This is the smartphone that comes with tempting set of specifications which include 108 megapixel, main camera, mediatek diamond city 900 system on chip and a bigger 6.7 inches. Amoled display specifications, foreign Music to begin with the design and looks of this smartphone. It is a tall phone which is also very slim, so the width is fine, but the problem is with its broadness, so this is pretty broad, which is sometimes is uncomfortable to hold. Although this smartphone weighs only 176 grams to coffee lightweight build quality, this smartphone is built of polycarbonate, which is pretty solid. This comes with matte finishing, although it shines a little bit and i do not know what this combination is. But this is cool about a button right side, volume, rocker or oc. You get a power button as well, which also acts like a fingerprint scanner. It is pretty fast. Let me tell you that Music left side popcorn is the sim tray at the bottom. You get a type c port and a speaker grill. This is a mono speaker which is pretty loud. You get a really big screen with m53. Yes, this was my first impression when i had a look at the phone. This is a 120 hertz. Six point: seven inches full hd, plus super amoled display uh content enjoy section. Everything is perfect on this screen now ill. Tell you why the viewing angles are perfect. You get sharp and punchy colors and then the text is also readable under bright, yellow shine.

So whats left again, you can enjoy watching it in full resolution when youre streaming, uh content on you know different platforms like netflix, amazon, prime, and that is because it comes with white wine, l1 certification. So basically, with m53, you do get a premium quality screen. This phone comes with a quad camera setup at the back of the smartphone. One of the hottest features of this phone is its main camera, which is 108 megapixel. The other three cameras are an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera, a 2 megapixel depth camera and a 2 megapixel micro camera. Now coming to the quality of the pictures, it is actually a mishmash. So undeniably, the main camera clicks good pictures in daylight, but performs ok in low light conditions. Similarly, the photos taken from the other three cameras beat ultra wide photos, portrait pictures or macro shots. Sometimes they turn out to be really good other times they turn out to be average, so we do like taking selfies dont we to do so. There is a 32 megapixel front, shooter that you get on this smartphone and the result of the selfies is pretty decent. The phone is powered by mediatek diamond city 900 system on chip. It is able to take every days task smoothly, so in that case you wouldnt find the performance on this phone very smooth. On the software front, this phone runs on one ui 4.2, based on android 12.. It comes with pre installed, apps like baiju snapchat, prime netflix phone pay and many more.

This has always been irritating and it still is battery this one packs. A 5000 mah box. Doesnt include any charger. Let me remind you that box skips a charger, so you have to buy it differently. Lake in 25, watt charging technology, but just say you will be able to charge your phone zero to 100 in about two hours. So samsung gives you two storage options with m53. There is a 6gb ram paired with 128gb of internal storage priced at rupees 26499. Then there is a 8 gb ram paired with 128 gb of internal storage priced at rupees, 28, 499. 18 color options, blue green and brown devices, which is more like an olive color variant and it is pretty beautiful. Now is the time im going to tell you if you should buy the samsung galaxy m53 or not? Well, if you are looking for something decent, um, a normal smartphone that you can use on everyday basis without any lags, then m53 is your device. But, like i said before, agar apko hardcore gaming, smartphone dedicated smartphone photography, yeah videography phone chair. Then you should give this one a pass and look for something else in the market.