. So ive been using this for quite some time and the reason why this exists is well because the heat wave now is quite insane right. So youre gon na need something to cool you down. So this is why the taurus qualified exists. So this second generation comes with an omnidirectional cooling fan uh. It kind of yeah well show you later uh ergonomic design and npc power. No idea what that means, but its technically a peltier cooler on two sides this time and they are larger in terms of area compared to the first generation, so lets unbox and see whats new Music, okay. So the box is fairly simple, so you can see here, carry your cool, its a bad pun but okay and then number two, because its the torahs qualify too opening up. We have this semi hard, shell plasticky kinda case, and it also locks back and forth because its rounded and then this is a rather high quality case by the way im just worried about airline scratches on this transparent part here, but its okay. They also included a carabiner here, so you can literally carry your cool, because why not right opening up? We have the taurus qualify to itself. This is the thing then theres a strap here in the middle to hold everything together. Im just gon na take this thing out for now, then we have the accessories theres, really nothing much. Here we only get the user manual and also some documentation alongside the usb cable this time, its using a type c cable, just like last time, actually so thats good, im gon na leave.

Everything inside so lets take a tour around this cooler. So the design has changed quite substantially compared to the first generation. Firstly, we now have one button here and then another button here this is to toggle modes, well get more into the features later. So we have one vent here. Another vent here – one fan here and another fan here then usb type c port here for charging. So one of the biggest improvement is actually these two plates here. These two plates are actually the peltier coolers inside. So instead of having the two tiny plates on the first generation, we now have two big plates here, so i should show you the features. First, power button means that it will go into peltier, cooling mode, c1 means level one level, two level, three im pretty sure you can hear the fan noise already, and it also has a tiny display here to tell you the battery percentage. If we press the second button at this side here, it will change to fan mode only so its f1, then f2, then f3. This is fan mode, only so no peltier cooler. But this time you can turn on the peltier cooler only without turning on the fan, which is something new. I guess so, with everything powered off, you can just press the second button it can go. F means its in fan mode, but nothing is powered on then go to c mode. Partial cooler will turn on without the fan.

Turning on so one of the new feature with the omni directional fan is actually these two vents here, theres, actually air blowing out what we can do here. Wait, let me just show you uh fan number three. The fan is quite strong here so Music. When you wear the thing like this Applause, its blowing up, so if i wear it like this, my neck will be cool on these two sides and then my face here will also be cooled down because you know the fan here is blowing air towards my face. But one thing i realized is that we can wear the taurus coolify 2 in inverted mode, which will definitely mess up the audio. So let me just do it really quickly? Music? So if i wear it like this, technically air is blowing inside my shirt and that cools me down even further uh im, pretty sure the audio on the microphone is very horrible now, but this works so after all that ive been wearing the taurus qualify for quite A long time now, because the weather has been extremely hot here in malaysia and the battery life of this storage qualify isnt exactly the best, its pretty much the same as last generation by the way. So we expect it to last for about two to three hours. Depending on what fan speed that we are running it on usually with peltier turn on, it can last for at most two hours and thats the maximum that we can go.

But i would still say this is a really good complementary device, especially for this kind of hot weather, and if you just want to cool down your face your neck, then wear this. You can technically carry your cool right, just yeah. As for the price, i forgot so ill leave everything on the screen here, its a cool product, but i dont expect it to be cheap, so yeah, if you have any questions, leave them down in the comment section below really liking this product overall and taurus. Please, if you can improve on the third generation, maybe make the peltier cooler even cooler.