This laptop is powered by the latest intel 12 generation processor and its a budget laptop powered by intel core i5 12 generation processor. So let us have a quick unboxing uh. I will show you the quick unboxing and what all the components that you can find in the blog Music, oh Music, so asus has finally launched a budget laptop series powered by intel 12th generation processor. This particular model x1502ca is powered by 12th generation intel core i5 processor comes with 8gb of ram and 512gb of fast ssd storage, Music coming to its price. This laptop is available already in amazon and flipkart in india, and it will cost you around 72 000. As an mrp, but it will be available for a price of around 57 to 58 000 indian rupees and in the international market you can easily buy this laptop 700. Coming to its detailed specification of its processor, this asus vehicle 15 2022 x1502 za – is powered by 12 generation intel core i5 processor. It has got four performance cores and eight efficient cores and for graphics. It uses integrated intel re sexy, graphics review. This is quite powerful. Configuration and can run your day to day task or your projects easily coming to its display. It has got a very beautiful display of 15.6 inch full hd screen with a peak brightness of 229 and a basic 45 ntsc color game mode. It has an anti glare panel with a screen to body ratio of 82 percent, so what i felt about its display, its displays, immersive, big and vibrant, coming to its performance.

I have given enough details about its uh new processor, that is, 12 generation, processor intel core i5, and this processor is coupled with an 8gb of ram and vital gb of fast ssd storage. The only disappointing thing which i felt here is 8 gb of ram at this price is not enough. They would have given 12 gb or 16 gb of ram so that with the 12 generation intel core i5 processor, it becomes like a high end specification at a budget price and uh. It is the competition beating configuration. You can find the hp laptops coming with a 12 generation processor and even linu laptop coming with a 12 generation processors, but hp and lenovo laptop offers better build quality compared to asus laptop, so asus would have like in competition it have. It would have easily like beat hp and lenovo if they would have given an 16 gb of ram here. Music coming to the battery asus has given a three cell 43 watt hour battery. You will easily get around 4 to 6 hours of battery life. It supports wi fi 6 and has bluetooth 5.0 to connect accessories coming to its connectivity. It has got one usb 2.0 type, a one usb 3.2 generation, one type c, two usb 3.2 generation, one type, a one hdmi and 3.5 mm combo audio jack. It comes with a 720p hd camera with a privacy shutter privacy. Shutter is a great addition here, Music coming to its speakers, the speaker quality is not so good.

It comes with a sonic master, audio technology, but the speaker quality is not so loud. So in the last i will play uh some video and audio so that you can observe yourself the picture quality of the display and the sound quality. So, lastly, to conclude with, as it is a short review, i am not reviewing this laptop in detail. I will post a detailed review of this laptop after a week or after 15 days, so what i felt is the build quality is an issue here, as the laptop from lenovo and hp offers a bit better built quality and feel in hand compared to asus. You can consider this laptop for its high end specification at an affordable price, very good, display, great keyboard and overall good laptop experience. The only disappointing thing here is, as i said before, the build quality, Music, Music, so hello, so Music, so so so, Music, if you like, the video please hit the like button, do share this. Video among your friends, dont forget to hit that like button and subscribe.