A lot of you have asked about it: thats kodak, t210r mini 2. Retro, which is a portable photo printer, i thought, let me show you exactly how it works and is it actually good and worth a buy, along with showing you different packages that are available in amazon, so lets dive in and see how it is so here is The box in which i received it – if you see this box, contains uh, you know the kodak mini 2 retro portable printer itself, along with 60 white sheets. This is one of the package available uh that comes with uh. You know the sheets, the photo print sheets. There are other options which um you know just give you the uh printer itself and you can buy the photo sheets later. I think it didnt make sense. So this package uh, i got it from amazon itself and what is surprisingly awesome is uh. There was no third party um that sold this to me. It was directly from the kodak photo printers itself and it is actually made in korea, which is nice to see if you open this box up. There are three boxes in here: one Music, two and three thats the third box yeah. There are total of three boxes um. This one is the box off the uh printer itself, uh. I took the white option now, since i felt it look more retro. There is a yellow, as well as a black option as well um, so lets lets uh see what all we have inside this Music – oh god theres nothing.

I actually took the printer out inside this box. Uh there is the actual printer which was well packed with a good polythene so that it is uh. It remains scratch proof and look at that glossy finish its pretty cool right, thats, the printer itself. So before we start it up and actually see how it works. Lets see what else we have in here, we have a charging, cable and uh. This particular camera has a good battery too. I have seen that it has a built in battery of 620 milli amperes, which is decent enough for a printer. That is this small. Like i told you, i did uh order for 60 sheets as well. Let me open one of them yeah, and these are the uh cartridges that you get along with the uh printer in this package. So each of this has 10 photo sheets. Like you see them, yep yeah, so keeping these aside, let me show you how to load the cartridge inside this one. This is the slot for the cartridge. You just open this up, and you see here something that is like a holder just hold it up, and that is the cartridge and when you load it inside here, all you have to do is check for the grooves put it rightly in there, and there is A press option here, just click it thats it and its done. This is where your photo is going to come out from, and here is the power on off button uh.

Well from the box itself. It has come up with uh 40 battery life already there. So let us uh get this on test. For for that first, you would need uh to download an app from play store. I already did so. Let me show you what it is: Music Applause Music. So this is the one you need if you see up close thats the one here. Let me open it up. Um, im gon na turn this on yeah, so the bluetooth is on. Let me connect the bluetooth with the bluetooth of my ipad. I guess well have to go to the settings for that first, so go to the settings. Uh bluetooth option and youll find kodak instant right here. Select the option tonight is connected. So after setting up the bluetooth, you have to just go into the app once you go in and allow access to all photos. It just connects to the album within your ipad or iphone or whatever device that you have connected it to so i chose this picture picture that i took at my friends, wedding bro. This is a beautiful one. Lets try this. You have multiple options. You can change. It to monochrome, if you want or leave it colorful and edit it if you want like you, can transform it the way you want it like you want to crop it or do whatever you want around it. There are filter options. You can even make a collage out of it.

If you see there are layouts of the collage, you can make collages and you can choose multiple frames. If you want a different kind of flame, you can choose those as well, which i think is pretty cool right, but for now let me keep it plain hit this print button. If you dont want more than one copy, so you can choose five copies at max. For one picture, but i keep it as one and click the print button lets see what kind of magic it does all right im. Keeping this aside. Okay, let me also keep this in view, so that you can see what how it shows up there do not touch the photo paper while printing. This is a crazy action that it does. You have to see this now. The other sounds dont worry. It goes in and out four times before, giving you the final copy: Music yeah there you go yellow first, while you keep seeing that you should also see this. So there are color passes that keep happening. First, one was a yellow. Then there is a magenta color pass now. Second, color pass is done now its moving into the third color path, thats cyan, if im not from this blue color, thats, the third layer and then the final protection layer and wait its done uh. Yes, i guess it is done, remove the photo. It tells very clearly this one, almost there pretty good print. Look at that Music isnt it.

I like the print its pretty cool neat neat job. It has a small extra clip here of paper, which you can just tear it off and its all ready to go into your journal or album or wherever you want it and dont. You think the quality is good uh. I think this is a pretty good quality. I have tried even the canon one, and i certainly believe this is much much better uh thats how it looks, uh unfortunate that it does not come with um. You know uh a sticker at the back uh thats. The only minus that i see here but other than that the photo quality is amazing. I really really loved it and i certainly suggest this p210r, its a big thumbs up from my side. I do love this kodak p210 mini 2 red rope. There is a latest version also of this, which is slightly expensive. It goes beyond 10 000. It doesnt give much greater output than this one, so i still prefer this one and i would suggest you guys also the same printer. I hope you enjoyed this video and also got the required outputs, uh or the required feedback of whether to buy this one or not. If i left any questions unanswered, please do mention them in the comment box below.