This is Anuj from Gadget Gig.. Today we have with us a premium smartwatch and its the Honor Watch GS3., And in this video we will do the unboxing and show you the features.. So, starting with the unboxing in the front of the box, we have the model name: Honor, Watch, GS, 3, along with the Picture of the smartwatch., Now lets open the box and show you the content. So guys. Here we have our smartwatch, and this is the silicon. Strap variant, and apart from that, the Honor Watch GS 3 is available in leather strap and you have the Classic Gold and the ocean blue colour, option. And guys. My first impression is that this smartwatch does look and feel premium., Especially this stainless steel body.. We will look at the smartwatch in a moment. Lets, see what else we have in the box.. So we get the documentation and then here we have the charging dock and the usb type c charging cable. And for charging. You just need to place the watch on the top like this. And guys about the charging in this watch. You get the fast charging support which will give you 1 day of battery backup with just 5 minutes of charge., So thats all we have in the box. Now lets look at the smartwatch closely. Honor Watch. Gs3 is a premium smartwatch. Looking at the design and build quality, I find the design very good and the build quality no doubt feels amazing.

. The stainless steel body of this watch looks elegant and on the wrist, this watch looks pretty good. In terms of the straps. We have the two options: leather and the silicon strap, and this one we have here is the silicon strap, which gives a more casual look and feel.. The weight of the watch is 44 grams and during our testing we found this smartwatch very comfortable on the hand.. In terms of the overview in the front, we have the 1.43 inch AMOLED Display and you get this 3d Curved glass.. The resolution of the display is 466 by 466 pixels.. At the right side, we have the function buttons and at the back we have the sensors. And guys in this watch. You get the 8 channel heart rate AI Engine with over 97 accuracy., And apart from that at the back, we have the charging points speaker and a mic for bluetooth calling.. So overall the Honor Watch GS3 is a beautiful, looking smartwatch. Its slim and design and build quality wise. We find it very good. Now lets turn it on and pair it with our phone.. So here we have the App HonorHealth and right now you can use this smartwatch with only Android phones, but in future you will be able to use it with ios with an OTA update.. So here it is on and paired with our phone.. Now let me show you the watch features. So guys. The first thing we noticed here is this beautiful, looking AMOLED display.

Its crisp and clear, and the viewing angles are also pretty good. Now in terms of the controls and gestures.. So here we are on the watch. Face and upon long pressing, you switch between different watch faces and, of course, you can add, more watch faces through the companion, app. Swiping down from the top shows you the quick settings, and here we have the DND Screen on find phone alarm and the settings of The watch. And at the bottom you can see the battery status and the date and time. Swiping up from the bottom will show you the notification history. And by swiping left or right on the watch face. You can access quick apps, and here we have the heart rate: stress, monitoring, weather, music and so on. To access the main menu. You would need to press the top button once., And here we have the workouts and guys in this watch. You get over 100 workout modes, which includes 10 professional workout modes. And during workouts you can see the GPS status and, by the way, guys you get the Dual frequency GNSS for precise positioning, and this will record and track your running and cycling route accurately. And during Workout you get the voice prompts, and here you can see the fitness data and also you can listen to the music on the watch or using a bluetooth, tws earphones., And then we have the GPS Positioning along with the sunlight timing.. Now, coming back to the menu, then we have the workout records which will show you the workout history.

After that we have the workout status, which shows you a score based on your weekly workouts.. After that, we have the activity records, and here we have your todays fitness data.. Then we have the call logs and as a bluetooth, calling watch, you can see the call logs here.. Then we have the contacts which you can sync through the app and from here you can make a call to your favourite contacts.. After that we have the music, and, as mentioned earlier, you can listen to the music from the watch itself or use a tws earphones.. Then we have the heart rate and about the heart rate, you get the continuous heart rate monitoring in this watch and the data is quite accurate. And the company claims 97 accuracy with the 8 channel heart rate, AI Engine., Then in the menu we have the sleep And here you can see your last night sleep details and here as well, the accuracy is very good., Then in the menu we have the spo2 monitoring and in this watch the detection is quite fast and also you get the auto spo2 option which will measure the Spo2 through the day and will let you know when the spo2 reaches below a certain level. After that in the menu we have, the stress monitoring – and here also you get the all day – stress monitoring., Then, in the menu we have breathing exercises which will help you To calm yourself, down.

