We are going to show it in an outdoor setting as well just want to give you a preface of whats all inside of here. First, so youre going to go ahead and open up the nice security box, style design and then on the inside. Here you are going to have many things that allow you uh to survive with, so ill go through them. Accordingly, its going to be a long video. If i go through every single item but ill, let you see exactly what we going got going on here. So here you got the parachute cord wristband, all right. So, first of all to start we have this 18 in one snowflake multi tool. Now this tool itself is something that is perfect uh to use in many situations. You have your your key ring that allows it to go around many things, but you also have your flathead, your phillips head. You have all your hexes uh, all your hex bolt sizes, and then this tool can be used for bottle openers and cap openers um. It also can be used as a wrench with the hex size um in between those as well. So the snowflake is going to be one of your go to tools uh, if you, if its necessary for you to use outdoors, you also have, like i said your parachute cord wristband youre, to have your fishing line and lures. This is going to allow you, of course, to fish if youre outdoors and you need to be able to catch something.

You have your uh. I got some more parachute cord. It looks like so, and the one thing thats really cool about this wristband i just noticed – is it also has the compass there on um the wristband as well. You have your multi purpose tool that comes down to your spoon, your spork and fork, and also it has a knife blade here on the side: thats a pretty cool, uh idea, so those are gon na really come in handy when it comes down to it. You got your um fully functional straw. Now this is going to be up and down straw. It allows you to extend the length of it if you need to get into any type of water wells or anything like that. You have a puncher on this side, really good for breaking glass, and then you have a pen, of course, for riding anything necessary. This pen is going to be an all around tool that um, that is good in many situations, thats a full on tactical pen, thats perfect for being outdoors, you have your your clasps and locks next, you have. This might be your flint, so i think this is going to be your flint to start your fires, um perfect for that situation as well. You got your tactical flashlight needs batteries, of course, but you got your tactical flashlight extended its going to allow you to use it outdoors. Of course it comes with the batteries for your flashlight um.

You have your sos whistle, so this is going to be perfect for, if youre, in a sticky situation and youre calling for help its going to be a great one to go for you have your multi purpose, uh pocket knife, so um thats, going to be great Same thing, you have the attack on the bottom thats going to allow you to break glass great thing to be able to get into, and then this is going to be one of your biggest tools. Overall, this is a 14 in one hatchet. Now, for anybody that goes out into the wilderness and knows how it is when youre using these tools, its something thats really important, is to have something thats, multi purpose. So when it comes down to it, you have your hatchet here, thats got the hatchet or its got the blade protector, thats, a really sharp blade, all ready to start, but you have the blade protector that goes over top of it. Here you got your hammer on this side: um, you have your wrench style um. You have all your multi tools inside here, so your knives, your saws, everything of that sort, youre able to get inside there um and then also this is going to open up in a class lets see if i can get it down yeah. So it allows you to use this as a uh as a plier as well, so that you can get into some harder situations.

It also has the cutters here so its going to be perfect. So if you needed to fit like a small branch in there or something like that, something easy to break and then it just clasps right back over all around this is going to be a perfect tool kit for you. This comes with the carrying case, so you can easily take this with you put it on your belt loop, its got the belt loop holders here on the back, and you have an entire an entire case that allows you to hold uh all your items in one Spot all right so im just going to demonstrate a few of the items that are inside the survival kit itself, so that you can see so first off we got our whistle see how well the whistle works. I think the whistle works pretty well dont think we got to worry about that whistles doing its job next, what we got up is the hatchet, so lets see how well the hatchet does now. This hatchet does have the blade cover, but its also multi purpose. Dont forget so it can be pliers, it can be a hammer and it can be a hatchet of course, so lets get it off. Lets see what it looks like on a piece of wood, pretty wet wood, but hey i mean were removing bark, so i mean its digging in there. So the hatchets not too bad when youre outdoors maybe need to sharpen it up a little bit with the blade sharpener but other than that.