Back in todays video, we are checking out the differences between the brand new poco f4 and, of course, the xiaomi 12. out of the two devices. The xiaomi 12 is the more expensive device. Alright. So lets start by checking out the boxes and see what comes in the boxes for both devices all right. So in the boxes, everything is pretty similar. We have the user manuals. We have a clear case for um each device. We have the usb a to the usbc cable and we also get them 267 watt fast chargers, so both devices charge equally fast. Now inside the xiaomi 12 we have a 4500 milliamp hour battery and um inside the poco f4. We have another 4 500 milliamp hour battery, so both devices charge from 0 to 100 in about 40 minutes, ‘, 40 minutes and im gon na say so pretty similar charging for both devices. Since we have the same 67 watt fast charging and the 4 500 milliamp hour battery, we even get pretty similar screen on time from both devices, so i was able to get about eight hours of screen on time on from both of them. Now the xiaomi 12 has a more powerful cpu, so we have the snapdragon 8 gen 1 inside the xiaomi 12. were inside the poco f4. We have the snapdragon 870, so technically. The xiaomi 12 is the more powerful device out of the two. However, for this particular test that ive done, i had both devices connected to wi fi and i played a bunch of videos, and i also took some pictures but fairly similar screen on time from both devices about eight hours.

For this particular test, all right, and since we are talking about the cpus inside these two devices, i said with the xiaomi 12, we get the snapdragon 8 gen, one where the poco f4 we get the snapdragon 870 and on the antutu benchmark. These are the scores that we get so about 950, 000 for the xiaomi 12 and about 700 000 for the poco f4. Now the xiaomi 12. We also have eight gigs of ram, so this particular model has eight gigs of ram. You could also get this with 12 gigs of ram, but with this poco f4 i only have six gigs of ram. However, i could get this with eight gigs of ram, but technically yes, the xiaomi 12 is the more powerful cpu now for day to day usage. I havent noticed any difference in performance. Ive only noticed that the xiaomi 12 gets way hotter whenever youre doing anything. So, if youre playing a game, the xiaomi 12 will get way way hotter compared to the poco f4 and after a while, the poco f4 does perform better because is not as hot. So keep that in mind, even though the snapdragon 870 is a lower performance, cpu, im gon na say in the poco f4, because this one doesnt get as hot, you can actually get more playing time from the poco f4 when compared to the xiaomi 12.. So the xiaomi 12 does get extremely hot. We also get faster reading and writing speeds for the internal storage in the xiaomi 12.

. So of course, you will notice a difference if youre copying some files from the phone to the computer or stuff like that. Maybe a bit of a difference if youre opening certain apps or, if youre, doing certain tasks on your device, so a bit faster on the xiaomi 12 when compared to the poco f4 moving on to the screen, so the xiaomi 12, we get a 6.28 inches amoled Screen that has a 1080p resolution where the poco f4, we get the 6.67 inch screen with the 1080p resolution and both screens support 120 hertz so fairly similar screens. Now the peak brightness on the poco f4 so on the cheaper device is 1300 nits, where the peak brightness for the xiaomi 12 is 1100 nits, so the cheaper device has a better screen in a way im going to say now. The screen of the xiaomi 12 is covered by gorilla glass victus, where the screen on the poco f4 is covered by gorilla glass, 5.. So technically, if youd be to drop the xiaomi 12. Well, maybe the screen is not going to break as easily as the screen on the poco f4, but again thats debatable, and it really depends how youre going to drop the phone. But overall i would say that the poco f4 has the better screen because it gets brighter and can actually see it better, indirect, sunlight and, of course, the xiaomi 12 gets a curved screen. So i guess that gives the device a more premium feel and look im going to say well, the poco f4.

