I havent had too many issues, but its mid 2022 now and soon the z504, the z flip 4, is going to be coming out and some of yall may be wanting to know whether you should purchase this phone right now me personally. I would honestly wait im not sure if theyre going to put the same chip inside of the z404 and z flip four or not, but for me i had a better experience on the z fold. Three, if you watched my previous video ive, had them all the z flip three, the z fold, three theres 22 ultra ive had the s21 ultra in pretty much every s series you know and a couple of note series as well, but this one here has been One of the more of the buggy iterations of samsung to me personally, like the s21, it did have a few battery problems, but as far as smoothness, i never had a problem with the smoothness of like right now, its pretty smooth its not doing anything because i Have everything closed out just for the sake of this video and everything, but with daily use? It performs great, however, its just not. I put it like this. I switch between this phone and the 13 pro max all the time. Yes, the 13 pro max to me is actually boring compared to this, but at the same time, when i just want to get stuff done and just have it like a smooth flowing experience, i would use the iphone 13 pro max.

Now again, this one will provide you a smooth experience. However, its just you know its sometimes it just has a few hiccups and thats not to say any phone is perfect, but this one has more hiccups to me than the 13 pro mix also with battery life. Like again me just going throughout the day just doing typical stuff scrolling instagram – and you know, facebook youtube different stuff like that. Itll perform perfectly fine, but when it comes to making videos, i promise you guys stick with the apple products like with a macbook with the iphone like it syncs so perfectly well and with video. I would honestly stick with apple, because i tried to upload a 4k video from here and i have a samsung computer, its not the galaxy book its like the galaxy alpha still has an i7 processor and everything, but when i uploaded that 4k to that computed egg, Like it was about to just crash right there on the spot – and i never had that problem loading even videos from here to the macbook – i never had that problem, so the samsung ecosystem, all together, has to improve with fluidity and just smoothness before you know it Can honestly compete with apple completely on that level? Um. On a positive note, though, as far as customization like with this phone, you can do anything you have the spn usbc decent speakers, not the best um. I do like the display, like nothing can complete with this display right here, like no phone can compete with this so thats.

What really makes this an enjoyable experience, like its a large display im rocking a uag case right now, so you know if you re, if you need a case, this is the one i would recommend now i was talking about the video not too long ago, but When it comes to just pure camera quality like steel photos, this is probably one of the best youre gon na find like even versus the 13 pro max. This can give you consistent great photos, but if youre trying to do youtube, videos like the one im doing right now, im actually shooting this on my 13 pro pro max right now. This phone is not really for that. You can get some decent footage from it. However, me personally, i would not just go with that for, like just full on daily videos um that just wouldnt be me, but again just to count with the phone itself like i still love it, its a great phone in 2022. I personally would recommend that at this point anyway, i would record even though they have deals, i would recommend you wait for the zfo4 just to see if theyve worked out like anything with android and the smoothness of it or whatnot, because even like i said with The snapdragon 888, i didnt, have the same problem, so i dont know if thats an android 12 thing or what but like with the s21 ultra. I didnt have as many hiccups as this phone has again not saying its, not a good experience or anything its just like i said i would have preferred me personally if they had a spn in the s 21 ultra, i wouldnt have upgraded at all and i Cant say that, because i do love sound, so i probably would have bought it anyway, but, like i probably would have used that following more because this one it has its moments and samsung is really bothering me with this down playing and up the up and the Price, like really, you got an s, prime for an extra 150 or whatever, because the phone started off literally like 11.

99, or something like that for a 128 gig and eight gigs of ram like come on. Samsung come on like every phone youve released before this one. You didnt stoop that low and then youre changing the display, even from like the plus and the regular 22, like the s20 line, like theyre basic for the basic 22, the 20 im, sorry, the basic galaxy s20 and s20 plus before the s2, even the s20. Ultra. All had quad hd displays, they didnt come out with 1080p panels on any of the s lines. At that time now we have the s20, the s22 and its 22 plus rocking 1080p screens and im just and i just dont like theyre coming from samsung. They took away the sd card spot so now youre spinning, like 1500 to get gigs when you could have just bought a 256 phone for, like maybe 9.99 or a thousand, and then turn around and just put the memory card in in which nothings wrong. With the memory card they they took away a lot so samsung i get it times, has changed but like dont become one of those companies its just too greedy, like apple, has been doing this. Nobody cares people about it, but you you cant, get away with doing that too long people will switch because of that not to mention your prices are actually higher than apples at this point, so you know you do get more, but until you, if you got the Fluidity, like that ill say this, like with the ties and watch versus the um galaxy, where uh, what is it? The galaxy watch? Four, i dont me personally.

I dont like the galaxy watch four with the software like i love the watch, the look and everything that it can do, but you know when it comes to google, even their own phone, the pixel hasnt been properly updated, so samsung needs to either come up with Their own software, or just find a way to smooth out android the best way they can before they put it on their phone or just make one ui a little smooth. Something because again, this is good, but this is far from just that that one phone that tops everything the 13 pro max and im, probably gon na make a video on apple in just a second and its probably gon na be title as apple winning, and i Can tell you now more than likely? Yes, then my answer is probably gon na. Be yes because i have all the apple products. Now i have all the samsung products and when you compare them together, its like apple is just winning do. I will i still be rocking this. The majority of time sure – but i cant just sit here and not acknowledge that apple is honestly doing their thing when it comes to better life and software and again people buy these phones. For the experience like you can get away with using an apple product for three four five years without it having too many issues, you know if youre on the techy side and know what youre doing as far as taking care of it, closing that apps and stuff, Like that – and you know the everyday person dont know how to do this – so imagine its already samsung is already not going to last as long and if youre not doing those proper steps, you know you can shorten up the time even more.

On top of it. Actually glitching so android samsung google get it together when it comes to that still great phone still love it and whatnot um. Let me know what other content i should make its been a while, since ive been on this channel but im gon na you know and im doing this all straight off my head just talking about the products and things that ive experienced with it, but im gon Na try to bring out more content very very soon.