, so minimalistic German engineered headphones, not the first gaming headset that weve tried of this kind, but maybe the first in terms of recalibration. Now, how did we find the sound? Eventually headphones can be whatever they are. Theyve got to sound good, so mid tones are a little soft diffuse while listening to music, but other than that. We found them to be very true to the Sound Stage priced at about 10 000 rupees. When we think of gaming headsets. There is a certain Criterion. We see to fill immersive audio gameplay high audio quality and generating a rich sound experience with the launch of their latest product. Mmx 100.. When you open the box, youll notice theres a gaming headset detachable microphone: 5 4 to 4 pole jack, cable, 3.5, millimeter 1.2 meter to connect to the combination sockets such as consoles external sound cards, notebooks tablets, Etc. 5 volt to 2 into 3 4 jack, cable, 3.5. Millimeter 2 meter to connect to PC sound cards with separate microphone and headphone sockets pop shield for the microphone and instruction manual. The headset has a bare Dynamic logo detailing stamped on the headband. The body is complemented with orange accents. The two tone design leaves much to be desired, especially as this is a typical design for any gaming headset. However, the volume wheel, mute button and 3.5 millimeter audio jack on the left cup makes it quite distinguishable its a practical set, not aiming to be high.

End luxurious theres, no bells and whistles to this one: no Wireless, no USB connectivity, its No Nonsense, approach to design has helped Center the attention to where it matters the most it uses 40 millimeter Dynamic drivers. Then one looks for a gaming headset. The first thing one looks for is the sound experience the good boom on microphone, as well as the detachable meta voice. Microphone, contributes to its clear and precise sound experience. The outer cups are 3.5 inches in diameter, built of sturdy matte, artificial leather. That covers a soft memory for material. It feels pretty comfortable around the ears, especially while watching or playing for extender periods of time. The microphone is detachable and at 5.5 inches is satisfactory with a 3 inch arm. The two cables are provided single, cable for mobile and console use and microphone splitter for PC use super simple to set up and use. We wondered if we would experience any sound, lag or Distortion to our surprise. It did not, and in fact the base across various games like Call of Duty warfare and God of War 2018 was balanced. The sound Separation on this device makes up for all the other features we did Miss, especially because precise sound localization is what truly defines a gaming headset. The headset also works equally well, while streaming, music watching movies or videos, as the headset picks up each detail with finesse obey wed like it to be Wireless. At this point, there is no muffling or Distortion leading to any enhanced sound experience.

The cardiovoid condenser microphone on the bare Dynamic MMX 100 is based on the companys meta voice. Microphone nullifies any Ambient sound for a true gaming experience priced at RS, 10. 5′. If you are on a tight budget but still desire a versatile satisfying gaming headset, then look no further as you advance in features. One notices there is a compromise on either the sound experience, sturdiness, adjustments, connectivity or, in most cases the ease of use. However, with MMX 100 there is a chance you will be pleasantly surprised how all of them come together.