So i got the blue one series: six blue aluminum case deep navy sports band 44 millimeters lets open it. So satisfying the apple watch series, six, so heres the apple watch – and here is the band – lets open the apple watch first here it is so like i said its the blue one with a blue little velcro case around it 44 millimeters on the back. It says and lets open it brand new 44 millimeter blue now lets open the charger. We got some things from apple in here and we got the charger now so lets open the charger. So we pull down this little piece here and we open it. Try to yank out the charger piece and then my apple watch. I got for my birthday, which was on august 19th. I got a new cd6 red one. Okay, now i plugged in the charger lets. Take the apple watch, put it on now. The apple watch is charging now lets grab the phone. This is my dads phone, so were gon na unlock it first. Okay, now its unlocked were gon na turn. The apple watch on now. The apple watch is powering on apple logo. Okay, now it says, put the apple watch next to an iphone. I have an apple watch. I have an iphone yay use your iphone set up. This apple watch, yes, okay, so were going to set it up, for myself were going to say now were gon na.

Take it and scan it over this picture. Good. Your apple watch is paired. Now were gon na press set up apple watch, put the apple watch down on the charger and were going to now plug it in okay. So our answer is left because im, alright, you may connect your apple. Ask to this and okay agree signing you into your account. This might take a few minutes. Okay, well thats happening lets open up the band, so 44 milliater, you see the green sticker rip and then well were gon na wear these two big ones here so were gon na. Take it rip it out and were gon na, take the other one and rip it out too. So we got these the blue ones. Okay, now were gon na, get the apple watch and were gon na put it on the apple watch. We got it set it up like this. Now were gon na work on the film steps, so workout route tracking enable okay well leave it as this text size and well create a password. So we decided no password so were going to press dont. Add password dont use passwords blood oxygen, unable we can do that that set up singular always on display. Yes, well install the apps, so the apple watch is sinking. Um were just gon na wait now. So lets do some things. So it is a good one. Lets charge it well its sinking and stuff. So lets talk about my watch.

The apple watch is still sinking. The apple watch is done sinking now lets set it up set it up lets finish setting it up. Oh no set it up like this, but were going to choose so my dad said this surprised. This is my dad. So im just surprised and he said so were gon na. Do this one were gon na. Do the weather im gon na switch it the rather two lets see and were good.