Today we are having yet another amazing product review on this channel, and today we have with us the dji osmo 4.. Forgive me i got it out of the box uh those that wanted to see the unboxing check out this link over here. I did unbox it with dave. Okay, all the way from That is when i actually did get a chance to unbox this. So today we get to play around with it right, so those that missed the unboxing. These are the items you find in the osmo uh packaging, this box right here you have the gimbal itself, a tripod stabilizer, a clamp and a magnetic back now that goes over. Here for those that dont want to use, you know the clamp 24. 7. You can use this uh nicely designed magnetic back right here now for those that use phones – and you know theres – that back phone, so this would be attached to your phone like that and gives you like a phone ring. You know to handle your phone uh very well so on here, theres, an adhesive which you peel off and then use this guide over here to you know, measure out your phone and then that would guide you on where to attach this now. This is just simple: if you dont want to, you know, keep taking the clamp on and off, but i am very perfectly happy with using the clamp now. That is a quick recap for those that missed the video of the unboxing with dave right.

So now, when you get your osmo out of the box, its going to be folded like this – i like this because it gives it easy transportation and its easy for you to carry around now. Of course, this being a very light: uh gimbal, it weighs about ‘0 grams and of course, in here, youll be getting yourself about, which is about 240 milliamp hours, which takes you about two and a half hours to charge from zero and thats. Just a good combination gives it very good aesthetics and something light for you to carry around now this folds up. As you can see, this is what to look like in the folded position open it up like that, and you are ready to roll now on this. You also do get a nice tripod that goes over at the base over here. So if you just tie that in – and you set that over the table, you have a nice workable base now osmo 4, unlike the three the biggest feature they added – is the magnetic top. So this here would be the clamp or the ring that i showed you at the beginning. That would just be you know going over there at any one moment, and i must i can tell you this is a very, very strong, magnet its not something youre going to be removing uh easily. It goes on pretty tight and there you are now to set it all up.

Youve got to power this up, but step one is youve, got to get your phone and install. You know the memo app on your phone, so whatever phone it is. You have step one go to play store if its play, store, android or apple store and download the memo app because youre going to be, you know, pairing it over there, so youre going to have to. After installing the memo app open the memo app right there and to be you know, taking you right to something that looks like this and ill be doing a whole video on the dji memo app and all it is functions. So you do want to make sure that you are. You know uh subscribe to the channel now in order to you know, get your phone on all you have to do in this case im using the clamp youre going to have to put the clamp over there stretch it over something like that. You know now there it is properly stretched on and now all you do is you know just throw that on there and it will automatically you know center itself and it is ready for use now. I should warn you, when youre installing this clamp here, like any gimbal, be very careful to make sure that the clamp is not pressing any buttons or you will have issues operating a camera, because the button will be literally uh, giving it the wrong signal right.

So once youre done installing the memo up – and you put your clamp on there open memo app its going to ask you – you know to pair a device over here. So if your bluetooth has got to be on turn that right there put this here on and first of all what i love the most, is it auto balances itself, as you can see that that is automatically in position, and now you can just uh fine tune. It over there to whatever you want it to be, but this already gets itself into portrait mode for the tick tockers out there. I guess this is your native mode. You have things in you know portrait mode, but uh. You can easily change this over to landscape mode by simply tapping the button twice now once if you have properly set up your memo app as soon as you, you know, turn on your gimbal, it will automatically you know, detect the app and open the camera up For you and then you are good to go now. Some of the new features that i want to look at are in this new mode here, the panel ramik mode over here now in the panel you can either take a clone yourself or you take a 260 degree angle or just a very wide panel right. There lets take a clone me uh, setting over there lets do the chromium setting and then get shooting, and you see what we end up with.

So, in order to clone yourself all you have to do, go to the panel mode and then select clone yourself over there, and then you hit clones. So here we go Music right yet another one Music in terms of stabilization, the dji osmo fossil, does amazing work stabilizing footage, as you can see that we did a running test outside and much as i was running without actually a good composure, it managed to keep The video steady as you can hey my boss, it looks like you need the gimbal for your stomach, who said that well that isnt available, but what is available is same day. Delivery on so go right now, and you can place your order for whatever product be the power bank build creative tools like microphones or even gimbals like this very one over here, you can see very many different items that you can select from lots of Stuff power, banks, memory cards and a lot more off now, odooka offers some day delivery. If you place your order in the morning and if you place it late afternoon in the evening, you get your item the following uh day. Now they also do offer delivery to mcconnell, wakiso and and teve right there. So is where you should be placing your order right now, so thats, a quick look at the dji osmo 4 right here on tech select channel some of the features and some of the things that can actually do for you for a more detailed look into This gimbal ill be doing an entire series about the dji osmo 4 and a lot more gimbals right here on this channel.

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