Of course, xiaomi. Having dropping b me branding in replacement of the xiaomi name and before we claim that this is the best xiaomi smart man ever, let us unbox it first. So here, in my hand, is the xiaomi mi band 7.. These are the basic specs at the side of the box. It has crisp and clear full ammo display all the blood oxygen monitoring. Rich watch faces ultra long battery life and on the other side, it says that it can support up to 100 plus exercise mode water resistant up to 50 meters, reliable sleep monitoring and magnetic charging. This is the new packaging of the xiaomi band 7.. This is the band itself unwrapping it. You can see that well, its kind of still looks like the me band 6. dont. You think, but later well, find out more further inside the box theres a thick manual as well as a charging cable. Now, for my first impression, i can say that this band probably has increased its size by a little bit from a 1.57 inch to a 1.62 inch display. Well, it has increased just slightly, not that much and this time around xiaomi claims that this one has a wider screen with 24 percent increased visible area, and it has an upgraded generation of chipset and it supports gpu, meaning it can support graphics, and i believe that It really has increased its size a bit so in terms of screen size. Yes, it has increased a little bit, and probably it has gotten a bit wider on this one, and this one is a little bit more narrower just for demonstration.

Purpose were going to swap bands how to remove the band of the xiaomi mi band 7. All you need to do is just press and pop it out. Just like this and the other one simple just pop it up now were going to try the mi band 7 on the xiaomi mi band 6 watch strap so its like this. Okay, so hey what you know it fits. I need to know that it is a little bit more stretched, but overall, its still usable, i think its okay, no problem with that and its still snug fit so thats a good news for xiaomi mi band 5 and mi band 6 users. You can carry over your favorite straps over to the xiaomi band 7.. So now, if you want to know if the xiaomi mi band 6 capsule could fit in the all new xiaomi mi band 7 lets try okay, so it still fits and no problem. It wont pop out, even if i keep on pushing it even its a little bit wider, still, okay, good job and this all new xiaomi, smart man, 7 comes in six colors. The tpu straps is really unique and it has four exclusive edition. I heard and theres a lot of watch face to choose from theres, almost 110 custom watch space for you to choose from and whats really nice here is that you can make your own watch face, customized tailored fit just for you. Let me show you how so this is my zip life app.

So all i need to do is go to my xiaomi. Smartphone 7 next is to click the store, and you can see a lot of watch face over here. For you to choose from these. Are the photo watch face this one? Is the one youll be using in order to customize? So these are some of the official build in you have some mechanical style. You have some illustration more colorful, then you also have some fashion designs. Then simplicity – and this is all you have here – for the xiaomi mi band 7.. So in order to customize all you need to do is just select one of these then customize background. You can either take a photo or just simply select from your gallery, since i have my own. All i need to do is: go to manager then select this one. Then sync with watch face and in a bit youll be seeing my face on my xiaomi smart band. 7.. Oh nice! So epic. What do you think comment on the comment section below? Let me know what kind of watch face you would like to put on your xiaomi smart man, 7. Now since were already using this dev life app, and we can see that the battery indicator is here. You can, of course, customize your watch face in the store. You can check all the notification thats being turned on here. Then, of course, this one is a little bit more important.

You might want to navigate this one. I turned on everything here for me to check the battery life of the xiaomi smartphone, 7 and yeah. I turn on sleeping monitoring, stress, monitoring, blood, oxygen monitoring and well pretty much everything i turn it on. Well, the battery life ill show you later and here are some of the band settings that you can calibrate. Of course you can calibrate your display settings over here. You can put on some password like this. Now, some of the other useful things you might want to know, scheduling, event, reminder alarm phone alarm and weather now lets try to find my band and my band will simply vibrate since im. I have turned on my dmd mode as of the moment from time to time. Ill suggest you to check for updates to better optimize your xiaomi smartman 7 to its optimal performance. Now, here on this app, you can see my sleep monitoring. You can also check my heart rate, my pai and my workout history, of course, im not a female, so im safe from this one and wait. You can also calibrate it here for this. One ive done some exercise, and this is some of the stats that i got from the xiaomi smart man, 7. uh. You can see your heart rate if youre having fat, burning, aerobic, anaerobic or extreme, or just simply, warming up, and you can see my heart rate here on this app and my average heart rate is 85 for throughout the day my lowest is 54 and my maximum Is 136 while working out one of the things thats missing here? Is i dont see the blood oxygen monitoring over here? You might want to check it on the watch itself now for the sleep monitoring.

