This thing gets 4.7 out of 5 stars with 33 customer ratings uh the price the retail price is 34.99, and then it also has a coupon looks like its saying: save extra 40. When you apply this coupon, which is amazing, seven inch cleaver knife handle material is wood and its multi purpose. Cleaver, a big chopping knife is used to chop a broad meter to buy meat in smaller portions before cooking. This seven inch kitchen knife designed at multi purpose for professional application will easily handle your kitchen needs, such as slicing dicing chopping, cleaving meats and cutting vegetables and fruits. All right so lets check this out. Company sent this over me. So i really appreciate that, and just let me ask alexa what is a cleaver knife according to wikipedia a cleaver is a large knife that varies in its shape, but usually resembles a rectangular bladed hatchet. It is largely used as a kitchen or butcher knife and is mostly intended for splitting up large pieces of soft bones and slashing through thick pieces of meat. The nice broadside can also be used for crushing and food preparation and can also be used to scoop up chalk items all right so check this out. It comes in a nice box. The bester risto right here right there, nice logo open this up. You have a finger guard, which is amazing, some people when they watch my videos. They worry about my fingers when im reviewing knives, so this might be a great item for me.

Its got a little microfiber cleaning cloth right here and check this out. This is the blade, its kind of a velvety feeling a little case. You can put that you know put the knife back in the case. If you want to you, dont want to keep it in your kitchen cabinet, but check this out, see it had little plastic pieces on the edges. These are definitely sharp but check out the design. Look at that. Then you have the logo and then you have the wood handle. So i reviewed another knife kind of a similar handle. It was a different color but they say its wood, but you know just it kind of just. It almost looks like its and feels like metal. Like this is like you know, painted metal or something, but it says wood in the description so ill take their word for it, and then you have these little divots right here and even the divots are decorated check that little detail right there, its pretty cool all Right so here we go. I have a lot of vegetables today, im going to show you how sharp it is im, also going to do something i do with all knives. Do the paper test the paper cutting test? Maybe before i start chopping lets, do the paper cutting test all right so lets do the paper cutting test. So here we go yeah! Look at that easily easily cuts through the paper thats two sheets right there, so yeah.

So you want to see you know if its a dull knife, it will usually rip the paper that definitely cut the paper, so you can just see how sharp that is uh. The other thing that i noticed is it has a lot of weight to it. Let me do the drop test just so you can hear it. Sometimes the dropping kind of can demonstrate quality through the the video screen, but yeah check that out. You can hear that it has a lot of weight all right. So here we go lets test. It uh chopping this apple. Here we go and im a fan of infomercials. You know back in the day when they did, like you mean lebron, co, knives or something like that. It was always about slicing as thinly as possible. That was like the big test of the blade and check that out so thats your apple slice very thin, and then the tomato was always one of the the biggest tests with those knives. So im going to test definitely test out the tomato so check that out. So, im hardly putting any pressure on this and look at how it just kind of slides through this tomato look at that lets see how thin we can make it so yeah paper thin easily easily cuts through that tomato, no problem whatsoever bought the sweet potato. I paid a dollar 20 for the sweet potato thats crazy, its a potato, its a sweet potato, its like.

Is it like that everywhere in the country, i cant believe how expensive sweet potatoes are, but yeah check that out no problem whatsoever. Sweet potato. Usually, you know its gon na be a little bit tougher to slice through, but the knife has no problem doing that. The cleaver knife all right lets see what else we can chop up lets see if we can do some rocking action. You know on this carrot. Yeah, no problem whatsoever chopping up that carrot and finally cucumber lets see how thinly slice, so some nice thin slices of this cucumber no problem really easy check that out so yeah i mean this could definitely cut through um yeah, and then it even has this finger Guard so yeah anything you put in front of this thing, its going to cut it no problem whatsoever, so yeah im pretty impressed with this knife. It cut through anything i put in front of it. Uh made nice thin slices its sharp. I think it looks nice. Let me know what you think, but yeah, i think it looks nice and for the price at 34.99. I mean the price is insane already and if you add the coupon thats 40 off, i think its a you know a great deal, its definitely a great value and its very unique. I could definitely see this. You know getting it right now and maybe giving it as a gift around christmas time, something like that. Um birthday gifts.

I think this could make it. You know an awesome gift to someone, because most people have knives, but few people have cleavers at least thats. My impression, but once again its the best uh best tarista cleaver knife, seven inch meat, cleaver butcher, knife, high carbon, german, stainless steel and it gets 4.7 out of 5 stars with 33 customer ratings and yeah. I do recommend it so its pretty cool.