This is nonpillow here, bringing you a skincare video as usual doing what i like to do talking about skincare and yeah, i havent filmed for about two weeks and ive just been so busy. So for those of you that have been expecting a video, i will apologize because ive been so busy. I went on holiday about two weeks ago and then i just come. I come back and its been work. Work, work, work since so yeah its a struggle. Maintaining a youtube channel and working at the same time uh you know, and it gets worse for those that run uh families, so i dont have kids. I dont have that problem, but i understand for those that run, families and theyve got a youtube channel and theyre working. I will you know, i understand, and i know the struggles but anyway so today were going to be talking about uh micro, needling um. This is something that ive been doing for the past two years, and i love micro needling and for those of you that dont know what micro needling is its its sort of like a way of um, encouraging your skin to heal and its also a way of Encouraging your skin to produce collagen right it its also a way of encouraging your skin to absorb your skin care products that youre using. So this is a derma roller, okay, which is used for micro needling. Some people call it micro, micro, needling.

Some people call it gemma rolling, but its one in the same thing, its a its called a derma roller for micro needling because it actually has needles in them that poke your skin, so yeah, just a bit of intro there, so youve got needles there. I think the one i have at the moment has got um um well for 540 needles. If im not mistaken, ive got the packaging here yeah, so this one contains about 540 small needles and each of those is of about 0.5 0.5 millimeters of depth. So what i not noticed is theyve got quite a few sizes. Some of them are used on the face. Some of them are used on the body and i would assume the ones that are used on the body are a lot more um go a lot more deeper because, if im trying to use this one on my skin on my hand right now, im not feeling Nothing i dont feel any poking of skin or anything, but if im using this on my face – oh lord, i do feel the poking so yeah. This one is 0.5 millimeters and i think if um yeah so theyve got starting at 0.25, theyve got 0.5. Theyve got one millimeter, theyve got 1.5 millimeter, so it goes up and up and up so this one i have here is sort of like the second, from the the smallest, so yeah my thoughts on microneedling. This thing works, but you have to know how to use it carefully and cautiously so im going to be doing a demo video after this, but i thought i should do an introduction video simply because there are dos and donts before you use it, and dos and Donts after you use it and during of course, so the number one thing that i would say before you use any of this: its a beautiful tool that can help your skin.

You know uh in so many ways, but the number one thing that you should know before you can use any of these is if youve got sensitive skin, you probably will have challenges in using them you have to in using this thing. You have to be cautious if your skin is full of like rashes and its irritated, try and stay away from it, because this is generally gon na irritate your skin, because what youre doing is youre taking all of these needles and porking your skin. So if your skin is irritated, youre gon na have a worse of a situation your skin is going to clap back. So if your skin is irritated, try not to use this if youve been sitting under the sun, dont use this dont use it because your skin is already irritated, especially if you havent been wearing sunscreen. Your skin is already irritated and highly likely for some people. Their skin is red already, so do not use a derma roller youve been sick if youve been sitting under the sun. Another thing: if you have exfoliated in the past 24 hours in the morning or the night before your skin is still trying to heal from the exfoliation, do not use a derma roller and i will repeat, if you have used any exfoliating product, be it something containing Retinol something containing niacinamide, something containing lactic acid, any exfoliating product, be it a wash a cleanser, a cleansing pump, because these days weve got so many products that come in and theyve got exfoliating ingredients.

The market is just bombarding us with all of those. You know exfoliating ingredients, try not to use a derma roller, get used to going through your skincare and looking at the ingredients and learning if something is exfoliating and you dont want to exfoliate dont use that ingredient. If, if you want to use a derma roller, do not exfoliate your skin, let your skin heal and then arrange that for a different time, um another thing be cautious of what you do to your skin before your demerol dont bend, your skin with water. Do not do it, ive done it before, and i have developed a big reaction, especially on my forehead, when my where my skin is thin. So ive done all of those stupid things and ive gone. Oh, you know what ill you know. I want a derma roll. I want to encourage my skin. You are abusing your skin dont, do it so, basically, if youre going to demo, be gentle with your skin from way what you do where you go, you know dont expose yourself to the sun, as i said, try and be cautious and kind to your skin before You can dim a roll, but generally derma rolling is beautiful, because it i find that if i use this thing, if i, if i use this thing my products, especially my essences and my serums, they go in smoother the next following day. I wake up with so like my skin is plumped and hydrated, because all my you know all my ingredients, all my products have been working in hydrating my skin, and i find that if ive been developing lines in places, i dont even know on my face.

