If youre a follower of this channel. You know i love to talk about new apple products and i just cant wait to get my hands on the upcoming m2 powered macbook air, probably the most exciting news to come out of this years worldwide developers conference. I got some brief hands on time with the device in cupertino earlier this month and ive posted my first impressions, video on the channel. You can click up here to watch that, but what many folks might not know is that apple also announced a second mac laptop. Also powered by m2, the 13 inch macbook pro, and we have that machine with us today. So lets take a look because there are many different macbook pro models lets. First, take a look at how this new 13 inch macbook pro stands in apples, current macbook, pro lineup, think of this model as an entry level macbook pro it sits alongside the 14 inch macbook pro and the 16 inch macbook pro, which apple unveiled late last year. The 13 and 14 inch models are of a roughly similar size, but the 14 inch has a larger screen thanks to thinner bezels. In some ways you could think of the 13 inch macbook pro as what the iphone se is to the rest of the iphone lineup. It sports an older design but comes with new hardware and a lower price, well break down the differences of all of these models later on in this video but tldr.

The reason why apple is keeping this model alive is choice. The 13 inch model starts at 12.99. The 14 inch macbook pro starts at 19.99 and the 16 inch macbook pro 24.99. So if you want to go pro but dont want to break the bank, this here is your more affordable option. Music. All right, we might have gotten ahead of ourselves. So before we move on to our review, lets start with a quick unboxing. Our macbook pro is shipped in this brown box, but obviously, if you pick one up from the store, it might not have this outside layer. You know the drill by now. Just look for the arrow and rip to break the seal inside here is the actual 13 inch macbook pro box up front theres a white box with a photo of the laptop, and with that wrapper out of the way you can now lift up this lid inside Is the new 13 inch macbook pro wrapped in some environment friendly paper instead of plastic? Well check it out in a bit? Also in the box are a usb c to usb c, cable, theres, a packet with some paperwork and two space gray stickers and underneath a 67 watt adapter. Alright, with all of that, out of the way we can now peel off this wrapper and take a closer look at the 13 inch macbook pro last year, when apple unveiled, the 14 and 16 inch macbook pros, they came with a major redesign.

Chamfered edges were traded in for softer rounded ones. Four feet lifted, the laptop up from surfaces and provided more airflow for cooling inside the keyboard was black on black, with full sized function keys and the display got slimmer, bezels, more real estate and a notch. Now, unlike those models, though, the new 13 inch macbook pro sports, the same design as its predecessor from 2020.. What does this mean? Well to start, the chassis is pretty much similar to unibody macbook pros from the last five years, or so. The keyboard looks like this theres still, a touch bar up top instead of physical function, keys, theres, no notch, but its got thicker bezels. Having used the new redesigned 14 inch macbook pro for about half a year. Now i really dont want to go back but thats not to say that theres anything wrong with the old design. In fact, it truly is a work of art and one that has stood the test of time many many years later and its still a center. I actually even like its keyboard, better, particularly being able to see the aluminum frame in between the individual keys, also, if youre a fan of the touch bar. This is the last remaining mac that has one like all macbook pros, its available only in either space gray or silver, while its outsides might look the same on the inside, the new 13 inch macbook pro is more powerful than ever. The transition from intel to apple silicon was a huge jump for the mac in terms of performance.

Apples, m1 chip was and is groundbreaking and without getting too technical picture. This. My first m1 machine was an entry level macbook air, a thousand dollar machine that ran circles around my six thousand dollar top spec intel based 16 inch macbook pro the new macbook pro runs the even newer m2 chip, which offers even more power and better efficiency. M2. Can handle even heavier workloads much better. It also supports up to 24 gigabytes of unified memory with 8 gigabytes. Being the starting config apple is promising nearly 40 faster video editing performance versus the m1 macbook pro, but, of course, most likely youre not going to be upgrading from an m1 macbook pro, but instead an older intel model and apple says you can expect it up to A six times performance boost to showcase that we exported a 10 minute 4k gadget match video on a 2019 intel based 13 inch, macbook pro, as well as on the new 2022 model. Clearly from these results, you can see how much of a performance improvement the m2 chip delivers, but perhaps even more impressive is how much more power efficient apple silicon is apple is promising about 20 hours of battery life and in our tests we were getting close to That and while that number might differ, depending on your usage, whats more important to note is how much or how little power is actually required to be able to perform high resource tasks compared to a 12 core pc laptop youre.

Getting about 75 percent less power consumption a simpler way to illustrate this is by taking a look at the bundled power adapter of the 13 inch macbook air. This 67 watt power, brick, is all thats needed for the mac to run at full performance. Meanwhile, here is the massive 180 watt power, brick that comes with the new asus zenbook pro 14 duo that runs off the latest intel i9 chip. The size of these power bricks illustrate how much more power is needed by the windows machine and how much power is consumed when youre on battery online. The question im being asked the most is since both 2022 macbook air and 13 inch macbook pros have m2 chips, which one should i get well lets take a look at what differentiates the two. The m2 macbook air starts at just under 1200. The 13 inch macbook pro starts at just a dollar under 1300 and, while specs are nearly identical, apart from a larger battery on the pro which apple says, delivers two more hours of battery life. What sets the macbook pro apart and gives it its performance edge? Are its built in fans, the macbook air doesnt have fans now fans come in handy when it comes to sustained workloads. Now? What does this mean? Well say: youre exporting a video and its taking about 30 minutes over time. Pushing the machine to its limits, generates heat and heat will kind of take a toll on performance.

This is where the fans come in. Fans will kick in once it starts to get hot. So your computer doesnt get too hot and it can perform at max capacity. That, in its essence, is the case for the macbook pro. That said, the macbook air also comes with its pros, the most obvious being portability, its updated design makes it feel more current. It has a bigger, better screen, with more colors curved corners and slimmer bezels and a 1080p facetime camera. The new macbook air also now has magsafe, which, apart from the safety aspect of it, if someone trips on your cord, it doesnt take the laptop down with it. There are other benefits like fast charging and the freeing up of that precious second usbc port sounds magsafe when the 13 inch macbook pro is plugged in it effectively only has one free, usb c port. All of this for a hundred dollars less so is the 13 inch macbook pro your gadget match if youre the kind of user who needs the pro model, but doesnt want to spend a lot of money, then this is the device for you. Also, if youve been holding off from upgrading to apple silicon and wanted to wait for gen 2, now is finally that time with an educational discount, you can get a new m2 powered 13 inch macbook pro for 11.99. That said, i am of the belief that the upcoming m2 powered macbook air is a better value and is a mac that most people should buy.

Even if caveat, i have not reviewed one yet. So maybe you should wait for its release later next month. Pro users needing more power need not worry. The m1 pro and m1 max powered 14 and 16 inch macbook pros from last year are still more powerful computers get them if you need even more performance power, more usb c ports and more connectivity options. Overall, the 13 inch macbook pro will be available in stores starting june 24th and heres. What pricing is like in the rest of the world Music – and that was our unboxing and review of the new 2022 13 inch macbook pro powered by apples, new m2 chip? What do you think about this laptop? Are you team, macbook pro or team macbook air? Let me know in the comments section down below well be working on a review of the macbook air once its released make sure youre subscribed to this youtube channel, so you dont, miss it and hit that bell icon so that you get notified as soon as we Upload follow me on social media for all the behind the scenes, fun stuff and, as always, make gadgetmatch.