Everyone welcome back to my channel its single explorer ph here all the way from the queen city of the south cebu city and for todays vlog. We will be featuring real me eight. Actually, it costs thirteen 990 pesos, but i got it on a sale Music wherein i saved 1 000 pesos. So, from 13, 990 down to 12 990 passes only the available colors are cyber silver and cyber black and for this purchase i chose cyber silver because i thought i thought that its somewhat uncommon – and here goes the specs of the real me eight. It has a 64 mp alphoid, camera 16.3 centimeters super amoled full screen ultra fast in display fingerprint, which is located at the front of the camera of the camera. Im. Sorry at front of the phone found in the lower middle portion and also when it comes to charging its a 30 watt star charge so 100 battery in just 65 minutes in the storage and ram the ram is eight gigabytes, while the rom is 120 gig. Giga chair take two 128 gigabytes Music and also when it comes to its camera. Music. The primary com, as i have mentioned earlier, is 64 mp. It has also 8 mp ultra wide angle, lens 2 mp macro lens and 2 mp, black and white lens. So there Music, the salesman, is showing the Music portion, where youre going to place your fingerprint look. It was discussing that on the other models, the fingerprint is usually at the back or in the real me products its on the side, while in the realme 8, the fingerprint is in the front look im supposed to um unmute the video, but unfortunately the background is A copyright because of some music since i am at the sm consolation at that time and oh as i was saying in the camera right, it has dual view and a night or a scary vision.

So, even if youre, just shooting or taking photos at night, your beautiful your beautiful face can still be seen. So there hes setting the phone showing the camera, especially the 64 mp theres, a portion for the 64 empty portrait photo and more wherein you can find the panoramic video in there Music, and here it goes with the charging. As ive said in just 65 minutes, you can have a full battery charge, hes saying that compared to other phones, this realme eight is the most fast charging pool according to him since theyre, not your theories, releasing the real me 11, if im not mistaken, and at The bottom of the phone is the free, beat their ambition, so ill. Show you later the freebie so now im here for the screen protector, actually its my first time to um encounter this matte ceramic screen protector because im i used to purchase a um, what they call this tempered glass, but on this case Music ceramic screen protector Music. You know guys its a bit difficult compared to the tempered glass Music matte ceramic fill Music. There are still bubbles beneath bubbles, focus bubbles, wow nice nails out there Music. Well, i usually do the changing of screen protector, but this time i dont want to gumball on doing it all by myself, since i havent really tried using this matte ceramic screen. Protector Music Applause Music, while were waiting, were gon na make a love shout out.

Everyone especially to make them, and also the vampires and zombies global time, premiere, im, not im, not sure if im right, titos team also and tim swappa team, capobre team, one love of atte, dj heart and at the end, mary, and what else tim tim, zoe Music. So sensitive Music and though i forgot to mention that the weight of the phone is approximately 177 grams, only the length is 160.6 millimeters. The width is 79.9 millimeters and the depth is 7.99 millimeters in navigation. It has gps, a gps, jaylen ass, they do and galileo actually im not familiar with this aside from the gps only as for the bottoms buttons bottoms push, my bottoms oh later – and here is the case: Music theres, no other design, rather than this one and only Case that costs 699 its so expensive, Music, well its durable according to them Music everyone.