Welcome guys, as you can see today, all these with the nokia. I would like you to tell us the name: Music. Okay, thank you very much. Im ben i work with is our budget for today, so guys today i came with the newest gadget without the g21, its nice. So, mr ben, what can you tell us about the display of the g21, the display of the g201? Basically, the phone comes with a 6.5 full hd display and at 90 hearts refreshing it wow yeah. That gives you a good experience in terms of doing the videos, gaming and everything wow. You can actually see the display its very clear nice. As you can see, the display of the g21 is very, very clear. So what can you tell us about the memory like the camera plus the battery of the g21, so ill start with the camera, 15 megapixels camera and an 8 megapixel front camera? If you compare with the g20 that was that was before the g21. The g20 came with a 48 megapixel camera, so it means the digital. One is an upgrade. The g21 comes with two versions: it has a 64 storage and a one, two three storage, so it depends on the budget of the customer. As i told you, the gadget comes with a 5050 mh schwa, also it charges with 18 watts, giving the customer an experience of a fast charging that we can stay for hours. The merchant is a three days life budget.

Three. I want us to use the 50 megapixel camera. We take some pictures with the 50 megapixel of the nokia 821 and we also have an experience of the 8 megapixel front camera. We just take some pictures and see. How is the clarity so come with me? I think youre not actually taking the correct procedure to take a shot, make sure that your lens is clean, all right after making sure youre going to adjust the brightness of the gadget right after adjusting the brightness of the gadget. You choose your best: shooting wow then focus on the object. Okay, then Music. So i love the pictures guys, as you can check. This is the 8 megapixel of the g21. That is the front camera the 8 megapixel. So this is the clarity as you can check. This is the clarity for the front camera so that we have a look at the back camera megapixel of the g21. So, as you can check the clarity, it looks uh, it looks good. The clarity is okay, its good, as you can check guys, the clarity is okay. What can you tell us about the operating system of the nokia g21? Okay? So, basically, what i can tell you about the operating system, 111 version of which, when it comes to nokia, it gives you a two years operating system upgrade whereby you can update your android version from 11 to 110 and 213.. This mean, when you say software, that is ios updates.

How do you do it? How do you work it? The gadget itself, pops up and updates a notification wow when any update comes in the gadget, to give you a notification that you need to upgrade? Oh wow, so what you have to do just to have to press the the update icon, the phone will start itself and will give you delete the next android version. So lets talk about the cpu now of the nokia g21. Oh basically, the processor of the g20 galaxy, the processor of the g21, is the unisoft t646, with very fast chipset. That gives you an experience to broadcast through your of your phones with the applications. You can also tell us more about the network thats the network of the different one. Okay. The g21 comes with a 4g network which helps the customer or the user to use it anywhere across the country, even if its a country, even if its in europe, which type of charger that the g21 comes with so the g21, comes in the tension charger. As you can see, what is the advantage of having a taxi charger and not the normal charger for the different one? Okay, there are two main reasons for choosing a tennessee charger for a different channel. The first thing i told you earlier before is the first charge. The taxi charger that you come to the g21 is very fast. It charges with an 18 hours. Another thing number two: the type c charger is advantageous when it comes to data transfer, when you want to transfer data from a cable from your phone to a laptop or from a laptop, your gadget, it transfers the the data very fast yes, so the title is Better than the numbers, how secure is the nokia d21, because the one thing you have to know is that people love privacy, they love privacy, so our security one.

So if you check what you think, which was an upgrade from the other gadgets, the g series comes with a side fingerprint that helps the customer how to make a secure phone. It comes with the first unlock. The pattern feature the personal feature and the pin feature wow, so you can actually choose to your preference. What you actually want to use anything thats about the warranty of the g21. The phone comes with a one year, one month, warranty thats it about the g21 and uh. Thank you very much, mr ben. Thank you very much for giving us the basic parameters of the g21 and subscribe to my youtube channel. Remember to put the bell notification on for more reviews to come.