We will be discussing that spacex just got a big contract with nasa to launch two pieces of a future moon space station. With that being said, let’s get this episode started Music. All right, so nasa is giving spacex more than 330 million dollars for a mission that will launch two key pieces of the gateway, a space station that nasa plans to put in orbit around the moon as a part of the space agency’s artemis program. The artemis program is the american government plan to establish a permanent human presence in deep space. Spacex will launch the foundational elements of the gateway, including a cylindrical module that will serve as astronaut living quarters and a large box shaped unit that will provide power and communication services to the space station aboard one of its falcon heavy rockets. No earlier than may 2024, the deal makes clear that nasa’s plans to establish a human settlement on the moon will rely heavily on spacex rockets. Yes, definitely the falcon heavy, which looks like three of spacex’s workhouse falcon 9 rockets, strapped together, made its debut in 2018 and drew widespread attention of spacex ceo elon musk’s decision to use his cherry red tesla roadster as a dummy payload for the falcon heavy’s inaugural launch And the fact that there is a tesla orbiting, the sun right now is just that is just an elon musk thing to do like why wouldn’t he he has the money. Just let’s just send a tesla into space.

Nasa’S artemis program seeks to return a man and a woman astronaut to the lunar surface by 2024 marking the first time humans have set foot on the moon, since nasa’s apollo program ended nearly five decades ago. The artemis name pays homage to the lioness in greek mythology. Artemis is the twin sister of apollo. The gateway space station is a key part of nasa’s vision for that mission, as well as countless future missions, as the agency is looking to establish a permanent lunar habitat, so uh yeah nasa and spacex partnering up once again. I’Ve always seen these two working together: there’s no competition, no head butting, you know i’m sure there is internally but um. You know they’re coming together. You know working working together for the expansion of human civilization in space, so it’s always good to see space agencies work together. I did see someone’s comment earlier um, who would make a good competitor with spacex comment down below? I would like to know, but his comment. Basically said it would be nice to see some competition for spacex um and i did reply. You know you could kind of count blue origin or virgin galactic. That kind of, but have they really done anything significant recently? I maybe they have. I just haven’t really been keeping up to date with them. I guess it’s all been about spacex recently uh. So if you have any insight on blue origin or virgin galactic, please comment down below what they’ve been up to, but yeah uh that’s it with the gateway space station updates, uh in spacex and uh nasa working together, um a little bit about the sn10 there’s.

Not really much to update you on other than the fact that we probably won’t see it launched this friday. Of course, last night’s episode uh. You know question. That fact, would we see the starship sn10 launch this week, most likely we’re, probably not going to see it. Uh there is some weather concerns in boca chica uh this week, but it’s most likely a possibility. We’Ll see the starship launch next week, uh and if not next week, of course, we’re just gon na keep saying it be repetitive and saying: oh, maybe we’ll see you next week next week, who knows when we’re gon na see the starship sn10 launch, but hopefully fingers Crossed we get to see it very soon comment down below how excited are you to see the starship sn10 launch? I know. I’M. Excited i’m always excited to see what spacex has in store for their next launch and before we go. I do want to give a shout out to one of our commenters nepnap uh. He wanted us to talk a little bit about neptune, so i got some fun facts here, uh about the planet, neptune. So if you want to stick around here, some cool facts about the planet – neptune – it takes neptune 164.8 earth years to orbit the sun. Now not, i didn’t even know that and that’s crazy 164.8 earth years to orbit the sun. Just once wow neptune was discovered by gene joseph lee verrier.

I hope i said that right lay barrier whatever you know, i’m, not good with names, just don’t shoot the messenger. And of course we all know this. One neptune is the roman god of the sea and uh here’s another one. Here: neptune has the second largest gravity of any planet in the solar system; second, only to jupiter so that’s, pretty cool and here’s one more fun fact about neptune. Only one spacecraft, the voyager 2, has flown past neptune, so yeah. Those are some fun facts about the planet. Neptune, if you want me to name off any fun facts about any other planets comment down below, and i can do that. Definitely in the next episode of mini fridges and fire, but with that being said, that’s gon na do it, for this episode be sure to smash that, like button subscribe and hit that notification bell, we do upload videos every single day and if you made it this Far into the video, this has nothing to do with space, but galactic entertainment was originally founded to entertain you with skits and short films and etc. That kind of content, i’ve kind of focused myself away from that because you know creating like comedy skits or short films, stuff, like that doesn’t get really recognized here on youtube unless you kind of have a bigger audience and fan base. So if there’s any kind of like short skits or comedy, or something that you would like to see here on the channel just to have a little boost of entertainment, let me know in the comments and that’s what i originally created this channel, for we actually have A series called killer in the woods here on the channel go check it out.

The link is in the description. You can see it on the screen as well and we are actually currently working on the fourth installment uh, which comes out this summer. So go ahead and check that out. It has nothing to do with space, but i i just figured if you wanted a little bit of extra entertainment. Go ahead check it out. We have. We have tons of other things here on the channel as well other than spacex stuff, so just a little a little insight here on galactic entertainment and what we originally you know found of this channel to be, but yeah with.