This came in the mail. I actually completely forgot that i even signed up to gadget discovery club, which i guess was part of the reason i did the whole subscription in the first place, but the ones came in the post. I was thinking i havent ordered anything. What might this be? Lo and behold, it was the second gadget discovery, club box, so yeah pretty cool that i forgot and got a really nice surprise when it just turned up mission accomplished and guys if you dont know what im talking about go check out. My first video, where i explain what gadget discovery club, is and also show you what i got in that first box that i received, but for now lets check out whats in box number two and by the way i havent even seen whats in here. Yet so its a surprise for the both of us im just going to keep the box off camera, because i dont really have enough space but ill. Take a look, shoot some b roll and then overlay it with what im saying lets go so were opening the box very exciting. What have we here so first product its a smart security camera? I think its pretty cool home security has become quite important nowadays and a lot easier as well. Thanks to devices like these smarter, ive, never actually heard of this company, so im gon na have quite google. It seems that they also have an app for this product.

On, the only product that i can see is a smart bulb, whereas this is a smart security camera, so not sure whats going on there. Okay, so i cant seem to actually find this product anywhere online. I dont know if its some knockoff brand or what the situation is, but i guess if it works, it works and thats pretty cool um. I wasnt exactly expecting a ring doorbell or something high end in one of these boxes, but ill give it a go and definitely give you an update. So lets take a look so its got. A super simple setup always appreciated full 1080p hd, which is really cool and 10 meters of night vision id be interested to see how good the quality of that is, the qr code on the side to scan to get the smart life app thats, pretty cool. I guess thats the view what the camera is seeing uh when youre away from home two way audio cons, so i can speak as well as listen 128 gigabytes of local storage around seven days. I guess that makes sense, as you only really need security. Cam footage for evidence if something goes wrong, so seven days seems like a reasonable amount of time. I guess the only issue might be have to go into the app delete old footage and free up space constantly, so well just have to test how that works, and if not, that theres always cloud storage.

But i guess thats paid im just going to open this up here. It is pretty cute. Looking the head sort of moves around like that, which is pretty good. I guess 360. um. I assume thats the speaker on the back and yeah a space for a micro sd card as well, and you can see theres a micro usb charging port at the bottom as well. So nice pretty simple. I think this will work pretty perfectly on my window. So i can just like look out onto the porch and theres a sort of anti slip. Rubbery base also a good idea. Charging was very important and there seems to be a mount and some screws. So i guess, if you wanted to stick it in the corner on a wall uh, this is what youd use to scrub in so thats pretty cool. So overall, this seems like quite a nice simple solution. Obviously, no idea how effective it is, but i think i will be keeping this and probably set it up by my window or somewhere around the house and test out the app to see how good it is. If i was to take a guess at how much this costs, seeing as a ring doorbell is about 90 pounds – and this is definitely not quite the same quality um lets say 40 pounds a bit of a guess but say its a pretty useful piece of tech. So, thank you gadget discovery club all right lets see what we have next.

I see a bit of a theme because its same company smarter, but a smart bulb and it works with google assistant and amazon alexa, pretty nice, so thats pretty cool because ive actually got google mini next to my bed. So i guess i can change the color of the light through that without having to go into the app and change any settings that way. Hopefully, it works well see so its voice controlled remote, controlled aka through an amp. It can be scheduled, thats, quite nice, and quite energy efficient, good to take care of the environment and there it is. It looks like a light bulb, so this is pretty sweet because i like fun leds such as that. So i think this will work quite nicely in sort of the vibe ive got my room, so, as i mentioned, the smarter bulb is actually on the website and its retailed at ‘.99. So thats making me think that the camera might be a bit more than 40 pounds, either way, thats pretty cool its like a cheaper version of a philips hue which can get quite expensive. I guess both of these items can be controlled by the app its a nice centralized place to run a smart home and it seems like thats it okay, so i think im a bit spoiled from the last box, where i had four items, but these are definitely Of higher value, so i think its fair enough that theres only two uh slightly underwhelming, but i guess just have to manage my own expectations there, um so yeah.

I guess thats it for this unboxing. If you dont already do follow my instagram on the simple living guide, ill post, some updates about these two products and kind of how to flatten them on there, so just in case youre interested um, i guess thats it guys.