New m2 silicon ive been using this machine for the past week. Now doing all my work on it, including editing this video and i have a lot of thoughts on this machine. So when this laptop was introduced at wwdc a couple weeks ago, it got a little bit of a lukewarm reaction, because some people felt that this mt mapper pro was caught in between two better apple laptops, because at the same event, apple also introduced m2 macbook air. The air model got most of the attention because it had a newer design and had new colors. It had thinner bezels and it had more ports. Now all these changes are not new apple actually introduced them. Last year, when introduced, the 14 inch and 16 inch macbook with m1 pro and m1 max, i actually purchased a 16 inch m1 max machine myself, because this was at the time apples most powerful, portable computer. So now, if you look at it from the point of view of a consumer, this empty mapper pro is not as powerful as the m1 max or the m1 pro macbooks from last year, because the m1 max and mrm pro still has more cores than the mt Chip and also this mt mapper pro has an older, more outdated design compared to the m2 macbook air and its also 100 us dollars more expensive than the m2 map of air. So a lot of people felt like this machine didnt need to exist and, to be honest, even if you look at the way apple handled it, it looks like this machine is an afterthought, because for some reason, even though the m2 map of air got the new Design that we saw in the m1 max macbook this m2 mapper pro did not get a new design.

This is the exact same body casing, recycle design from the 2020 intel mapper pro, and also the 2018 intel mapper pro so at first. I also felt the same way like: why did this machine need to exist, but after using it and after checking out all the prices i come to realize, there is a small group of people for whom this laptop makes sense. Its a small group because for most people, youre still probably better off behind the empty macbook air, but there is a spot for this macbook pro. So, as i said, this m2 chip is not as powerful as the m1 max of the m1 pro macbooks from last year, but those macbooks start at minimum two thousand dollars, if you add anything like more ram, more storage, its gon na easily bump up to two Thousand five hundred dollars, my 16 inch machine, actually cost me almost four thousand us dollars. This thing starts at 1, 299, so really no more expensive than a flagship smartphone in 2022.. So lets go over the hardware, really quick, theres, really not much to go over. In terms of other hardware, because this is the exact same body as in the 2020 mapper pro, so that means you have probably seen this machine out and about so. You have a 13.3 inch lcd panel 2560 by 1600 resolution, maximum brightness of 500 nits. The device weighs three pounds, so i wouldnt say its ultra portable, but definitely something you can fit into your bag and carry on all day and not find it too heavy theres a 58 watt hour battery inside that can last about 11 hours of basic productivity use, Meaning streaming spotify and surfing the web and maybe typing words into wordpress.

If youre doing video editing, then the battery life will drop a little bit but ill go into that later now. The ports, unfortunately, is a little bit disappointing. You only have two usbc thunderbolt ports here and a headphone jack on the right, and you charge the machine using the usb c port and the charging brake included is a 67 watt charging brick. Now. This is unfortunate because, with last years, 14 and 16 inch mapper, pro apple introduced macbooks with more ports. This is my 16 inch mapper pro from last year. It has three usb c ports, one headphone jack max, save charging port and hdmi port, and also my favorite sd card slot. I am a youtuber, so im constantly recording video and i have to move video files over with my memory card and with this machine. I just plug the memory card into the slot and move files over immediately. If i want to do that here, i have to use a freaking dongles now. Some people will also complain that the bezels on this displays are a little bit thick compared to the m2 macbook air and the 14 and 16 inch mapper pros, but im, okay with it, because those macbook screens have a notch. This one at least youre. Getting a uniform display now one of the strong points of macbook pros have always been their excellent speakers and this 13 inch model, even though the speakers arent as good as the 16 inch.

It is still really good check. Lets check it out. So weve got 50 volume, max volume, Applause and yes, one more old bit that returned after being eliminated in the 14 and 16 drama pro last year. Is this touch bar which allows me to treat brightness volume all that now? A lot of people for some reason were not fans of the touch bar. They were really happy when apple got rid of it last year, but im okay with it. I actually like that. I can scrub through videos like this by sliding on the touch bar and also i can switch between tabs of a website by just tapping on it, and you can even see a mini preview of the website on the touch bar, which i think is pretty cool. So yeah theres not much more to talk about in terms of hardware, at least from the outside, because this is a tried and true yeah. A little bit boring design, not even compared to like the 16 inch macro pro, but even compared to like my huawei mate book, expo look at how much thinner the bezels are of this laptop compared to the 13 inch mapper pro. But again, this is not a machine you buy for looks. This is a machine you buy for performance and an empty chip, its a really good upper mid tier chip for most people, like. Obviously, if you are a heavy duty content creator, youre going to want the m1 max or even the m1 ultra, but for most people like 98 people out there, the m2 is more than powerful enough.

