Equally, the evatronics pd pioneer here features three ports and a maximum of 65 watts output, all in a footprint thats, not much bigger than a 21700. Here that ive got in my hand. You can see its shorter than that diameter is a little bit different here, but you can see its not very big. This uses gallium nitride technology to be this small and to put that into perspective, how much 65 watts of power is. You can charge a modern laptop in your smartphone and tablet all at the same time, thanks to them for sending this to me to look at and review ill have links to it down in my socials below, and it is on a pretty good sale right now. So if youre interested itd be a great time to pick it up, so really not much to talk about the packaging. Here it is a very small box. It says its they were born in paris. I questioned that a bit other than that thats. It doesnt come with a cable, comes with a manual thats, very, very short, simple, not much. You need to know here size and weight here. I measured it at 2.59, inches long 1.5, depth and 1.32 in width, and it comes in at 4.32, ounces and ill. Compare it to some other chargers here: ive got an energy 60 c. This is a 60 watt charger. You can see its just slightly smaller, but it is less powerful.

Ive got this aki charger here, which i believe is 45 watts its two ports, two usbc ports. I have this x star eu4, and this is 64 watts and you can see how much bigger this is here. This is 65. This is 64. much much smaller and this isnt a huge charger. So those are the ones that i brought to kind of. Compare it to that are that ive done reviews on on this channel you can see. One of the benefits of the smaller size is that it fits onto a normal power strip or wall plate pretty well without blocking other ports. I will say there are a few other chargers on the market with very similar looking designs as this one anker has one with the nano 2 65 watt, as does beezus and eugreen. So, im not sure if these are all the same model or just a design that led similar to a similar footprint im guessing its more that than theyre all designed by the same company. I guess the other thing on design that i want to note is the fold well plug here. Thats, just really nice for travel doesnt get caught, makes a little bit more compact. You do have all your markings on the bottom. That tells you what everything is and outputs are, along with all your required markings. Youve got your three ports, labeled and thats about it to understand the power and performance spec here its going to get a little bit complicated, and i want to show you as i go here: ive got a lot of wires, so lets get this started im going To plug in my samsung galaxy s22 ultra here, ive got this plugged in on the charger to the second pd port.

Now that noise, let me know that this is ultra fast charging. It was at 21 and it says itll be charged at uh in in only 29 minutes, so thats really fast, but thats not all lets keep adding to it. Ive got a sofarin lt1 mini here that im going to plug in and its making contacts, and you can see its got a speed up here and its charging rate, but its only charging at 0.12 watts thatll improve here in a minute as we go. Okay, instead of the flashlight here im going to plug in this power bank here – and this is running off the usb – a port pulling 2.5 watts, and then i also have a laptop plugged in here off screen its pulling 22 watts. So all these combined right now on my kilowatt, is measuring 41 watts again its hard to get a full 65 watts, the laptops not completely full its not turned on its, not open so thats going to drain some. These two should be charging pretty quick, but what i wanted to show you was that this intelligently power shares and allocates that power thats really important, because you want to get the maximum out of all your ports and the maximum the charger can do. The charger is capable of 65 watts, but it doesnt mean that its always going to output 65 watts, depending on how you have things plugged in so on the top port.

Here you can pull the force, the full 65 watts if your device is capable of it. So that would be probably a laptop, maybe a really high end phone thats completely dead. I know on my ultra here that to get that maximum charging rate that they say you can only get that maximum charging rate that they advertise in the ultra, which i think is like 40 watt for its literally like the first minute, its its kind of dumb To advertise it that way, so that you can get the full 65 watts on either usb c port, if thats the only thing plugged in and you can get a maximum 18 watts on the usb, a port if youre running two ports. At the same time, you have 45 watts on the top and bottom usbc. If youre running two devices on the usbcs, you can run 45 on usb c 1 and 20 watts on usb c2. You can share do 45 on port 1 and 18 watts on port 3, and port 2 and 3 can share 15 watts and if youve got it plugged in, like all three devices like ive got it here, the top port does 45 watts and the bottom two Share 15 watts so its an interesting combination here to mix and match, and you only have to do this if youre nerdy, like i said here, this is pulling 50 watts now the way ive got it configured but well mess around with that and get it probably To pull a little bit more so theres, quite a few power specs that all this can support.

It includes the pd 3.0 pps qc3, of course, apples 2.4 protocol as well, and i ran my ct2 tester on it, which doesnt support everything, but it sports quite a bit and heres what it showed im, not 100. This is accurate, so dont take. My word of salt here, consult the manual the pd 1 port. Does the apple 2.4, the pdc 1.5 qc3 up to 11.6 volts qc2 up to 12 volts samsungs afc up to 12 volts in huaweis fcp protocol up to 12 volts pd2 is the same except for apples, 2.4 amp and the qc port is capable of the apple 2.4 dcp 1.5 qc3 up to 12 volts. So my final thoughts are here. Currently the charger here is about 20 before tax. I think thats really a good bargain for what youre getting here it appears to be well built. I have no complaints with it. It does get warm when in use, but youd expect that for something thats, this power dense ive been using it close to two weeks with quite a bit of charging on all types of devices: battery chargers, flashlights, laptops power, banks, cell phones, ipads, you name it and It did well with all those no complaints. I think this is a solid recommendation and a buy for me, especially as more and more things go usb c those extra ports, and especially high power ports, are really great. I think this would be a great addition to anyones travel kit, home charging station or just overall charging setup.