A sign led will turn to green, and now it will track. You give it. The ok sign this one, this one her first ai camera its amazing. Now i can dance in my stream. Its like a puppy Music got a new drip from ai coco, their first generation webcam so proud. This is the smart live stream. Cam 2k lets check it out by the way i will list and link the best deals for you in the description so check it out if youre interested so thats the box right here, a tiny cute box thats. Actually, let me remove the wrap thats, the box glare free, thats, the front smart live stream cam. This is the 2k version with all sorts of smart features, and it is looking dope thats one side, thats, the other side top. I guess, and the other side. Okay and the back side right here with the specific model name, the manufacturer and a few pictures all right – lets open it up. It will just slide out slowly, but surely there we go so check this out. Everyone can dream and create with this camera, of course, so we get this nice looking envelope. Backside is blank and lets take it out. Okay and in here we have some sort of a quick start guide and then right here well actually up here boom boom. We have the accessories and right here we have the camera itself and thats it. Oh wow.

This is a metal body lovely. Let me start with the accessories and the manual okay. Inside this box we have the cable. This is usb8 to usbc nice. Looking cable right here and now lets check out this quick start guide, so one side is chinese and the other one is english. So first page is the branding. Then we have the product introduction, how the internals work and the types of motors and all of that good stuff. Then we have a setup guide. We also have a use guide for the ai commands, or you know for the smart gestures and right here we have the product parameters right there, and here we have the camera itself so from the top from the front, this side, the other side and the back Down here we have the thread for mounting it, and this is a rubber pad and it can basically unfold all the way and in here we have more information and it can also move slightly up and down, and in here we also have padding everywhere – and this Is the movement of the camera? So to recap, you will get the quick start guide the cable and, of course the camera lets go. As i already said, this is a metal body check it out its a brushed, aluminum body. I think so im surprised with that. Its a metal housing thats awesome – oh, oh, my goodness. I completely missed that okay, so the second axis of rotation is right here and is super smooth.

So these two little black dots, the upper one, is a notification light well in indicator light and the low one is a microphone on the right side. We obviously have the camera. Both of these motors are brushless motors. This can move 21 degrees, as you can see right here, lower end, stop and upper end stop okay! Now i get it you. First of all, you need to unclip it loosen it up, and this is actually the position, and now this lower one can move 180 degrees in both directions. Just like that makes sense. Alright, i get it. Everything makes so much more sense. Now we have the logo in the front, and this clamping mechanism now makes just way more sense: okay, alrighty and right here we also have the usb c band. This is basically how to mount it on any screen or laptop, and what have you good stuff now? Let me tell you all about the specs and the features Music so specs and features, so we have ultra hd 2k picture output. That means 1440 at 30 fps hd video. We have the ai gestures, we also have human face recognition tracking. We have precision tracking with the double brushless motors two axis drive. Of course we have a six axis: gyroscope shake control and the maximum control speed is 120 degrees per. Second, through the gestures you can activate the smart zoom. Also, there is noise reduction and its basically plug and play for every operating system lets go.

The usb cable is 1.5 meters long, as i said 6 axis, gyroscope, oh by the way, 21 degrees upwards and 21 degrees downwards, so 42 degrees. In total, the led status indicator will show you red for standby and no follow mode and green for the follow mode. Brightness is 10 looks the thread on the bottom is a quarter inch thread. Of course, the general standard for all the tripods we have tons of supported video formats and resolutions, many different frame rates, and so many supported operating systems not bad right. Next up is performance, usability and, of course, a good old demo and then another demo back to back lets go Music. This setup is obviously not what i would show in a typical video, so lets go through my setup together, so the camera is now inactive. I already removed the watermark. You just need to hold up your hand for five seconds. Then it will disappear the camera. Well, i guess just they are very fast, so check it check it out. Well, that was the wrong one and now its tracking me. So this sign will activate the tracking and its super fast, and this will deactivate the tracking and yeah. Now its not following me, lets activate it again, and this is the zoom feature: zoom one zoom, two zoom out zoom out again, all camera settings are default by the way everything is automatic, so my usual setup also include my usual setup.

