They have two more versions: 30x and 69. The difference is only in the length of the light, so these lights are made for videographers, but you can also use for photography, see this photo here on the screen. This is a photo that i made using these lights. I lighten up the skull using rgb modes of these lights and then put everything into photoshop combined in this really cool photo manipulation, so the possibilities are endless. This is the kit that i got here from nightlight includes two of these lights, so we have two of 15x powertube, second generation lights. We have really cool carrying case great quality bag that you get in the kit with separate compartments for the light and for the chargers and cables. So everything is really nice and compact and safe for carrying around with you. These lights are made in combination of metal and high quality plastic. The back part of the light is made of aluminum and the design is amazing. Its new and improved design also the end parts of the lights are now hexagonal. So that means that you can really easily put them on a flat surface and position them. However, you want also because they have a flat surface at the top and the bottom. You can put them on the table or any other flat surface and use it like that beside that they have two one quarter 20 mounting points, so one is at the bottom and one at the bottom side here, so you can use that to position light vertically Or horizontally also for horizontal use, you have really cool clip included, so you can mount the light easily horizontally.

The light quality of these lights are also improved. Sierra index is 97 and tlci index is 98. So that means that you can really rely on the light quality for your professional work. This poverty light supports several different modes. One of them is cct, changeable, color, temperature mode and the cold temperature goes from 2700 calories all the way up to 12 000 calories and also is dimmable from zero to one hundred percent in increments of one percent. So you can really precisely nail the output power. Also, there is green magenta, uh tin, correction from plus minus 100, so you can also nail that and match the light perfectly to other lights in your environment. Next mode is hsl mode hue, saturation luminance, and you can change the hue. The saturation and luminance of the light really easily, either by changing here on the light itself or using a mobile, app and control the settings there, which is even more uh, convenient, at least for me, its really simple and easy to do it. There are also 15 different effects built in this slide. I will not go through all of them, but some of them are like lightning effect, tv effect, also, some police type of effect, and so on and so forth. You can check the list on the nine light website, but its really convenient to use this effect through the mobile app. But there is a new thing. Its called pixel effect, its a brand new to powertube series, its used pixel mapping to create some really cool effects.

There are a bunch of cool effects that you can create using this new pixel mapping technology, and one of them is, for example, to create an illusion that the car is passing by the street lights or the person is going up and down in the elevator and Much much more, the power tube second generation also supports dmx setup with dmx connection. At the bottom of the light you can charge the light and, in the same time, music. Definitely especially if your light is stationary. Another cool thing that they build in this second iteration of power tube light is the on off switch. That is now on the front panel of the light, and also usb type c with that you can easily upgrade the firmware. Another amazing feature here is that we can use the camera option in the app and point to any color on any object and just sample that color as the light color. So, for example, i want this purplish, magenta color say done, and here we have it. On light, its really really handy so overall, i really love this slide and also the battery will last pretty long, and you have the battery indicator on the front panel of the light which will show you the battery life in hours. Depending on the settings you are so, if youre on lower brightness settings, it will show obviously the more time that you can use the light. If youre on a max, it will show you less.

I dont have any kind of negatives to say about light.