In the last weekly news update, i mentioned that the holocaust of the dark tide was already dropping as a non marketable and non tradable item turns out. A few days later, after dropping the non marketable chests valve decided, it was a good idea to start dropping marketable chests, and that is what caused the entire price crash of the holochest of the diretide all the way to 18 even 17 cent. Obviously that was very big and important news that there is much less potential in the case, so a lot of the big investors have sold off and the price is now here over the past days, though, the price has been steadily increasing because the drop rate of The chest is actually very, very rare, and so i had some dota players complaining that over the past days, they’ve played about 60 hours and none of their friends or them got the chest. So that kind of indicates to us how often the chest drops, which is just very rare, although tomorrow an event will start which could affect the price of the hollow chest of the dietite very significantly but i’m gon na tell more about that later in the video, Because it deserves a totally separate news headline since it will affect not just dota but the other games as well. Next up the danish esports team north has shut down this week, which is very sad for their fans. My condolences to you guys, but for us as investors this is something we can capitalize on.

As you know, team north has been active since 2017, which means that they have team stickers all the way from 2017 and during the past days, the prices for the stickers have spiked to some unbelievable prices, for example the sticker north from 2017. It cost 70 cents before this event and it went all the way above 10 euros and now it’s stabilized at around 3 euros and same thing with all of the north stickers. They all have stabilized already at a price which is twice higher than it was before. As you can see, sometimes it even exceeds 3 times the price, though what does this mean in the long term? Even though the price has fallen since its peak, i think it will be a great investment in very long term. We could see a very slow but steady growth in the price, since there will be no more north stickers, because the price of the north stickers have gone up so drastically. I decided to research it and see if the stickers for the individual players from the north team have reasoning price as well, and i can confirm that they have not risen in price. Remember that big event that i said was going to happen. Well, it is the lunar new year sale, which, in other words, is the chinese new year steam sale, the dates for which have been leaked like one week prior, and it is supposed to start on the 11th of february, which is tomorrow, and it is going to Last all the way to 15th of february during this time, like it usually happens, whenever something big happens or a new steam sale is out, the market is going to crash.

The prices will crash, especially for very popular cs, go skins and even cases. If you have never paid attention to steam market crashes, you can go watch this video linked down in the description where you can find more about the most recent steam market crash, which happened during the release of the 2020 rmr capsules over the past weeks. A lot of the cs go cases have been going up by a lot, but in this week there has been only stagnation or plateauing. Almost none of the cases have gone up in price except well, except the breakout weapon case which, from the start of this week, went from 1.25 euros all the way to 1.46 euros, meaning that you could have actually profited in that time span. But now the time for stagnation has come and the price has fallen by 10 cents. In the past few days, as we’re going to see a market crash very soon expect the price to fall even lower. For this case – and the last headline for today is the fact that the channel has reached 1 000 subscribers in the past week, so i want to thank you for subscribing and to those who aren’t subscribed. I would appreciate it very much if you could subscribe plus you can change your mind anytime, but i promise to deliver content at least three times a week in this period, when i’m more busy with my university and when i have more time, i will continue doing Daily uploads, like i used to thank you guys for watching and i’ll, see you tomorrow.