We dont get the curved screen. Personally, i am a bigger fan of a flat screen like the screen that we get on the poco f4, then the curved screen that we get on the xiaomi 12. I feel that you can do things much easier if the screen is flat design wise. I feel that the xiaomi 12 looks a bit better. We have more rounded corners, some im gon na say where the poco f4, we get a more flat looking design. So maybe the xiaomi 12 is the better looking device depending who you ask um. Of course they both have dual speakers, so we have one speaker at the top and of course, some one speaker at the bottom, and i guess next im gon na play a little bit um of a recording just so you can hear how the speakers on both Devices sound like so in my opinion, the speakers on the poco f4 do sound a bit fuller. So once again, im going to say the poco f4 gets the better speakers when compared them to the xiaomi 12.. With the xiaomi 12. We do get an in screen. Fingerprint scanner, so some people may actually prefer this kind of fingerprint scanner, but with the poco f4, we get a fingerprint scanner, thats built in the power button, and i personally prefer that kind of a fingerprint scanner its easier to find you dont actually have to look At the device um whenever youre unlocking the device.

So personally i do like the fingerprint scanner that we have on the poco f4, but i guess everyone is different and having an in screen, fingerprint scanner could look a bit more premium, maybe alright! So next were going to move on and check out the cameras on the back of the two devices, so the xiaomi 12. We get the 50 megapixel main camera over the poco f4. We get the 64 megapixel main camera. We also have ultra wide cameras and a macro camera on the back of each device, so i took a bunch of pictures yesterday with both devices and the main difference that ive noticed here. Well, you can see that on the screen. Right now is the fact that the xiaomi 12 has the somewhat wider field of view. So you can see a bit more in those pictures taken by the xiaomi 12 when compared to the poco f4, now other than that there isnt that big of a difference for certain pictures, the poco f4, does better for certain pictures. The xiaomi 12 does better. So for daytime pictures, if you have plenty of light there isnt that big of a difference, i did notice a difference, however, for nighttime pictures. So as soon as it gets dark and im talking about super dark places, the xiaomi 12 does do better. The pictures are a bit sharper theyre, also a bit brighter. They have less noise with poco f4. You do get some more noise in those pictures.

They do look not as sharp as the ones that i took with the xiaomi 12. So for nighttime pictures. Yes, there is a difference and the xiaomi 12 does seem to do a bit better. Also for video recording so im going to play a little video recording type download. Both devices um the xiaomi 12 does seem to do slightly better. The image stabilization seems to be a bit better and the overall quality of the video from the xiaomi 12. so ill. Let you guys watch um that short recording that ive done just to get an idea, how the video recordings from the f4 and the xiaomi 12 would look like all right. We have a quick video test between the xiaomi 12 and, of course, the poco f4. For this recording im using the main cameras on the back of the devices and recording in 4k 30 frames per second, both devices can also do 4k at 60 frames per second, so im going to walk a bit faster just so you can see how the stabilization Works if youre walking a bit faster of course, were gon na stop somewhere around here. Im gon na pan left slowly so well. Stop here were gon na pan left and back right, so yeah this whole recording done with the main cameras on the back of these two devices would look like performance wise well, as i mentioned earlier, even though we have the snapdragon 8 gen 1 on inside the Xiaomi 12 and the snapdragon 870, so an older cpu inside the poco f4 performance wise.

I havent really noticed any difference. Both devices run miui 13, which is based on an android 12.. So pretty much everything that youre gon na do feels equally fast on both device. So i cant really say that one is faster than the other one. However, i can definitely tell you that you can play games more on the poco f4, so you get a longer um playing time on the poco f4 when compared to the xiaomi 12., the xiaomi 12 just gets super extra hot and then the thermal throttling starts happening. Therefore, the poco f4 is the better device. In my opinion, even though we dont have the most powerful cpu out there, another small difference would be the fact that the poco f4 doesnt get um wireless charging, where the xiaomi 12 does have um wireless charging. Both devices have an nfc chip inside, and that means that youre going to be able to make payments and put them as well. So there you have it a super quick comparison between the poco f4 and the xiaomi 12.. I figured that this comparison makes the most sense, because both devices are some of the latest devices from xiaomi and poco, alright guys.