17 seconds is the current world record. But if you use the advanced techniques from this video, you might be able to do it. Even quicker, not only that i’ll show you how to get a perfect five star rating too. That rating is key to climbing the leaderboards and making your mark in the speed running world or, at the very least beating all your friends, you got ta beat your friends right now right up front. I do want to give credit to the originator of this method. Throat 7. froze 7 is currently ranked number one in the world on this level with a mind blowing time of 17 seconds. My video is basically a breakdown of the cool techniques and hidden tricks they use and how you can try your hand at replicating them and maybe even out doing them before we get into our 17. Second, dubai speedrun, though guys give this video a quick like and subscribe to my channel for more hitman videos. Okay, let’s get started right, so first off you’re going to want to start in the guard room to unlock this starting location. You need a dubai mastery rating of 11. that took me all in all about an hour to get and the quickest way to do. That is assassinating the two targets in all the ways mentioned here, so poisoning their food, pushing their bodies and exploding their golf balls. Once you’ve unlocked the security room, select that as your starting location and we’re going to do our first run so off we go and already these people have slowed us down a bit something to correct next time anyway.

Go through these two sets of doors here then round the corner, making sure to cut as close as possible and through the next doors, now look to the top right and you’ll see your first target just chilling there on the balcony so convenient as you can see. I’M messing up quite badly here. This was my first try, but do this better than i did and you’ll knock so much time off your end results after you’ve shot him turn around and inside this room. Is your second target it’s all two perfect dispatch. Him then turn back around and run to the exit, which is literally meters away, escape down the lift shaft and there we have it an awful run, with lots of improvements to make, but still only 29 seconds. That is a pretty good time: okay, it’s not quite 17 seconds and we seem to have alerted the entire level. But there are loads of ways we can improve it number one being to use the inventory quick exit technique. The inventory quick exit technique lets you shave a second off your time when exiting the level to do it. Instead of holding g to exit or y on a controller, you first need to bring up the inventory with. I then hit g. This basically means you don’t have to hold the button down, which takes time you just have to press it once i’m freeze framing here to show you the split. Second, i have the inventory open it’s that quick, so that’s the first technique.

The second technique is to play with a mouse and keyboard. It sounds obvious, but this is key when it comes to the shooting part of the speed run. Here you have to kill balcony man, then spin around and kill room man in one fluid motion and it’s much much quicker to do that on a mouse and keyboard now, i’m, a console player so i’m doing this with a controller and, as you can see, it’s Painfully slow to turn, but if you’ve mastered the mouse and keyboard you’ll have well so much so much success. I’M getting tongue tied so that’s. Our second technique to speed running dubai play with a mouse and keyboard we’re getting faster. Our third technique – and this is an important one – is to use the magnesium pouch. This is an item that’s crucial. If you want to get a 5 star rating, you can complete the level in 17 seconds all you want, but if you’ve only got 2 stars, you won’t get very high on the leaderboard. The way the magnesium pouch works is that it basically binds everyone nearby. So when you shoot the guy in the room, no one notices as a result, you can run straight to the exit without aggrowing anyone and get that much needed silent assassin rating here’s, where that gets a bit tricky, though, to unlock the magnesium pouch, you must have Bought the mumbai level in hitman 2., not only that, but you have to have completed the mumbai master challenges if you’ve done all that and got the magnesium pouch chuck it into the room before you headshot.

The second guy then run to the exits. Now i haven’t unlocked the magnesium pouch myself, which is why there’s, no footage of me using it, but if you want that 5 star rating you’re gon na need that pouch. So, with all that in mind, let’s try one more run of the level. We start in the security room hammer space to skip past the guy on his left to make as tight a turn as possible hammer the key before you approach the door, so they open as soon as you get to them cut the corner on the right. Don’T worry that guy doesn’t mind run to the first pillar, turn to your right, headshot, the guy turn again chuck pouch headshot guy run to lift then inventory quick exits. If you do all of this, you will get a time of 17 seconds guaranteed but hey. It is genuinely fun to try seriously, like i’ve, been doing this run over and over just trying to shave off milliseconds and perfect. All the different elements then restarting when i inevitably mess it up, just endlessly honing my hitman skills over successive runs and hey. If someone like me, can do it with my lack of magnesium, pouch and poor mouse and keyboard skills, then you can do it too so guys. I hope this video helps you record the fastest of fast times on hitman 3’s dubai level, with the techniques and tricks i’ve detailed here, you’ll ascend, the global leaderboard and maybe even stamp your name at the top of it.