Lahat now improvement over the x3 gt and im sure that youll be really blown away more on specs, so stay tuned, unboxing, Music, so hi guys. Im president, i got your psychic and welcome back to my channel, and this is the quick unboxing of the poco x4 gt Music dont wan na sleeping cause. I got something to prove. I got ta, take what i hate and finally make a move. I think of you, and all this you dont do well imma make hell, is sure that i dont become you. I have no regrets yeah outside of my chest. Music, it looks more of a flagship series is no question as its the processor. This one has the midi tech dimension 8100, which is far cry from last years: the mediatek dimension 1100, which is para alayo and, of course, this one already has 5g connectivity, so meaning its a lot better than its preferences, and this one already having a 5g connectivity, Meaning its better than its predecessor, now my price revealed and im sure excited to surprise the telephone, nato. It has been really nice uh. I feel like its a big upgrade over the poko x3 gt and im price tattoo bahama blown away and six gigs of ram and 128 storage will be priced at eighteen, nine, ninety and heres a catch 59.99 for early bird buyers and theres another one. The 80 subramana 2560 gig storage would be priced at 19 990 and an early bird price would be 17 99.

thats, 2k discount 4256 gig of brian and a 3k discount 40 120 gigs of storage. Now, if youre not really that uh storage hungry like malaska my video, my last comment, picture 128 is good enough, but of course kulan and two gigs of ram. But if youre not a gamer like many of you, i think the 128 would be more than enough. Now, like i said it on phone, nato has one of the best processor new media tech dimension, 8100, its its just one step lower than the mesitech 9000, and this one can definitely perform got me to shop for more than two weeks details 745 000, which is Definitely a score to beat at this price point, even together with this one is a lp ddr5 and a ufs 3.1, so im sure its definitely fast when it comes to loading. The apps and, of course, read and write. Speed is definitely fast doing all the multitasking details. Swiping left and right manila is definitely more than powerful enough for daily usage, and this one also has a screen. 6.6 inch. King alla ips lcd – probably many of you mentioned, but given in the price point, we can argue the ips lcd panel, but despite its ips lcd 144 hertz angular screen refresh rate definitely its faster than any other. 120 144 is more fun gamer level. So given uh melancholic 144 hertz mama maximize moja when it comes to gaming and of course uh scrolling to your social media is definitely a lot smoother, but of course, with 144 hertz definitely must be listed in battery, and on top of that, this one is adobe Vision screen giving you more than enough and young visuals, despite not being an amoled display.

It still is something you should consider if youre looking for your next daily driver, medicine, true color, display and canyon, maximum brightness is 650 minutes, and sometimes okay, sometimes at times and another thing that you should know that this one is a corning gorilla, glass, 5 plastic Frame and glass back now show you some good news in your phone. Nato is a level one security level as a wi fi, meaning you can watch all of your favorite videos, so netflix and your favorite streaming apps on hd and speaking of hd. I was able to watch my favorite videos details on youtubes and netflix and i was quite enjoying detail, despite not being an amulet. The color resolution is still nice, like chun chunny, dolby vision and well watching for my exacting auras binge watching on some of my favorite videos. Here is okay, the viewing angle is big and well. The bezel at the bottom is not so thin, along as compared to my side frames, yeah scrolling on social medias on facebook, some tick, tocks, twitters and instagram. Very small la la were watching videos on the social media platform – okay, 144. Subscribers giving me more than i can be, nato is being tuned by dolby atmos, so i know that dolby atmos is definitely something it has one up here and another down here and japan. This phone can, let you enjoy young sounds when youre watching videos playing your favorite games or just simply listening to spotify, Music Music.

Now, listening to it sounds its not the best nana taiko on any poco device, normal long shot here was also us, like the f series and well, i can recommend you to use your favorite headphones or you just simply use a bluetooth tws. Now, speaking of bluetooth tws, i have something here from f: i i l and its one of xiaomis ecosystem companies. I was really blown away and surprised and then they took a little shot. Imagine a little ma. Uh grab it. I was really surprised to see this one and by far as pineskosha, its really nice, its really small and its really portable, its really lightweight and design very minimalist design, and i love it so tina go shot together with it export gt and electrodes for gaming, and I was really blown away that matters. A low, latency alexandria is really nice and loud, clear in a clear shot: noise cancelling when youre commuting or when youre inside the airport inside the ill be linking it on the description below now. Listening to sounds detail sound tripping up. Oh you see the f, i l, i can see okay and i love it and i was able to play games on this phone using it on film and playing the call of duty mobile grabbed. My heavy games like genji impact like pubg, asphalt, 9 mobile legend and name it apex legend yeah. So the love against call of duty mobile asphalt, 9.

Both the games is ok. I was able to enjoy for roughly my circulating, auras and call of duty mobile. Then viewing angle it was nice and i can say that i touched something great. At 270, hertz is okay, now a very responsive, mounting screen to very, very minimal, so the gameplay is smooth. I love the graphics uh you like it from a little bit. Above your medium settings, the highest temperature that is reached is around 42 degrees celsius, which is hours, and it can fast charge as fast as 67 watts and sinaloa 14 to 100 in just one hour 5000, so expected for more or less on a daily basis. Uh for normal usage – and it was able to last me through the day while we are not charged on normal usage, take note of the word normal usage, meaning while im heavy application, while heavy gaming just normal okay. So it was able to give me 30 plus percent at the end of the day and rating its a pc mark. This battery stresses nito near 13 hours on time, which is for me, okay for a phone like this and one of my favorite topic. That was the camera. I know nah ive, always given my best and then just to take all of those shots. Para makita new vendetta, all the shots i can see now it is really able to perform. I was being blown away and napa was a camera at all 64 mp, im kind of mainland 8 mp ultra wideness 2mp, a macro lens and 20 mp front facing camera.

So outdoors, not natural as long as sunlight, okay and taking some sunset shots is definitely breathtaking. Lightroom or you can also tune in dramatic shots, its really okay. I was really happy with it its really something that you should try even kind of your camera example getting them as a selfie camera outdoors, random question asked, but that is indoors. Okay and its sometimes – and i was able to taking some nice videos using the rear, camera 4k, 30 fps and front camera, i was able to set it at 1080p 60fps. The resolution is nice, thats, no doubt because its downright good but okay for some people, but if you can use a gimbal or a tripod, it will make your video a lot better this one. Now, if youre coming off from the poco x3 gt, i highly recommend you to upgrade to this phone its really faster, a lot faster, better on kind of camera better on canon processor. But if you want to put on some protection, chandi beetle case is the best solution for you. If you ask me, i recommend to shop for photography and gaming grabe, no doubt its yes. Now, yes, and definitely this whole is going to take the poco community and the consumer by storm.