ive already reviewed the first pen tips product, which was just a silicone cover that fits over the tip of the original apple pencil. You can find out my opinions in my review in the link above, i was originally sent that product and i did test it out and one of the you know the comments and feedback that i gave manufacturers was that it would be good if it was a Permanent attached nib with a different texture that would perhaps replace the matte screen protector to give it a little bit of feedback and make it just. You know a bit more resistant, a little less slippery on the glass so that first product i tried. I thought it was okay, but it has some limitations and ultimately i didnt use it on an ongoing basis myself, but it did have some advantages in as much as it would probably protect the original apple pencil nib, if you were taking notes, had a tendency to Tap the screen quite a lot, it would silence and mute that, and also perhaps it would have steadied your hand. Had you been a little bit wobbly and a little bit shaky. It gives you that a little bit more resistance to enable you to be a little bit more stable with the kind of strokes that you produce on the apple pencil now the feedback i gave for that product to the manufacturer was it would be even better. Perhaps if it were a replacement for the original nib that combined the texture of the silicone tip with the screw in nature of the original apple pencil nib, and i think thats something that you know quite a lot of people have given them.

Feedback on and theyve responded theyve actually come up with a patented design original to them, and this is what this review is about. So the apple pencil comes, like i said, with a hard nib that is slippery on glass and this product seeks to remedy that situation. So this is the product. Its pen, tips, 2 comes in a case which is rather nice and it doubles up as a stand for your apple pencil lets. Give them the perspective on that, but you can see and its really quite a nice sturdy stand for it. I dont currently have a stand from apple pencil, but in all honesty i do lose it a lot, so it would be quite useful, i suppose, to have something and a place to actually store it when im not using it so thats. One aspect that actually, i think is rather neat, so it stores the new tips and its a stand. Interestingly, it actually has another compartment so thats, where obviously the new product is that were to try on the apple pencil, but it has two little sections either side and you can just pull it off and then well then, the inside of that case it actually has An area where you can just see it in the light as an area that you can clip in the original tips from the apple pencil so ill do that now just to show you whoops, i take it off and we can just grip it in place keeps It nice and secure, and then we can tuck it away in the case, thats pretty cool, so lets try out the new nip so just like the original apple product, it just screws in place and its a really nice fit.

Ive tried out other replacement non apple. Uh tips and sometimes theyre a bit stiff, theyre a bit awkward to screw in, but that screws in just as easily as the original comes in two different color options. Youve got the original kind of white color and youve got a black option as well, so thats good ill. Just move the case out of the way, and the idea is now that its a replacement tip. That is just as pressure sensitive, as the original, and also you can do well, were not on the right kind of brush. If i go to something like the sketching and 6b, you can do it upright with the pressure sensitivity or you can do it on the side shading too. So it responds to pressure and to tilt. I think it really does give you quite a nice resistance, its not huge, i mean ive tried out some. You know other products where the the original sort of rubber tipped stylus that you might use with, like the original ipad, if youre old enough to remember that really was quite rubbery and sticky and it gave too much feedback. This gives you certainly some of that feeling, but not as much its quite solid, its quite a stiff nib, just like the original, but its got a little bit more give. And if you press it, you can feel its a little bit squishier, but its solid enough and its secure enough in there its not going to move anywhere so yeah you can do obviously, just like you would do with the apple pencil.

You can press on hard. You can press on lightly. It doesnt really seem to make much of a difference with the pressure sensitivity, so thats good and yeah its permanently attached, so its not going to slip off youre not going to lose it. I suppose the good thing is is youve, got a little portable carry case for the other nibs, so youve got the replacements, so youve got a set of three, but just like i was showing you. If there are some tasks, say if youre note taking in lecture or somewhere, you dont want to be tapping on the screen too much or youre doing a task where you just want a little bit of a steadier hand. We want a bit more resistance than that. Could really work for you, but then, if youve taken this with you, you can always revert back to the original for other tasks, where you think the original tip might be better. So i quite like the versatility of having you know both your products, both your tips with you as you move along move around and also a stand, its pretty cool now, its a new product, its not actually fully on sale, yet its on kickstarter. There is a link down in the video description if you want to go and have a look at that im, not being sponsored by the manufacturer. Theyve sent me the product and said if i want to have a look at it, and because i did review the first product, the first version and because it got quite a lot of views, they just give me the option to have another look at their second Product having said that, im going to be completely honest about it, i do like it, i think its pretty cool um, whether i would use it full time.

I dont know that would yet to be seen in terms of how it wears down. It feels pretty solid enough. I imagine that its going to last quite a long time now, the original apple nib obviously has like a metal component. So when it wears down, it starts to reveal that metal component and presuming it has something in there. Similarly, so maybe over time that rubber is going to wear down and were going to reveal the internal components of it, i dont know how long theyre going to last, for i imagine the way that i use them, probably quite a few months and theres a set Of three now in terms of the cost, well thats, perhaps one of the areas where im a little bit unsure, i do think its a nice product, but as to whether its worth it for you its got to be your own decision, because when they are fully Available to buy online, not just as a kickstarter theyre, going to be 46 or 44 euros. Now that is the the tips the nibs complete with the stand. So this case that doubles as a stand. Everything you see here is going to be at that price. Currently, because its a kickstarter product youll get it cheaper, youll get 18 off, so its 38 or 36 euros. So its quite a lot of money. I do think its a cool product and im glad i got it and gladly sent it to me because im going to be able to use the original tip, plus these now and for different kinds of tasks im going to have a product that actually enables me To vary and switch it up and ill also have a nice little stand a place to store my apple pencil and now you can get covers just like the original pen tips.

The silicone cover you can buy them all over the internet, any place like amazon or ebay youre, going to be able to find the standard kind of covers, arguably not quite as good a quality as the pen tips original, but you can still find variations on that Now they can be quite cheap, whereas this, according to them, is a patented product. So that must include the stand, the case and the screw in rubber texture replacement tips as well and well its down to whether its worth it for you really. I think this is a pretty cool product. My only reservation would be the price, its quite a lot, but i can imagine them lasting a year or so maybe a couple of years, depending on how you use them. If youre really really heavy handed and youre really rough, and you do a lot of sort of shading and coloring in it might be a bit less for you. I tend to be quite light with the way that i use it to be quite light handed and have a light touch, so i can imagine it lasting me at least 12 months before i get through all three of them, perhaps even longer. So, to summarize, i feel like its a little bit of a luxury product, its a really nice combination, a really nice case for the new tips. It gives you a different feel on your apple pencil and a place to store inside your original tips that you know youre not going to want to lose them, and it doubles up as a stand its because somethings going to fit in a pocket or when youre Carrying your ipad around its not going to consume a lot more space, yeah and i think its a pretty nice thing in its own right.

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments what you think about this product, whether you think it represents good value for all the different functions. It provides and, like i say, theres a link in the video description to the kickstarter, where you can get an early bird deal of 18 off id just like to reiterate. Im not getting any financial gain from this anything ive gained is the actual product itself, which is kind of cool, but it doesnt bias me ive, given you my honest opinion, i think it works pretty. Well, i just dont know at this stage, like i didnt know, with the originals, whether i would use it on a regular basis, but i know that lots of people do use the original one on a regular basis. So this could be a fantastic upgrade for those people, thanks for watching. Please press the thumbs up if youve liked this hit the subscribe and also dont forget the bell notification. Normally, i do all sorts of painting tutorials as well as reviews, so i hope to catch.