Here is my sleep score, which is a little bit low since i didnt sleep well last night, you can also see all of the other sleep. You can also see all of the other stats of your sleep last night. How many times you woke up and how many deeps deep you have how many light sleep you have, which is very useful for you to be able to adjust to your sleeping habit. Now lets talk a little bit about the battery life of this band after using for roughly three days, and i can see that my band is already at 50 – something percent to be exact, to be exact its at 51 after three days, which is, of course i Can say that this one can last me for around six days on heavy usage, that is, everything is being turned on. My uh display is a little bit above 50 on brightness and everything else is being turned on from sleep monitoring, to stress, monitoring, to blood oxygen monitoring and, of course, my heart rate monitoring everythings turned on vibration is turned on notifications turn on everything. Basically, everything i can say that it can roughly last you for six to seven days depending on your usage, but if you turn off all of those stats well lasting you for 14 days is not a problem. Now, one of the best things that you can do with your smart man is take it for a swim.

Now this one is already supporting 580f waterproof, or it means that you can swim up to 50 meters and this one i can see that ive taken it to my shower and every single day for the past two weeks. This is being strapped on to my wrist and i can see its as comfy as the xiaomi band 6 and the display is a little bit bigger. I love it and it has a 24 inch, visible area as compared to the xiaomi band 6, which is, of course, a treat for many of us now. They say that this one supports gpu. This is what they mean. You can already set some of the animating wallpapers or watch face here on this watch, which means its really nice and it looks great every time you turn on the screen. It will show you some animation. Pretty cute and xiaomi also said that this bag supports professional, workout analysis, vo2 max and a lot lot more. So right now well be going around the band swiping to the left. You can configure your music playback here on your phone, and this is the weather. For today, swiping down, you have your notification. Swiping up, you have everything on your menu. Now this is the, and basically this is my exercise wheel. Well, of course, uh. I did some workout for today. This is being reset right now, its already around 12. In the evening – and yes, it will reset at exactly 12 in midnight.

So this is my heart rate monitoring, and this is the heart rate. Monitoring whats improved over the xiaomi band 6. Is that you have all of these other stats here. Warm up fat burn aerobic and aerobic, which is, i think, not present in your xiaomi smartband 6.. You also have your pai over here. Your blood oxygen analysis. So this one of my favorite workout, it has over 110 workout mode and sometimes one of the most useful is the freestyle. So ive used this one several times, especially when im just doing basic push up basic jumping jacks, some of those mountain climbers. You can use this one, this mode, you can see all of your workout history over here. You also have your workout status over here. It says i didnt have enough. This is my stress monitoring for today, which is not yet available, and this is my sleep monitoring which is not yet available since its midnight and the weather app as the one you saw a while ago. You also have your five day weather prediction over here. Of course you can calibrate your music playback over here. You can check your alarm event settings and a lot lot more. So in the more section you have flashlight female health breeding, stop watch timer, find my phone and keep it silent event reminder and pomodoro timer whatever. That means now guys youve seen my analysis of the xiaomi smart man 7, and i can see that it has improved a lot over the xiaomi smartband 6, meaning it is deserving to be the successor of the 6 iteration xiaomi, smart man being the worlds number one Wearable, it continues to innovate and make it a lot better for us, consumers, which is pretty good, and the xiaomi smartphone 7 right now is being priced at 2’9 here in the philippines.

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