The first one is stonehenge. It is a prehistoric monument located in woodshire england, consisting of a ring of standing stones. Each around 13 feet high seven feet wide and weighing around 25 tons. The stones are set within earthworks in the middle of the most dense, complex of neolithic and bronze age monuments in england next is the ring of gary. It is on 111 mile long tourist route, with the area being full of natural beauties. Most tourists tend to set out from either kenmer or killarney ending for history enthusiasts. There are ogham stones, iron, age, ports and ancient monasteries all set against the canvas of striking landscape. To start off, the topography of the islands is modest in scale by global standards. It is a group of islands in the north atlantic of the northwestern coast of continental europe, consisting of numerous islands. According to britannica, england’s topography is low in elevation, except in the east. Rarely flat much of it consists of rolling hillsides with the highest elevations found in the north northwest and southwest. Meanwhile, according to nasa earth observatory, a hilly central lowland consisting of limestone surrounded by a fractured border of coastal mountains, features the topography of the island of ireland. In geological structure, the mountain ranges differed greatly. The southern mountain ridges are composed of old red sandstone, divided by valleys of the limestone river. The highland boundary fault that divides the scottish mainland from helensboro to stonehaven defines the topography of scotland.

The fault line divides two distinct photography: regions, the highlands to the north and west and the lowlands to the south and east, respectively and that’s. The end of my part for its geography. Let’S have aina geography, british isle, the british isles are low, lying and fertile, though with significant mountainous areas. In ireland scotland wheels in the north of england. The regional geology is complex, formed by the drifting together of separate regions and shaped by glaciation. The islands are at relatively low altitudes with central ireland and southern great britain, particularly low lying. The scottish highlands in the northern part of great britain are mountaineers with ben levis being the highest point in the british isle at 1. 344 meters, the british isle, have a temperate marine climate, the north atlantic, greece, which flows from the gulf of mexico, brings with its significant moisture and raises temperature 11 degrees celsius above the global average for the islands. Latitudes winters are dust warm and wet with summer mild and also wet most atlantic depressions, passed to the north of the island, combining the general westerly circulation and interaction with the land masses. It imposes an east west variation in climate now let’s move on to this destination of british island tourist destination in british island. The wales coast path, a 4 000 kilometer long walking path sketches from chef stove to queen’s ferry the route passes some pretty exciting places. Eleven national nature reserves are on the way, not to mention the dramatic coastline, which varies from sandy beaches and flowery fields to precipitation cliffs next they’re, the door.

It is one of the most popular natural sights in england. The beach is also one of the best in the country, the section between durdle door and doonward cove is the most popular site in the southwest of england. The old man of hoy scotland, the old man, is a popular landmark here. The feature is quite popular among the climbers who dare to try their skills and love, completing the procedures. Ralph tower my pleasure miss ad. Now i discuss about western europe topography western europe topography. Europe is sometimes described as the peninsula as the supercontinent of eurasia. We don’t often think that europe as a peninsula size or maybe because of real community, we use mob projection desert size so much that the landmass upper distorted and will lose perspective. The map below is maybe not the most authentic, but it does illustrate why europe is sometimes referred to as peninsula um largest urban area is mascara. Restaurant 16.2 people and highest evaluation is russia, 5642 meters and 18 510 feet largest. Watershed is vulgar. River 1.38 million square kilometer and 532 821 square miles, population density, 188, people per square kilometer in terms of topography. Europe can be divided into four major geography: uh regions for the perp running from the north to south western uplands, north european plain central upslangs and alpine mountains. Western uplands, the western atlas defined the basic uh physical landscape of scandinavia, norway, sweden and denmark, finland, iceland, scotland, ireland and britannia.

The physical geography of this country is defined by the effects of blessing. This features typical found in this uh found in these landscapes include the marshland lakes and fridge in very general terms. The landscape in the region also tends to have a rounded smooth appearance. This is the result of glass decision and there is a red relatively hard underlying rock. This is, of course, a very general observation and may only be apparent when making comparison to the rocky mountains in the north, america or the southern alps in new zealand and that’s. All thank you. Mrisha western europe is the most distant region in europe, from asia, with the countries and territories included varying depending on the context. Since the beginning of the foreign conquest of the age of discovery, the autonomous discourse of europe and the west started to detach itself constantly from the unifying narrative of christendom or a christian world in which christianity dominates or prevails the hitherto dominant identity system in the area. In which was until the inception subsequently, the notion of eastern europe was developed during the age of enlightenment to consolidate and purify the idea of western europe. Prior to the roman conquest, a large part of western europe had adopted the newly developed latin culture. The climate of western europe varies from subtropical and semi arid in the coast of italy, portugal, in spain, to alpine and out to alpine in the pyrenees and the alps. The mediterranean climate of the south is dry and warm the western and northwestern parts have a mild generally humid climate influenced by the north atlantic.

Current now, let’s enumerate that tourist destination in western europe – and these are the following. The first one is the alps, the eiffel tower in paris. The third one is the lavra museum in paris, sunburned palace in vienna, la sagrada familia in barcelona, big ben in london, ethan bridge castle in edinburgh, bunkingham cup palace in london, art de triov in paris, guinness storehouse in dublin and frank house in amsterdam. Westminster abbey in london, motherhorn cathedral, north dam, the paris in paris, arthur’s seat in edinburgh van gogh, museum vancouver, museum in amsterdam, stonehenge rink’s museum in amsterdam, brandon birchgate in berlin, saint paul’s cathedral in london, kilmainham in dublin, alhambra in granada, jameson distillery bao street in dublin. French riviera london eye in london, in addition about the western europe destination, is matoria: indian islands, cyprus, nascar, protaras, australia, vienna, south bruise, housetop, ireland, dublin gallery, naples, florence, rome, italy, black forest, munich, hambridge, berlin, germany, interlaken lucerne and that’s all about western europe destination. That’S.