I already did open that up before, so i have a brief idea: some vague idea of how the device functions and yeah. So, as you can see, uh nothing really in the box, except for the explore it on up gallery im, not really sure why its there, its basically as equivalent as if google would be saying, explore us on a play store so yeah um and in here we Get the phone i did smudge it up a bit when i was checking it out, lets boot it up quickly and while that is happening, lets set it to the side and look inside the box. So and here weve got basically nothing sim, eject tool and just paperwork so, like i said, nothing really helpful, no case for the device which is, in my opinion, the most marked there and then again we got another one of these um, so it basically gives us. I guess a couple ways that we can transfer uh data and maybe also applications now uh its not explicitly. I assume uh shown here um, but if you use phone clone, you can basically clone apps that you cannot find in the app gallery to be huawei device. Um, im not exactly sure if you can per se clone things like google services. So if you want, for instance, something like google maps, something like that, i dont know if you can clone that. But i know that certain apps are most certainly cloneable and i will actually record a special video just for for that purpose and outside of that, its just a sticker that tells us uh.

We dont have play store, in other words, now outside of that, and here we have a type, a to type c charger, um its nice, that they included a type c actually um, and this charger is max 22.5 watts, as you can hopefully make out right over Here, um so not fairly, okay charger, i would have to say um – could have been a little bit better honestly, but well. That is what it is, and also thing that is surprising. Right here are the headphones, so it does come with headphones, although they look really cheap and in garbage yeah, so thats. Basically, all we get in the box here and lets pop the phone. So now, as you can see, im not really going to go to the setup here, we already know how huawei looks like so. This is a 6.67 inch display with a 1080p resolution, some more precisely 1080 by 2400 ips lcd display, with a for a 84.3 screen to body ratio and ‘5 pixels per inch um, so its just a typical experience from basically almost every device in 2020, its primarily How all of them look like now, its a shame that its just an lcd ips display here, probably would like to see something better and also theres, no any kind of high refresh rate on it. Its just a bare bone 1080p display here with a hole, punched camera, but when it comes down to camera um, we flip it over.

We have a quadruple camera set up and at the back, and we can safely say that its actually a two camera setup. Now it looks like huawei has took a step back from being the king of cameras, at least in this device um and decided to fall victim uh with well what we already seen in a lot of other devices by including the two megapixel different sensors. So we have 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel depth depth. Does nothing macro just captures the crap photos that are surpassed by just the main 48 megapixel sensor that can shoot better photos and zoom in closer with more detail than the macro lens, which makes the macro just be completely useless and redundant on here? But the marketing here is just specifically designed, so the device on paper looks better because, instead of having two cameras at the back, it has four uh button like i said in reality its just two sensors here, which you will actually have use usage of, and apart From that uh at the front in that hole, punch we have a uh 8 megapixel lens and that thing can shoot at 1080p 30. Well, the back ones can shoot at 4k, 30 and also 1080p 30., so theres also no 60 frames per second anywhere on this device um and then moving over to the internals of the device. It comes with the kirian 710a uh only one variant of it. So 128 gigs built in storage with four, with four gigs by gigabytes of ram and also it is expandable via sd card software open.

You can clearly see that, and this is not the uh huawei micro, uh sd or whatever they call it. This is just a typical sd card like we used to so that is really nice that they decided to not try to scam you out of your money, uh simply to basically sell their uh and their super small sd cards there. We go um apart from that, as you also seen you have to slots for for the sim cards and outside of that it comes with a 5 000 milliamp hour battery. So this is a fairly big battery in here and, like i said, the 22.5 watt charging probably would like to see a little bit better. I mean it is 2020 um, even though the device is called 2021, its not really living up to the standards of next year. Device uh, including a even not even 25 watt, charger, um and also it has a sign, mounted a fingerprint straight in the power button. So flip it over, you can see it its right up here, so no under display fingerprint sensor or anything like that, and also you do have a headphone jack, obviously considering they bring the headphones with the device um. Although i wouldnt expect much from the headphones, it is kind of nice that you have a headphone jack and you can plug in your wired cans and just use them as you as you used to at one point and theres, not much more to say about the Device apart from the price tag, so the device comes at 200 euros and for 200 euros um, it is a still mediocre device.

I dont know if i would recommend it. Uh theyre real me out there like brand real me, um or even xiaomi, which for two hundred dollars. I think they can bring more to the to the table with their devices, along with something that is crucial to me, which is a play, store, im really dependent on google services. I basically have everything in them so having play store and all the play services to me is one of the more important aspects of the device, and this doesnt have any kind of google services. This is huawei, so its completely banned out of that one and yeah theres, like i said, not much more to say, um. The thing that i i would say is if you, if youre, not really into huawei uh like a brand or whatever kind of like apple or whatever um, i would probably suggest you to look at other brands. Like i said real me xiaomi. Those are two fairly good brands at 2020 that did come out with some really decent devices and also keep them on a fairly reasonable price tag and thats.