, And then we have the weather and guys. Here you have the current weather conditions, along with the hourly forecast, as well as the forecast for upcoming few days. And thats. Not it. You can see sunlight timing as well as moonrise and moonset timings., And also the moon phase.. Then we have the usual alarm stopwatch timer with some preset timers., And then we have the compass and then we have the air pressure. Here. You can see the current air pressure and also you get the altimeter in this smartwatch.. After that we have the flashlight find phone and then, lastly, we have the settings of the watch. In the settings. First, we have the earphones settings by which you can connect a tws earphones.. After that we have the watch faces and cards., And here you can turn on the always on display, and for this you have quite a few options. After that in the settings we have. The display and brightness – and here you can see we get the auto brightness support in this watch.. Then we have the volume to turn on the notification sound and after that we have the vibration settings DND down button function by which you can set the shortcut app to open when you press the down button. By default, its the workouts. And then in the settings. We have the pin to lock the watch workout settings and here you can turn on the always on display and also enable the auto workout detection.

. And lastly, we have the systems, and in this you can poweroff reset or restart the watch., So thats all the features we have in the watch And feature wise. We think its pretty good and you get a lot of features in this watch and, to be honest in this price, we are getting lots of good features and options in this watch.. Now let me quickly show you the app Honor Health., So here we are on the home page, and here we have the step count along with the calories burned and distance travelled.. And then we have the health data, and here you can see the heart rate, sleep, spo2 data and also the Stress data.. And when you tap on any of these cards, you can see the historical data. On the next page. We have the exercise and from here you can start running walking and cycling., And then we have the Device page, and here you can see the connected device on the top. And then below it. We have the watch face market and here you have a lot of beautiful, looking watch faces.. Then in the settings we have the weather settings music by which you can transfer the music to your watch., And about that you have 4 GB Storage out of which approx 2 gb is available.. Then we have the notification settings, and here you can select the apps for which you want the notification on your watch. And talking about it here is how you get the call alert and guys here you can accept the call or send a quick reply.

Message. About the performance, the speaker, output is loud and the mic performance is also very good., And now let me show you the app notifications and guys here you can see. We dont have the preset replies here and also you have no emoji support, which is a little disappointing.. Then in the settings we have the health alert and from here you can turn on the continuous heart rate, monitoring, SPo2 monitoring and also the stress monitoring.. Apart from that, we have the frequent contacts which you can sync through the app and then lastly, we have the other settings., And here you can enable bluetooth, disconnection alert and also the raise to wake feature., And about that the performance is good and the response time Is very less. And also you turn off the display by just covering the screen with your palm., But one thing which is missing and that is the double tap to wake up the screen.. So Overall the Honor Watch, GS. 3 is a premium looking smartwatch at a mid range price.. The build quality is amazing and I find the design very good. And this watch does look and feel premium on the hand.. The battery backup is one of the strong points of this watch and in moderate usage I noticed a 10 battery dip everyday, which means I will easily get 10 days of battery backup and that too, with the continuous heart rate, monitoring, spo2 and stress, monitoring., And also The quick charge support is very helpful and in just 5 10 minutes of charge, you can get 1 2 days of battery backup.

About the performance. The fitness data is by far the most accurate we have seen in a smartwatch in this price segment.. The display is also good and touch response is also decent.. There are few things which are worth mentioning that we dont have the NFC chip in this watch in India, and also, you wont, be able to use it with your iOS device.. Nonetheless, this smartwatch offers a lot of premium features at a mid range price. And if you are in the market to buy a smartwatch in around 15000 Rupees, then we highly recommend you to checkout the Honor Watch, GS3. And as usual, if you like it and want to buy, one then do check the buy link in the description below.. So thats it guys this was our Review of the Honor Watch. Gs3 Smartwatch.. Let us know if you like it and also do tell us if you have queries or questions about this smartwatch in the comments section below. So thats all for now. If you like this video, then please press the like button and subscribe to our channel gadget gig for more videos like this.