I need a gadget or a laptop who can work as much as i do and a gadget who could meet my needs. So i need first, the storage. I need a vast storage and then it should have a free video maker, a built in video maker, and of course it should be handy, but still a compact one, so guys today. I am truly happy for. I have finally found this so shout out, and i would like to thanks manuel truss vlog for helping me and shout out to beats and bites for this, so guys bits and bytes also cater cod way of purchasing. If you cant make – or you can reach out on reach out on her store, so they also k third c o d process, so i am happy with my newest vlogging partner, so presenting to you my acer aspire. 3.. Now why i choose this? Among the many laptops on the market and why i choose this over the numerous products: hello good day, everyone its me again, mom charlie, so today, im going to have a review im going to flex the new acer sr3. So this is built to keep her active engaged and on the move. The aspar the acer aspire. 3 has the technology which suits our way of life as tiny lifts, slim batting and impressive tactical finished, accentuate real world design features so guys i am so proud. I am proudly presenting to you my new acer aspar 4e.

This gadget has exceeded, has met beyond my expectation, so i am highly recommending this laptop this gaming laptop. So, if im going to rate from 1 to 10, absolutely im going to give a rating of 10., why? Because of these reasons, Music, product details and specs of acer aspire 3, so the acer details and specs, so it is ryzen 5.8 gig ram. So it is considered the latest speedy rom technology and it is also one terabyte or 1000 gig hdd or the high definition plus 128 gig ssd. It is also amd radeon, graphics, its the graphic card series, so guys it is considered hybrid storage for efficiency and capacity. Imagine your gadget has a one terabyte or 1 000 gig, so its amazing, and then guys it is efficient. It has an efficient processor, quad core and accordingly, you can use it place up to 50 tabs in a time tab. Okay, so its high definition screen where even if you watch in either right or left angle of it still, it gives a brighter projection and then it is 8 gig rum. So if you, if youre looking on the one terabyte hard disk so meaning it is big, it has a big storage and fast boot app and it its definition is its inches is 14, so 14 high definition screen it is. It is window 10, but you can upgrade it into windows 11 and then with a stunning web camera and its also a wi fi ready.

Each connection is hdmi and then it has a touch pod. Its a pointing device touch pod and its weight in kilogram. Its 1.9 kilogram – and it has one gig on its graphic memory and its processor frequency is 2.1 and guys. This kind of laptop is a gaming laptop and what i love on this laptop the most is its built in video maker. So you can make videos without watermark and then so guys.