version of android nokia promises and provides the device with two years of security updates. There are no bloatware apps installed, it really looks simple and optimized for lower performing processor and for a smaller amount of memory. Android go and light apps run smoothly on this device. The phone is powered by a chip called unisox sc9863a, a high and budget quality chipset that has been introduced in different brands. It is a 1.6 gigahertz octa core processor with a power br ge8322 gpu. It only has a 2 gigabyte of ram and 32 gigabyte of ram for storage opening apps that are designed for go version loads, an instant the regular version of the app takes some time to open, especially when there are many apps open. Multitasking is not the best. Since it experiences some stutters in animation, when switching between multiple apps response time, when interacting on the app is good, it doesnt feel like lag playing.

Heavy games such as call of duty, mobile and mobile agents, can run on low settings. The graphics quality is not the best, obviously, frame drops and starters are always present, but the game is playable. Only light games are recommendable to run on this device. 4G connectivity, bluetooth, 4.2 gps, ambient and proximity sensor, plus fm radio are capable on this device. Audio quality is decent. It only has a single firing speaker, but it is loud pretty there is a fingerprint and af phase unlock technology that gives peace of mind. By limiting who can access your device, the device has a removable battery of 3000 mah capacity. It can provide you with an all day, battery life from a single charge. The battery can give you a decent screen on time, depending on your usage. Sadly, there is no quick charge technology available. It has a super low watt of charge, so charging the device may take you more than an arc to fully charge. Nokia c21 has a single 8mp with flash on the back and 5mp on the front for selfies. There are time lapse, simple beautification and panorama available in the camera. Ui the device has a basic camera for a quick capture. No portrait mode is available, the camera output in the rear is standard. Dynamic range is not preset and shot details and quality needs to be improved. Selfie shots are not the best and can be improved. There are some blurry effects present video recording can get up to 1080p resolution, but output quality can be improved if you plan on getting a touchscreen budget friendly phone for basic use.

Nokia c21 offers a good security software updates for 2 years. Plus it has a nice look design. You can get the nokia c21 in the philippines for a price of 5490 pesos via memo express online and all nokia physical stores nationwide.