The sale details, the best deals on some of the biggest and most popular games. I will not generally be making personal game recommendations i’m, just covering the deals on popular games. I’Ll also be covering the items tokens and the seasonal badge. There are no cards for this particular sale. I will include timestamps and links in the description, so you can skip to what’s relevant, so the sale starts today, which is thursday february 11th, and it ends on monday february 15th, it’s, basically a long weekend for full days, uh it’s, celebrating the chinese and lunar new Year and the year of the ox starts and ends at 10 a.m: pacific or 1 pm eastern in north america, which works out to 6 p.m, gmt or uk time. You can work it out from there wherever you are so first of all about the sale. This is not one of the biggest sales of the year, but there are still lots of good deals available steam. May change highlighted deals each day, but the actual deals do stay the same throughout the entire sale. Some daily deals and other specials may overlap so make sure you check the game page uh if you’re interested in really looking for a particular game. It is best to look up the games you’re interested in and check your wish list to be absolutely sure. Sale prices should mostly be up by this point, but it doesn’t hurt back, hurt to check back just in case uh once in a while.

There are some lags on a few things, but this is actually pretty late by this point, so everything should be good um. There is no like little meta game. Little thing to mess around with you can see the discovery. Queue is not going to earn you cards this time around uh. What you will get is just a free animated sticker each day and some special themed items in the points shop, so speaking of which the steam points shop is now permanent. You will earn tokens that can be used for various items and stuff, but that’s that’s. A permanent thing, those are always there, so you’ll just be earning the usual tokens during this particular sale. Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be any other special rewards or badges really specific to this sale. The points shop is currently actually still showing the same seasonal badge and profile from the winter sale. Surprisingly, i thought they might have a special one for the lunar sale i’m, not sure if that was meant to be changed and they just forgot to update it and maybe they’ll update that during the sale. But i guess we’ll see. I will talk more about the items and the steam points shop briefly, at the end of this video, so the sale page is just um, giving you featured stuff and linking you to that animated sticker, but let’s get on to the deals. So there are indeed plenty of big deals, including some of the most popular games i’m ordering these by percentage discount, and i will be mostly covering things that are popular.

Many of the deals for the lunar sale are actually the same or similar as the winter sale. Some deals are not quite as good: there are actually a few that are a little better. There are also a few special deals on chinese and asian themed games as well as games that are popular in that region and before i get into the specifics, note that i might be off by one or two percent because of rounding for my local canadian currency. So uh let’s get into the deals. First of all, the xcom 2 base game is 92 percent off and the xcom 2 collection is 86 off arc and little nightmares are 80 off, as are the witcher, both regular and game of the year. Edition 80 percent off the bioshock collection is also 80 off, but the individual games are 75 off the resident. Evil collection is 79 off, the individual games are anywhere from 60 to 80 off, the battlefield. Bundle is 77 off and several of the battlefield games are up to 75 percent off, with the exception of battlefield 5, which i’ll get to the naruto ultimate ninja storm pack is 79 off, while the individual games are anywhere from 50 to 67 percent off. So some good uh packs they’re, mostly in that high discount range, and there are a good number of games that are 75 percent off, including civ 6 hearts of iron 4 euro truck simulator 2 jurassic world city, skylines, planet, coaster, dark souls 3, both regular and deluxe.

Dragon age inquisition arma 3 stellaris elite, dangerous and the sims 4. star wars, battlefront, 2 and fallout 4 are 70 off, and fifa 21 is just like just shy of that, at least on mine 69 off so that’s kind of funny um. There are a bunch of games as well that are at 66 or 67 percent off i’m. Lumping them together. Borderlands 3 do maternal fallout 76. The elder scrolls, 5 skyrim vr edition, not the regular game. The vr edition titanfall 2 fallout 4 game of the year don’t starve together total war, warhammer 2 and nba 2k 21, as well as mass effect andromeda deluxe. Those are all 66 or 67 percent off need for speed. Heat is 65 off and madden 21 is 63 percent off, so those are just a couple. Little oddballs, i stuck them in the middle um. There are some games at 60 off as well rainbow six. The base gold and ultimate editions are all 60 off, while the deluxe edition is 67 off again, just like the winter sale in that case, and a lot of these are but not all. Some games are 60 off battlefield, 5 street fighter 5, divinity original sin. 2. The hunter call of the wild outward elder scrolls, online and regular skyrim are all 60 percent off. So then moving on um, the forest is 55 off. Lots of games are 50 off um, so forest is kind of unique there. The valve complete pack is actually 55 off, but i think that’s the regular price for that.

So, at 50 off we have payday 2 uh star wars, jedi fallen order; insurgency, sandstorm, overcooked, 2, no man’s sky player, unknowns, battlegrounds, terraria, the command and conquer remastered collection, total war, three kingdoms; oxygen, not included, hunt showdown, planet, zoo e football, pes, 2021 and tabletop simulator. All 50 off so you’ll notice, uh compared to the winter sale. There are some things that have dropped in terms of their sale, but some of those are actually uh new prices, new discounts at that uh high um 50 as well. So some of those are are new to that discount range. Uh disco elysium is 45 off. So again i kind of stuck in the middle there. Um other games are 40 off, including star wars, squadrons halo, the master chief collection, death, stranding control, daisy, call of duty, black ops, 3 dead by daylight destiny, 2 legendary edition outer wilds and journey to the savage planet. So again a mix there. Some of those have actually reduced from a 50 to a 40 compared to the winter sale, but uh journey of the savage planet i don’t know for sure, but that might be a new uh, 40 off also conan exiles, complete edition. I just threw over the side there it’s actually 37 off so moving on again um, the mafia trilogy is 34 off, while the individual games are 25 or 50 percent off. The uh once were released. First are at 50 off the first one, because this is the definitive edition.

