If you want to call it that the 4G LTE model and the a13 5G, they have different displays. Different camera setups different processors and performance capabilities. Theres. Definitely a lot to go over here. So I wont waste any more time. Lets just go ahead and get right into it and Ill fill you in on everything. You need to know about these two phones, physically, these two devices kind of sort of look the same but theyre not actually identical, theyre a different size, slightly different, build those things arent a deciding factor necessarily, but I still want to mention it: the regular a13 on The left is actually slightly bigger: its a 6.6 inch device thats the screen size corner to corner the a13 5G on the right is a 6.5 inch device, and while the Body and Frame of the phones are pretty close, you might be able to tell that the Borders and bezels along the displays are actually what causes the screen size differences. The regular a13 has an 83.2 percent screened body ratio. The a13 5G has a smaller 81 percent screen to body ratio and thats due to the bigger bottom chin and thicker borders. Framing the screen, the differences are very subtle, obviously, and in the hand, you wont really be able to see or feel any difference when you use the phones, but, like I said technically, the regular a13 gives you just ever so slightly more screen real estate and a Little less bezel surrounding it all around back.

I think you can tell that both these phones, rock an all plastic, build no water resistance here, no metal, nothing, fancy just glossy plastic on the regular a13 matte plastic on the a13 5G. The housings are all basically a one piece cover that extend along the sides and edges on both and the overall design and form factor fall in line with some of the other. A series phones that have launched this year, taking a quick look around at everything else. On the left side, both phones do have dual SIM and SD card slots, which is nice to have, since you could have 32 or 64 gigs of built in storage on these phones, which nowadays isnt a ton on the right side, similar volume buttons in their usual Spot just above the power buttons, and both phones here have the same fingerprint set up on the side as well with those power buttons down at the bottom. The headphone jack remains on both they each have USB C ports for charging and the one single downward firing. Speaker setup at the top, the earpiece slit is just above the selfie camera Notch again same design and set up there and around back sort of interesting four camera lenses on the regular a13. Just three on the a13 5G and Ill talk more about the cameras in just a bit, jumping back to the displays when we break down the specs and the overall viewing experience on each phone.

This is one of the first major differences separating them and I think it could absolutely be a deciding factor in your purchase decision. The slightly larger 6.6 inch display on the regular a13 is a PLS LCD panel, coming in at a resolution of 2408 by 1080 packing in around 400 pixels per inch. The 6.5 inch screen on the a13 5G is also a PLS LCD panel, but at a lower resolution, 1600 by 720 for just 270 pixels per inch. So, for starters, the regular a13 is actually going to give you a sharper clearer, looking viewing experience even at a somewhat normal viewing distance honestly, because at this size, 720 resolution on the a13 5G, you can absolutely pick out. Those pixels resolution, though, is only one side of the equation. The a13 5G does have an additional feature, its a 90 Hertz refresh rate display, so your Taps touches and swipes should feel faster and the phone overall should be smoother and more responsive. As you go about using it, the difference here to me is something I think a lot of people will notice, but this is also where you have to decide. Do you want a higher resolution screen or a 90 Hertz screen? In addition to that, you might also be able to tell that the color contrast and calibration across the two displays differs slightly as well. You can see in this side by side comparison, especially that the regular a13 on the left seems to give you brighter Bolder colors across the board and a more neutral white balance, less blue compared to the a13 5G on the right, and even just watching some YouTube Videos or scrolling through your usual apps, I think you will be able to see that the regular a13 seems to just deliver a bolder, more colorful, more pleasing look so for the viewing experience as a whole.

Surprisingly, I think the regular 813 is the winner here and thats, not what I would have thought when it comes to the out loud listening experience. As far as I know, both these phones have the same single speaker setup at the bottom. To me, they sound the same. They reach about the same max level of volume and heres a quick sound sample from each. So you can get an idea for yourself Music. So the single biggest thing that separates these two devices from one another is their performance, and fortunately this is fairly straightforward and falls in line with about what youd expect for the most part inside the regular a13 is powered by Samsungs own exynos, 850 chipset its paired With three four or six gigs of RAM, which is interesting and 3264 or 128 gigs of storage, the a13 5G has a significantly more powerful mediatek defensity 700 chipset inside this phone has just one configuration option: four gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of storage. Here are the geekbench scores for those of you who are interested like I said the a13 5G is much more capable compared to the regular a13 when you look at processing power and side by side with the speed test here, you can also see just how much Quicker, the a13 5G is going to be with your everyday tasks. Now weirdly enough, these two phones actually arent even running the same version of Android and one UI, in fact its the regular a13 that has the Android, 12 and 1 one UI 4.

1 update right now. The a13 5G is still stuck on Android 11, but still differing Android versions aside. The a13 5G is obviously going to be more responsive, more Snappy, more capable and more powerful overall, no matter what it is youre doing on your phone, all in all. If Speed and Performance are important to you, if youre going to be trying to get a bit more out of your device each day beyond, simply just phone calls text, messages and web browsing, I think theres a clear and very significant advantage in going with the a13 5G, in this case, when it comes to the battery and charging speeds, this seems to actually all be the same. Both phones pack in a fairly large 5 000 milliamp battery, which should yield you more than a days use on a single charge. They both also support 15 watt wired fast charging, no wireless charging or any other power features, but, generally speaking, both these phones are in it for the long haul. Finally, with the camera setups, these phones once again differ quite a bit with their specs and capabilities, but not really in the way. You might think around back the regular a13, its that quad lens setup, which can consists of a 50 megapixel main lens 5 megapixel Ultra wide lens 2 megapixel macro lens and 2 megapixel depth sensor up front. You also have an 8 megapixel selfie shooter, the a13 5G. For whatever reason, only gets three lenses, seemingly the same 50 megapixel main shooter and just the 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel depth sensor, no Ultra wide shooter and the selfie camera weirdly enough seems to be a lesser 5 megapixel lens.

Now. My biggest gripe here is the fact that the a13 5G didnt get that Ultra wide lens thats, a super valuable camera add on. In my opinion, you also dont get the slightly wider selfie view on the a13 5G, either most everything else, though inside the camera app. Fortunately, on these two phones seems to be about the same Pro controls Panorama macro, a food filter, no night mode, which is a bummer, no 4K; video, no Advanced stabilization, just relatively basic camera setups from start to finish, and with some real world comparisons. Here I think you can tell that the end results do differ quite a bit. The selfie pictures to me look better on the regular A3 teen on the left. You get a brighter more colorful, looking shot that isnt overdone theres plenty of detail its balanced. The a13 5G on the right kind of just looks dull and dark its not nearly as pleasing with the rear lens setups, though I dont know whats going on with a regular a13. But I almost look Radioactive in comparison, very, very saturated to the point where it doesnt really look good at all. So I suppose the a13 5G on the right is the winner. Here, though, again kind of dull kind of dark, not really as eye catching, you can of course adjust the colors and contrast after the fact so thats not as big of a deal. Both phones give you similar amounts of detail in the end, but no doubt some obvious differences in the pictures.

Like I said and capability wise technically, the regular a13 has a slight Advantage with the ultra wide lens and better selfie camera.