For this week the optima d2 projector ultra short, throw projector peak brightness of 3000 lumens and gives you about 125 to 150 inches of absolutely fantastic 4k uhd resolution, its a really really good screen, colors, deep, dynamic, true black levels. Absolutely amazing, there is a speaker, inbuilt – gives a pretty good experience also, but you know i would say that if you want the ultimate experience, make sure you get something like a sound bar. The price point on this is fantastic. The mrp is three lakh. Twenty thousand rupees you can get it for much less Applause, Music. You have finally found space to make your home theater dreams come true. So why settle for an 85 inch tv, when you can have a 120 inch laser tv for the same price and optoma aims to answer this question with the cinemax d2 4k ultra short throat laser projector after their youth success with the p1 and p2? The d2 is optomas 2022 contender for this years, home theater market, the cinemax d2, sits very elegantly with a matte black finish, highlighting its copper accents the build quality and finish, look very premium and helps it blend in with the design aesthetics of your living room, the Fabric mesh in the front houses, the dolby, enabled speaker system taking all the ports and vents to the back, giving it a very clean finish. The elegance flawlessly carries over to the image quality being backed by its bright 3000 lumen laser projector, and this is where the magic happens.

The picture is very sharp and easily viewable even during day time. Viewing angles are very wide, with close to no color distortion. The d2 supports both hdr and hlg, but in our testing it made even the standard definition, look punchier and more vibrant than a tv, but its in the darkness, where it truly shines. The 4k hdr10 output and the 1.8 million is to 1 contrast. Ratio gives you dynamic, blacks and vibrant, true to life colors. No doubt this is one of the best outputs we have seen in a short throw projector with the 0.25 is to one throw ratio we to keep it about eight inches away from the screen to get a 100 inch diagonal output. The d2 comes with a 2d keystone correction, digital zoom and grid warping, big sounding words that essentially make the installation easy and hassle free. There is a small surprise here as well. The d2, with its inbuilt warping adjustment, can also provide curved screen projection, which makes it a very immersive viewing experience. The d2s optical chamber comes with an ip5x which will prevent dust from entering inside, making it more durable Music. The d2 has taken a path slightly different from its predecessor, the p2, when it comes to the operating system and ui, it does away with the inbuilt smart tv features such as netflix, prime and other ott platforms, and provides a bare bones experience in a way. This might seem a downgrade, but we would prefer a smart tv dongle like a fire, stick over the slow and less responsive ui of its predecessor any day.

This also helps in bringing the price down significantly the place where the d2 makes up for the lack of smart tv capability is in the gaming department. The d2 has two gaming display modes 4k at 60, hertz and the other way more impressive, 1080p at 240 hertz and even more impressive, is their claim that the 1080p enhanced gaming mode has an input lag of just 4 milliseconds when connected through the hdmi 1 port. This paired with the vibrant color ridge display the d2 doubles as a premium gaming output, with good motion handling and excellent contrast. With this lag time, the d2 is going head to head with the epson ls 500 for the title of the best ultra short, throw projector for gamers, be it eldon ring apex, legends or no mans sky. The d2 fits in seamlessly now the projector. This bright is surprisingly quiet. The fan noise usually stays below 30 decibels, silent enough for you to completely forget about it. However, the other sound system wasnt as impressive. The d2 comes with a 20 watt, two speaker system, which is a downgrade from the p2, but in a day and age, where most of the consumers pair their ultra short, throw projectors with an external sound system, we say: cost cutting in this department seems justified. The projector comes with a backlit remote and also supports 3d content. The d2 comes with a pir sensor, which provides eye protection dimming. If someone accidentally steps in front of it now being a short throw projector, you wont be able to mount it and it will sit in front of the screen.

The inbuilt calibration tool also works perfectly to fit the screen around uneven surfaces. Here we recommend getting an ambient light, projecting screen to get the best out of the projector priced at rs, 3.2 lakh optima has managed to strip it down to quite a competitive range while being 5 times cheaper than a 120 inch 4k tv. The d2 is going to bring a tough challenge to other ultra short, throw projectors in the market. As our final verdict, the d2 had no business looking as good as it does, with its all matte black sultry design. The picture quality is brilliant and adds more life to the content. Youre viewing the inbuilt sound system is average and it does lack a smart tv option which it makes up for in the gaming department.