Its me again, robella welcome back to my channel so bakutai maximum lagos, among my father and if youre new here in my channel, please dont forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell right in the tata, no home credit. So i decided to make another video to share my honest review and share my experience as a customer of home credit for tutorial company appliance home credit. Please click. The link above and ill also provide the link of the videos description box all right so before we go back to our main topic. Disclaimer im not affiliated its a home credit customer pop up is one of the biggest consumer finance companies of philippines. Is a consumer finance company, kagana home credit? A consumer finance company are alternate institutions that consumers can reach out to for products like cash loans and product loans, requirements which makes up great opportunities among consumers or customers who are not traditionally entertained by banks due to lack of banking, history or credit history. All right. So kashman, i highly recommend home credits since they can be trusted. Now i think in my own opinion on consumer finance. Companies are philippines, but im not really right. So, as ive mentioned earlier, trusted home credit, but in sakashi loans and gadget loans since tried and tested. So twice the first one is gadget loan and after the top school is telecom process and approval as long as complete and requirements accepted valid. Ideally, any government issues prc voters, id drivers license passport, pin id at chakayung feels his id or philippine national id.

Alright, foreign nbi clearance, postal id sss id barangay certificate or barangay clearance home credit, so only filipino citizens are eligible to apply for the loan. So if youre ages, 8 18 to 68 fighting for the game of life, partner stores, long home credits or lease down partner stores website the fastest way of applying for the cash loan or the gadget loan is through the my home credit app um. My home credit app is only available, so google play store and if you decide to apply through the app learn a whole separate video tutorial. Just click the link above or you can check the description below and um link for the tutorial video for the applications. App follow your learning steps and you can get approved in just one minute, so whats the approving application, of course, hindi, moab, usa, and to prevent unnecessary delays and shampred due to Music full early payment within the first 15 days after signing so um. If you decide to finish the loan within the first 15 days after contract signing, you can repay the full amount without any fees and interest so to process. This request contact the customer service. You can chat with them. Second option is your full early repayment after the first 15 days upon signing, if you decide to finish the loan in full, you can pay the remaining balance without future interest, provided that your account is not passed so for my questions, um just contact their customer service Through chat um, my home credit app or the on submission website um before we end this video from my previous videos responsibility, but if its needed for emergency um combines a tuition fee or for hospitalization or combined bills, finding funding all right.