They begin to diminish and honestly guys when i started using this thing i used to have bumps on my forehead. These bumps, you see here were really big, but as you poke your skin with this, you go through those bumps and then, if you use your skin care properly, you find that that your skin sort of like heals and those bumps they go away. If youve got blemishes right, they will go away slowly. If youve got hyperpigmentation and youre using products that target hyperpigmentation, they will go away so yeah im not aiming for a long video. You know im trying to learn a new thing of doing short short videos, but yeah im gon na go and cleanse my makeup. As you can see, ive got foundation on im gon na go and cleanse my makeup and you know, come and use this thing, products that im gon na be using today. Just so i can show you im gon na, be using this double cleanser from uh vest its quite gentle theres. Nothing exfoliating here, theres, nothing funny! There is nothing stingy, so love that and then im gon na be using this avino uh cleansing, uh um product, its quite gentle, its come to the skin and if, for some reason, ive got leftover makeup, i probably would torn and remove the makeup a little bit. But well see as we go along so anyway guys ill catch up with you in a second after ive cleansed, my skin.

Thank you, hi guys so yeah im back again so ive cleansed my skin uh. First, with the cleansing palm cleansing balm, which i always do and then uh with the cleanser, so um, im gon na start um poking my skin uh. So my skin is bare. I havent put anything on it. There is nothing, absolutely so yeah im gon na start micro needling just so i show you how i do it. People will do it in different ways, but this is how i do it, which works for me. So yeah i start down here. Oh, you can feel the parking i do it gently. I dont rush the process, so yeah im just going to focus on doing this because i dont want to end up mashing up my skin. So i do it gently around here. I think if you get, if you want to get a smaller one, youre, not comfortable with the 0.5, you can get a 0.25 which can work well for you in the beginning, thats what they actually encourage, but yeah. So you always have to do it in two motions. You have to do it that way, and you also have to do it that way. So what i find with my skin, can you see the redness already popping out what i find with my skin is down here. I barely have any reactions, so i can overdo it down here. Ill still be fine. The area which i need to be careful of is up here, which i probably would do it less, but generally i dont press hard.

I just go lightly. Come over this way very lightly. You you dont, need to go that deep. They are needles, they will poke and the the harsher you do it. The more of a reaction youre gon na get and the more youre gon na upset your skin. So yeah ive got hyperpigmentation in in here, as you can see like that. Little area there so um its improved over time with everything i do to my skin, but yeah right. I also have to be cautious of the time, but i thought i should do this on camera because just to show you how i do it so im going to go like that again, im actually not even pressing any hard, its just light movements and you let The needles do what they um, they do best, okay, right and the main thing is how you encourage your skin to heal, um, okay, im gon na climb here all right. So all these areas are not the most sensitive parts of my face. I generally dont have sensitive skin, but my forward is the one area to be questions of so im going to start in the middle and just run this through make sure that i move along and not stay in one area for too long, so yeah theyve got The one for hair as well and apparently it does encourage your hair, your scalp to grow hair ive, never used that one im not gon na lie, and i feel like that would be funny if youre, using that on your scalp, but yeah lets go Music yeah.

So whenever i get to my forehead im like and then im gon na criss cross and go that way, crisscross and go that way. You are doing gentle movements, nothing harsh, so yeah. Okay, then im gon na come down to the bridge of my nose. Okay, so time wise, we are on four minutes and yeah the the area that makes me um quench the most is that area there. If im running there, i feel a funny sensation like i want to sneeze. So, oh god, oh lord, right, thats, it right guys. So that will be the process finished. It depends on on on on how you go with your skin, but generally this is the idea. Do it that way and do it crossways. Okay, so my own personal thing that i do once ive done this, like once ive demared, i go in with uh green tea, so this is green. Tea ive, been you, know, cooling it in the fridge. Just so it cools my skin down and it reduces head redness and it automatically encourages my skin to heal right and i love the cooling effect i get from this green tea. So im just gon na go come on come spray. Oh there you go so yeah thats it if you dont have green tea. If you dont have green tea, you can put ice on your skin, so just take the ice, cubes and roll them down, or if you dont have ice, you can dip your hands in really cold water and just dab it like that.

Its gon na calm, your skin down really well and its really nice after that, so yeah guys. This is how i micro needle or derma roll. Now after ive done this process after ive done this process, i dont go with anything tingling exfoliating, rough and harsh. I stick with gentle products like hyaluronic acid, any serums that are not exfoliating. I dont touch exfoliate anything exfoliating at all for probably today the rest of tomorrow and probably the next volunteer. I dont do that because ive already exfoliated my skin by doing that. So, if im going in with anything im, just going to cry afterwards, okay, anyway guys, this is the process that i wanted to show you today. Micro needling is really cool, its really fun and it encourages your skin to heal, to stimulate collagen and yeah. I mean it does wonders. Thank you guys for watching and see you on my next video hope.