Also includes this backlight a giant ring light and while were at it soundcheck. This is the microphone of the camera and now lets scale up the picture. All the way, 2k upscale to 4k. Okay were back to my usual setup to my main mic. So i really like the picture quality so far, its so fast, okay, zoom out again perfect and my usual setup would be something like this just crop away. All of that nonsensical background – and this would be my style of recording a video with the white background, my backlight and my softbox up here and all in all its not looking too bad. It will also follow me, but obviously for my scene, this is not really needed so right there and now stop and you can also move the camera with your arms and it will stay in this position. Okay, just sit so you can use this feature to reposition the camera without actually touching it and when youre happy, lock it in place and, lastly, lets configure the video, so we have brightness, we have contrast, we have hue saturation, we have sharpness, we have white balance, Thats an auto and we have backlight compensation, and here we have the exposure level. This is actually the most important aspect right here. Exposure on auto actually works pretty pretty well alrighty, so the zoom feature will work best when the tracking is actually on its now off. So lets try that again so yeah its way better, obviously so yeah not too bad for this price, the quality is definitely a okay.

Now this tracking feature will make way more sense in just a few seconds when we implement this camera in the streaming setup of my sister, so lets go: hey thats, my sister thats her setup and its going to be different, very different move with the old speakers. Just one little camera and no nano leaves lets, make it better lets go. This is going to be way better, Music, so check it out slowly, but steady its getting really epic and now the only thing thats missing is a good camera thats, a current one. What even, is that? Okay, so here we go! Thank you. Music. Smart, live stream, cam, okay, its made just for that. Just for you just for streaming, damn! Looking good! Okay, okay! Well, mount it and then well test. It lets go so back here. She has this magic arm and we will use the thread on the on the bottom right. This one, the magic arm, isnt that magic thats right im using my broken tripod leg, to fix it, but its working, perfect, cable, so its powered up red led, is lighting up and now, oh, my god, it worked, ah its so crazy. This thing well, first of all, it has no software and it also needs no software. So when its powered on you can just give it, a sign led will turn to green, and now it will track you. This is so funny, oh, my goodness. Okay, if you want it to stop boom now its red and there we go so we are recording.

We are now obviously two people so striking me by the way. If there is a water sign, maybe up here or somewhere, i dont know you need to hold up your hand for five seconds. Okay and then it will disappear. We need better, oh yeah, thats, better, better lighting, all right its too high, give it the okay sign. The hand the okay sign this one, this one: oh okay, oh okay, it has way more resolution than your old cam, so you can crop in and also and try the l try, the l give it an l. Yes, oh, and how do i smart again? You have two zoom in and then two zoom out, oh its automatically zooming out when i make the same symbol again: yeah uh, okay, okay, this is perfect. Oh you! Actually, i was like you can crop in with the with the obs program, but you can actually just digitally zoom in thats, also yeah thats, true thats. True, it has enough resolution to do that and now stop it with the stop sign, yeah, perfect and now start it again. Oh wait! No! Stop! Stop move around move around so its now! Well, the tracking has stopped and now give it the okay sign, and now its tricking, you hi her first ai camera, its amazing. I can hold it right. Okay, i think i will adjust it a little bit kind of perfect edge of the edge of the screen or whats the problem yeah i dont want to have the table and you can crop in in the program.

Can you walk around in the room now? I can dance in my stream without worrying that my followers and viewers cant see me amazing. Try the try! The signs like this amazing im totally amazed its kind of creepy, though to be honest, because its working so good yeah, because its working so good its like it recognizes my face. I guess so. The ai is pretty good, and if you want to see this camera in action, then you can follow me on twitch and watch my streams guys. Thank you. As i said, this is their first generation webcam and for their first try. This is actually very good. Definitely worth supporting great build quality, refined, look and again. If you want to see this camera in action, you can find my sisters twitch link in the description. She was super happy with her present. This is literally what this thing is made for and im sure the camera will be happy too about seeing her beautiful face pretty much every day, definitely a great upgrade for her setup and definitely drippy check out the product links in the description. If youre interested, i will make sure to listen link the best deals for you and before you go smash that like button, then subscribe ring the bell and click all to never miss amazing.