Let me show you what comes with your ice cream maker. This is your integrated lid and inside the lid. This is a removable cup, its also a measure, so it goes up to a half a cup and youll notice. It also has a little hole here so that, as youre adding lets say the nuts at the end of the cycle, you can just pour them through that little opening right there. This is your paddle and its used for all types of ice cream. Its going to put this on the side, this is your two quart freezer bowl. We recommend that you put this in the freezer, at least overnight for the best result: theres your paddle and the lid. Now on the front of the machine, youll notice, theres several functions. The first is ice cream, the next is gelato and the last is sorbet, and each one of these pre programmed options runs at a different speed for the optimal results. So, first you have ice cream and it will come up preset on 25 minutes, but you can adjust this all the way up to an hour or down. If you prefer – and you just turn it on when youre all done choosing your time, then you have gelato its a preset for 30 minutes same thing, just turn it on you notice for gelato. It turns a little slower and the last one is sorbet, which is recommended. Time is 40 minutes, just turn it on and it stops it starts and what will happen is um.

This is so simple and easy to use. It takes all of the questionability out of making these frozen desserts the great thing about it. Is it shuts off when its done and you can just enjoy your ice cream? Has a beautiful stainless steel finish its really nice and compact, and it couldnt be more fun to make ice cream at home. So now what were going to do is were going to put the ingredients together to make an ice cream, and this happens to be um butter, pecan, im, just gon na put this back in here and the first ingredient. Is your milk so put that in with the sugar and the salt, and then what youre going to do is youre just going to whisk this until the sugar dissolves? This is really simple and easy to do. This is such a fun thing to do with kids, too, to show them how much fun and how simple and easy it is to make ice cream the great thing about ice cream, making it at home. You know exactly what type of ingredients go in if you prefer to use organic milk or organic sugar or whatever ingredients you have in your home, its great so thats, the heavy cream im just going to whisk that and then whisk and finally, the vanilla. Now, normally, what we recommend that you do is let this basically come together and let the flavors incorporate and that takes about two hours or you can leave it in the fridge overnight.

But today because were going to be making this immediately im not going to actually do that so im, just gon na pour this into this pitcher just so its a lot easier to get it in the ice cream maker. So i dont make a mess and you can see that the ice cream, the sugar was dissolved really well. So what im going to do is take this lid off pour this inside and then what im going to do is choose ice cream, its preset on 25 minutes, im gon na hit start, and you saw how quickly that came together in 25 minutes. You can have a beautiful luscious ice cream, so our ice cream just finished um churning, and then i just want to mention um these happen to be the pecans that we had out earlier. All you need to do is towards the very end of the mixing cycle. Just add these a little bit at a time for some extra taste and look how beautiful that is, who doesnt love a cool ice cream any time of year. I know i do today its like 92 degrees out and im melting, so i definitely want to taste this and cool off thats really rich. I like the extra crunch with the nuts i like nuts.