For a week, i posted saying that i was saying i was talking about the fact that i bought beans – flour, uh ive just been far before, but this one that i bought was just not giving me the consistency that i wanted so im like guys. This is what is the best blender to blend beans and thats. How somebody else said products. I will give you a blender and voila new blender, its the ninja 2 in one blender yall just make a cute yeah im, not actually juice makeup, so guys lets unbox. This together i want to fry up. I want to eat my white soup now its not the only reason we have blender. Normally i bought one from us that then i got it for less than 20 pounds. I cant remember! Oh yes! So this is it. I like to unbox this unboxing is the part of my life. I love gifts. So much, i think, gives that my love language, not that. I think it gives me my love longest gift such a sweet boy and then he called me a princess but yeah. So, okay, so this is the manual thats it its well protected, thats, so cool, oh man, this one was blank beans, guys if you have this blender, can you tell me what this video looks dark? Why does it look dark? Oh the blender is massive. Thank you. So much god bless you im, so grateful. Thank you, um, okay, so theres a small one.

A wisdom is on the big smoothie and then johnny dont they dont they dont have to do today. What youre going to do today? No um a ground market problem since they ill ask my husband: if he can help me, go to the market and buy fruits because ill be at work. So this is it so i already soaked my beans too. I was going to use my normal blender. I said lets try it so in the morning, okay, we cant try it out. First now so oh wow, i like the lid its. This looks so powerful, like it would blend anything. Ive never had this kind of blender before thats, not how this kind of blender before this looks so powerful, looks so so powerful. I dont know this light. Does video is going dark at some point, but yeah im super happy for this. Its an amazing gift. Super happy for loves my boy, so yeah, my new blender, so lets make lets, make a cara thats what ive been together for dinner. Please play with this. Thank you. Thank you. Lets try it. I have my beans. I soaked the beans. I soaked it this morning as we were going to church. I watched it in the morning. This doesnt take me whatever many minutes, to wash one way to complain that, ah i hate to watch this another thing you guys can walk so lets. Applause lets see, Applause ill, keep very well Music too much.

I forgot to buy bulk peppers, safe sunglasses cup of Music its on now, oh boy. Oh boy, Music. This is really really powerful jesus christ. So let me open it and look at it, but i think its very smooth, oh boy, guys im, never playing see its so smooth. Look at it wow my family theyre about to enjoy theyre about to enjoy wow. How does it work im going to read the manual properly okay? I dont know what ive done im totally, but yeah so thats it in case youre. Looking for a blender thats good theyre, not pain, theyre not paid meal, they dont pay me for us, but so i just decided to do it for my good people, okay, so its a little bit lighter than i would have wanted it to be, because i went To cold water inside, but even my local engine for nigeria, no give me this kind of smoothness. I said thats just ah i didnt know this is what ive been missing. Since i remember back in nigeria, we were always going to blend in local stuff. I almost get complaining because thats a good day, different defenses and i hate i hated that thing. I hate to see bees that ive struggled to wash now see. That thing said see so so good, so so good guys so im going for a car i make purple and i met my personality, so whats the best defining game, our guys spray, yay Music Applause is Music for recycling, so good yeah.

When i find a car i just break one egg inside depends on the quarters. Quantity always comes out.