Um was released. Last and it’s 25 off a bunch of games are 33 to 35 percent off, including rust red dead redemption 2. The survivalists gary’s mod age of empires, 2 ghost runner monster hunter world raft, astroneer, spongebob rehydrated, deep rock galactic, sakura shadows twice game of the year edition is now the one available and uh apex legends champion edition dlc is available for 35 off as well. Detroit become human sea of thieves and subnautica. Those ones are 30 off. Half life alex fall, guys noida squad, cuphead and hell let loose. Those are all 25 percent off again a mix of things going up and down in the discount range um. Several games are also 20 off, including among us, crusader kings, 3, hades, gtfo, stardew valley, risk of rain to omori and satisfactory, and just one last thing, while we’re at the among us all in one pack is 52 off so um again, you will find a link To steamdb for game, sale histories and so on in the description there you can check out the sales tab to see and sort by percentage discounts, and you can also look up individual games to see. Are they currently at their lowest price that they’ve been at um? You can also check currency conversion and all that kind of stuff. So now we’ll get back to things that are unusual about this sale. Well, again, uh there’s! This is just really highlighting um things on the actual sale page when you click there.

It also again gives you that link to the ox sticker, which really just takes you to the steam point store, which is available from the top of your regular sale thing anywhere. So you can get one random animated sticker each day you just click there get my sticker and each day you can come back and get another one. You can also find some new items. There are some featured items so there’s, specifically a section for lunar new year 2021 items and otherwise it’s. Basically, just the regular steam points store. So you can see there are some special things: some emoticons there is a profile background, mini profile, background frame, avatars, all that stuff’s there, but otherwise it’s the regular steam points, sale or steampoint store um. There is a seasonal badge you can see here on the left, but actually that’s the same one that’s left over from the winter sale. So these are just the levels i got during the winter sale looks like i’ve got enough points to finally get one more. So you can level up this badge and i believe it’s 100 xp for each level. Um don’t quite quote me on that. I think that’s true, but uh um, yeah it’ll cost you a thousand points for each level and i believe you get actually you know what let’s do it because i’ve got those points so yeah. My current level is nine and if i’m right actually i’ll go into my badges here, uh yeah, that got me to level 90.

. So that was 100 because i needed 90 to get there and i’m just passed. So there you go um. So i just leveled up right there right in front of you, but uh yeah, the badge costs a thousand um points, steam points for a hundred xp per level, and you can get up to uh level 20. But again, this is the same badge that we’ve had since the winter sale, and i guess what they’re doing now is having a seasonal badge for each season, because originally they just had a steam point store badge. I forget what it’s called exactly, but basically it was just a regular uh introductory badge and maybe you can level up 20 for each season now, um and i’m, not sure if that’s a three month or a six month. But this has been here since the winter sale, so that’s a while uh anyway, we’ll see we’ll see what exactly they’re doing there. Likewise there’s a seasonal profile, but it’s still the steam winter sale profile here so that’s interesting as well. That is a temporary profile by the way, the seasonal profile it costs 5 000 lasts for 30 days, i believe, but to review about the steam points shop system in general it’s. Basically, a further steam community experience overhaul where they used to have like special little markets for each sale. Now they just have the steam points shop, which is always available, and you can use um those points, of course, to buy items and profile enhancements and all that stuff it’s, just a permanent thing now, so you don’t have points that expire anymore and the things you Buy here are generally permanent, with certain exceptions like that seasonal profile.

Again, there are items that they’ve added to celebrate the occasion, but most things on here are just permanently available and the items you buy in here are mostly things that you’re going to keep other than things like that temporary profile just check what it says before you Buy something that you’re not sure about, but most items are just um items that you would have been able to get by crafting badges or buying on the market. So you can get points for buying things on steam, not only games but other purchases as well. Do count towards getting steam points like prior markets. You may not get points by spending money from your wallet that was already in your account before the sale um, but you may have already gotten that by this point uh you will earn points by adding new money to your wallet or for paying things paying for Games or items directly with new funds, you can also get tipped points for your steam community contributions, such as reviews and uploaded content, including screenshots videos guides and workshop items. You can also get badges for tipping other people with your points and for receiving tips. There’S a badge based on the number of tips you’ve given and received as well. You can use the points to buy items from the points shop or you can use those points to give tips to others. Those badges that you get based on the tipping receiving or giving aren’t worth a whole lot of points, but they do add up eventually, the items available again include previously existing emoticons and backgrounds for games, which were formerly only available by crafting badges from cards or by Buying them with money on the steam market and again, there are also animated avatars frames, stickers, chat effects, backgrounds and other things that you can use to customize your profile.

There are now more options when customizing your profile, including colored themes but uh. The items that you buy using points compared to the items that you get um from crafting badges or from buying them on the market, whereas they’re the same items, if you get them on the points shop, they’re not marketable or tradable. So keep that in mind uh. As mentioned, there’s also a points badge and seems to be a seasonal thing now and each uh seasonal points badge or each um points, badge that’s available, there’s only one available at any given moment on the scene points shop, but each one can be upgraded to 20 Levels, the points themselves do not expire, and the market to redeem them will still be available after the sale and, again just to make sure that you understand. Most of the items are permanent, except for the seasonal profile 30 days, and i, as far as i know, that might be the only one but keep an eye out just in case you’re, not sure so that’s, basically that that’s, the sale, that’s the steam points and The items for the sale, so i hope you liked the video please give it a like if you did check out and subscribe to my second channel mass distraction, gaming for fun gameplay with my friends or check out and subscribe to this channel. If you like game guides, particularly for terraria, but i do also do guides for other games and steam sales, of course, as well, either way.