The gadget easily attaches to your clothes, mobile devices watch and any other objects. The quality optics provide a 180 degree view and, besides the camera, module is located on an inclined panel which in turn allows you to change the shooting angle. This device can record video in 1080p at a speed of 60 frames per second or 720p in slow motion. The battery provides the ability to record up to one and a half hours today. This 4k camera can be purchased for 89. Music dash bond mask. This is a small portable cinema that allows you to watch movies on your smartphone anywhere in excellent quality. The dashboard mask consists of a virtual projection display and headphones that provide high definition sound in order to watch a video you just have to connect the smartphone to the headset using an hdmi cable. Also, the user can adjust the diopters. In addition, the dashboard mask can be used as a standard headset without video one charge is enough for four hours of operation and it costs ‘9 dollars. Music link. American startup link has developed this compact gps tracker. That indicates the direction and distance to another user. The upper part of the gadget has a round black and white screen with a control button underneath also theres a hook below to fasten links to your bag or clothes. Using radio signal the device can be synchronized with one or more trackers. The connections are encrypted and the operating frequency is constantly changing.

To avoid the interception of the signal, a lost user can tune in with the tracker of one of his friends, for example, and he will be able to see the route of the person and the distance to that person on the screen. According to the developers, link operates at a distance of up to five kilometers and the built in battery provides up to three days of operation. You can buy the device for 79 dollars, Music matrix power watch. The main feature of this smart device is that it doesnt need to be charged. It receives energy independently from the heat of the human body. The watch is equipped with a variety of functions like measuring, burned, calories, monitoring, activity level and sleep quality. In addition, the matrix power watch measures the amount of energy produced by the users body. The device is made of aviation aluminium, making it resistant to shocks and falls also its waterproof inside the gadget has wireless communication modules allowing the owner to synchronize the data of the watch with their mobile devices. All indicators are analyzed and sent to the application where the dynamics of various processes for the last week or month are recorded. The price of the matrix power watch is 199 dollars. Music swiftpoint gt swiftpoint has released a gadget that replaces the traditional mouse and offers additional functionality. According to the developers, the swiftpoint gt combines touch screen, like gestures with the accuracy and convenience of a computer mouse.

The gadget is compatible with windows, 7, 8 and 10, as well as mac os x and android. The swift point gt weighs only 24 grams. The device connects via bluetooth all through a usb receiver. This gadget can run on a built in battery for two weeks and it takes an hour to recharge through the usb port. To date, the swiftpoint gt costs about 150 dollars, Music vita, stick too. This is a personal device for measuring vitamins and minerals in the body. Using bluetooth, the vita stick: 2 synchronizes with the mobile device and transmits accurate information about the users body. The gadget accurately recognizes the amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal functioning of the body. In addition, after the measurement, the user receives recommendations on how to improve the condition of the body. The vita stick. 2 is absolutely safe and, moreover, the measurement can be carried out at any time and in any place its also worth noting that the device sends all the necessary data to a mobile application for ios or android. The price of the vita stick. 2 is 127 dollars. Music, the nozia watch. This watch was designed to keep the user awake. The no zeo watch sends electrical signals that stimulate the nerve endings muscles dont contract. Instead, the person feels tingling of varying intensity. Once the user feels drowsy and cant concentrate, then you must turn on the anti sleep mode. The nozia watch is made in an organic style of quality hypoallergenic materials.

The watch has an oled display with control buttons on the sides on the side of the body. Next to the arm, there are two electrodes made of surgical steel. The menu has a clock, a stop watch, a timer, an alarm clock and a silent electric alarm. You can buy the device for 79 dollars, Music deluxe designer this device was specially created for designers. Its a quick access keyboard to improve the efficiency and pace of work, professional graphic editors use a large number of key combinations. A deluxe designer allows designers to get rid of those complex combinations. In addition, the gadget is compatible not only with many popular editors, but can also work with graphic tablets. The device is suitable for performing a variety of tasks, including drawing editing and design complex and multi stage. Consecutive commands can be programmed on one button and also the keyboard has a mechanism responsible for scaling, switching between pages, changing brightness volume, size and other characteristics. The price of the deluxe designer is 69 dollars, Music move. Now the gadget combines the functions of a fitness tracker and a personal trainer. The move now is a small round device with an led indicator. It goes inside a rubber strap which comes in two sizes. Therefore, the tracker can be worn on the arm or on the ankle. Move now has several modes monitoring activity during the day measuring pulse distance, quantity of calories, training, time in free mode and also preset programs for beginners which help to achieve different goals.

This tracker is waterproof, so it can be used even for training in the pool. All dimensions and graphs are displayed in the application available for ios and android, and also move now can track the amount and quality of the users sleep. This fitness tracker costs about 60 dollars, Music ice orb. The miniature flying sphere shaped speaker. Ice orb is able to rise 10 millimeters in the air while slowly spinning. This is possible thanks to a dock station with powerful magnets which support the speaker in the air. If the ice orb is installed correctly, the four indicators of the stabilization system will turn blue and start to smoothly turn the sphere in the air and the big speakers of the device produce a loud sound by the way, the location of the speaker doesnt matter, since Its completely autonomous and operates on its own battery, the isob can also sync with a tablet or smartphone via the nfc or bluetooth.