So if you follow the computing industry at all, you already know that the m1 chip was a smashing success when it launched in late 2020. A lot of people didnt think apples. Own chip, which is a small mobile chip, could power a whole laptop better than intel processors, but m1. Somehow did it. You know in terms of peak performance, you can argue, an intel processor is still more powerful than an m1 chip, but the m1 chip was so much more efficient. Battery life is significantly better and also when youre rendering videos the machines stay completely cool, while an intel macbook would get really hot and the fan will need to boot up now to show you how efficient the m2 chip is. I did an 8k video rendering test on final cut pro now final cut. Pro is optimized for apple silicon, so its really going to show you how powerful the m2 chip is. So this machine is a m2 with 16 gigs of ram and it rendered a four minute long. Ak 30 video in final cut pro in just three minutes and 52 seconds. I did the same rendering test with my girlfriends 2020 intel core i7 macbook pro with 32 gigs ram, so double the ram and it took 16 minutes and 24 seconds to render the same clip. I know its not quite fair, because this 2020 intel mac is running on a two year old intel processor, but trust me even when i move over to video editing tests later using new generation intel processor, its still going to fall behind the m2.

Now i tried the sync test on adobe premiere: pro 2. adobe premiere pro is not optimized for apple silicon, so it takes much longer to render clips, but even then the empty mapper pro is able to render a 4 minute long ak clip in 33 minutes and 17 seconds the intel mapper pro took 50 minutes, and then i did the same test on the huawei maple x, pro running, an 11th generation intel core i7 and it took 55 minutes so even running software thats not optimized for apple silicon. This still finished, like 20 30 minutes faster than intel processors, even a relatively new one. In my huawei matebook x pro now, i personally dont care about benchmarks that much i care more about real world tests like video exporting, but here are some benchmark numbers for you. Anyway, so, as you can see, the m2 chip is about 20 to 30 percent, more powerful than the m1 chip, but still less powerful than the m1 pro chip. Now i personally dont have a windows laptop right now with a 12th generation intel core processor, but rest assured. I asked my colleagues to do the same test and yeah. If youre talking about like a new 12 generation intel core i7 thats a little bit specked out, it will score higher points than the m2 in benchmarks, but where the m2 wins is in efficiency, so all the benchmark numbers you just saw. I basically ran them two times the first time it was plugged.

In the second time it was unplugged and the mt pumped out almost the exact same numbers, whether the machine was plugged into power or running on battery. You cant say that with intel or amds ryzen machines with all those laptops, running amds, ryzen 5000 or intel core i7 i9. If you unplug performance dips by anywhere from 10 to 20 percent, the m2 is efficient in that it basically keeps the same performance, whether its plugged in or not. So that means the m2 mapping pro is a really good video editing machine for maybe entry level to mid level content creators. Obviously, if youre a top tier content creator like mkbhd and youre, constantly editing rendering for 8k video that lasts, like 20 minutes, youre gon na want the m1 max or the m1 ultra machines. But this is more than good enough for, like 95 percent of youtubers out there. Even me, i use the m1 max, because you know i like to splurge and buy the most powerful thing. But, to be honest, if i dont use the mmx anymore – and i just use this – this can make dude. This can totally do all my work for me, including making youtube videos and writing articles for xda. So one of the weaknesses of this m2 mapper pro is that it can only output to one external display, its not a big deal to me, because i have an awesome external monitor. This is the huawei mate view that gives me enough screen real estate, but i do know some people who like to use two different monitors and the mt mapper pro is quite disappointing because he could not use a second monitor so thats one of the shortcomings.

The m1 pro and m1 max macbooks can output to two or more monitors. Another weakness of the m3 mapper pro is the existence of the m2 macbook air. Like i already said, the m2 map error runs on the exact same chip as this machine. The only difference is this machine has a fan, but even during my 8k video rendering test, the fan didnt really kick in. So unless i step up my workload even more im, pretty sure the m2 macbook air will give me the exact same performance as the m2 mapper pro even editing, 4k videos im pretty sure exactly the same. So the use cases the benefits of having the pro over the air, its very, very minimal. So ultimately, it does feel like this machine has a small niche, because the m2 macbook air its going to be the machine for most people. And then, if you are a more serious creative, professional youre going to want the m1 max or the m1 pro, so this really has a small audience, but hey that audience still exists and i guess apple wants to cater to literally everybody. So in terms of battery life, like i already said for basic office productivity use, i mean outputting to external, monitor, writing articles. This thing can last like almost 11 hours on a single charge. Now, when youre really pushing the machine like when i was running the 8k video on adobe premiere after 30, something minutes, i did lose about 30 percent of battery in this machine.

So that means, if youre doing, video editing. This thing will only last you maybe like five or six hours, which is still more than good enough, because very few people are gon na edit and render videos for over six hours without, like plugging in the laptop thats, just kind of unheard of so yeah. This is the empty mapper pro. This machine is ideal for creative professionals who either cannot afford to, or just do not want to pay well over two thousand dollars for a laptop, because if you cant pay over two thousand dollars can then get the 14 inch or 16 inch mapper pro. It has a better silicon, it has a slot for sd card and it will, you know, render a little bit faster too, but if you just cannot pay two thousand dollars, you wan na save a little bit of money that this is a good middle option. One thousand three hundred dollars and its more than enough for most youtubers and most creative professionals, but then again, theres still the m2 macbook air, which should give you same performance in like 99 situations and has a newer design with thinner bezels with an sd card slot. So yeah small audience for this machine, but there is an audience so thats about it for this video. Hopefully i will get my hands on the m2 macbook air nick. So i will test that one and have a review and i also have a lot more content.