It is the zendir super mini go which has ten thousand million hour battery right inside and im super excited to have received. For the past couple of weeks, ive been using it to charge my iphone 13 pro so heres my thoughts about it now. First impressions, the zendir super mini gold feels really really nice. It is not heavy despite having a 10 000 mm hour battery inside, but it is, of course a little thicker. So if you actually attach to the back of your iphone just like this, you actually kind of feel about when you actually hold it. But, to be honest, it actually feels really really nice to hold your iphone with this power bank on it now in terms of design, as you can see, it features a very camera inspired design with this uh max safe contact point right over here. This looks like the lens of the camera and on the back right over here, you get a really nice small lcd display, which, unfortunately uh even for indoor lighting is not the brightest out there. So youre definitely going to have a problem. When you actually view outdoors im not sure if xander will improve this uh once the final product is being released to backers, because this is probably a engineering sample that i got it from them, so they will definitely make some improvements to the lcd panel if they Find it this is an issue right, so in terms of design, as you can see right over here, you get this luggage inspired texture, which is a kind of standard on sanders, super series of power banks.

It actually feels very, very nice to touch and then feels like a removal luggage as usual, and you get a button right on the top here to actually uh activate a couple of functions such as trickle charging to activate a low current mode to charge devices. Like your apple watch or any uh earbuds, so that the the power bank would accidentally cut off the power once it detects, the current goes below like five volts right, so you actually get the trickle charging mode by just double tapping on it. So this button here actually looks pretty cool, as you can see, theres actually a ring right over here. It feels like a camera shutter button and thats, something that i really like about it, and you also get a hole right over here that you can loop in a lanyard. So you can just carry it. Just like this pretty light and easy now in terms of parts, the xeno super mini go has a usbc port that supports up to 20 watts of usb pd charging, and you also have a usb a port that supports up to 22.5 watts of charging with a 5A, cable, if you happen to have that and inside the package of my super mini go. I actually got this really nice usb c2c cable, which also comes with a usb 8 that adapter here, which is actually kind of useful. If you actually want to charge other devices now, im, not sure if xander will add, also include a lightning cable inside the package, because i thought it would be useful if you have a lightning cable just in case, you want to charge your iphone faster and um.

You could have probably just used a lightning cable to juice, up your iphone so to charge your iphone. It is actually pretty simple. Now, first of all, simply just attach the xender super mini go onto the back of your iphone, so once it attaches simply just press the button on the back here and the charging animation will appear shortly. One two three boom: there you go. It now charges the iphone now ive been using this for about a couple weeks to charge my iphone already and, to be honest, it will last me up to two charges on a single charge and thats actually pretty reasonable for a 10 000 milliamp hour battery and Ive also used the usb c port to charge up my ipad air m1 from 30 up to 100. It will uh last for full charge and i think thats pretty okay for a 10 000 million hour battery, probably that would actually improve when the final product comes up. But overall my experience with the super mini go has been really great and even when im using massive charging, the whole power bank doesnt actually feel hot at all, which is actually pretty good. And even when lets say you are using it under a super hot weather. The charging will actually pause like up to probably 15 to 20, which is actually reasonable because it doesnt really want to overheat your phone. So, every time when that happens, you have to like click the button, one time to start the charging over again, which i think is pretty acceptable for a maxi power bank.

So the xander super mini gold will retail at 70 us dollars at launch im, not sure what the indiegogo early bird price is going to be, but uh, considering that it is a direct competitor to the apple official max safe battery pack. For your iphone, i think its actually pretty reasonably priced its way cheaper. It has a larger battery capacity, apart from the fact that you just need to deal with this thickness here, because it is actually a little tick. So if you happen to attach on your iphone like this, so it is definitely going to feel a little bulky when you hold your iphone or even, if you put it into your pockets, so the xeno super mini go its a pretty good power bank. If you dont put it in your pockets, but if you actually put it in your bags so yeah so thats all for a quick review of the zendura super mini gold. It is a really cute and nice power bank that i would really recommend anyone to go check it out. The indie google page is really live right now and im not sure what the early bird pricing really is, but im sure it will be cheaper than the 70 us dollar msrp so do check it out in the link in the description below so thats.