It really hasnt changed that much over the years, but underneath there have been a number of changes and upgrades made to get it to the way the superb series 7 is. But what if you want to save a bit of cash and pick one up quite a bit cheaper? Well, thats, where the apple watch series 5 comes in at around 180 pounds or 200? Is it worth buying, given that its so much older than the latest release, or should you just you know, cough up the money and go and buy the latest and greatest hey guys, im ryan thomas – and this is my long term review of the apple watch series 5., the version that ill be evaluating today is the 44 millimeter series, 5 space gray. I picked up this copy for 160 pounds with postage included the only real issue with it is this tiny nick in the top corner, something that i dont care about. Personally, as i saved about 20 to 25 pounds on it, given this little issue, so im happy to go with something thats already a little bit marked up, because then i dont really care too much about marking it up myself its worth, comparing it right now to The apple watch se, because, if youre going to buy new, that is the direct competitor, its the cheapest of the current outgoing apple watches and is closest in price. To this one hardware, wise theyre, very similar with the same s5 chipset the same screen specifications the same 50 meter water resistance.

However, the newer se enjoys some updated fitness tracking tech, whereas the older 5 boasts an always on display over the new se. Given that you are going to be spending about 70 pounds more for the se, i think that its actually bet youre better off going with the used unit purely over the savings. Now, if youre not worried about money, just go and buy the brand new one, its significantly better than what were reviewing today. But if you are looking to get something on the cheap, i would say the the series 5 makes more sense over the se, since youre saving a considerable amount of money. The series 5 looks like pretty much all the other apple watches it has this squarish face with convex glass and curved rounded corners. It has a button on the right hand, side as well as the digital crown, which is clickable and turnable. Of course, youve got speakers on the left and the heart rate tracking tech on the bottom, its very much business as usual, although compared to the newest series 7, the screen doesnt go quite towards the edges as much as that new one, the bezels are a bit Thicker on this version, however, the series 5 has thinner bezels than the earlier version, so you can see the progression there. The series seven just has quite a lot thinner, bezels than the series five ive, not once thought of this watch, as particularly ugly, though i have to say i dont really find it pretty.

It looks like a bit of tech as opposed to a nice timepiece. Of course, you can somewhat customize this look with watch bands and thanks to the apple watches, ubiquity all over the world. There are heaps and heaps of options for both first and third party. I personally struggle with the sort of silicone rubbery strap as it sort of irritates my skin, so id be better off going with sort of a fabric or leather, or even a metal and thats easy to do, because there are so many options on the market. The body of the watch can ding and scratch quite easily. So if you go and work on a building site or on a farm, this might not last you all that long before shattering or cracking. But if you work in an office or a less hands on, then you might be all right im. Personally, a computer repair technician. I ding my watch a fair amount and this version isnt looking too bad for a three year old, timepiece performance and software are thankfully great points for the apple watch series 5., its rather satisfying to use thanks to the super crisp haptics. That link in with a great ui from the main screen, something that you can change with a simple tap and hold. You can swap out metrics and colors theres plenty of customization here, menu wise pressing. The crown gives you the app menu which can be navigated with the crown or with your finger and pressing the button below it brings up the recent apps menu similar to sort of holding up so tapping and holding up on your phone.

The text is crisp and the layout is logical. It all feels very beginner friendly, especially if youre an ios user. The watch 5 runs apples latest watch os 8.6. The same software found on its newest timepieces. How long will it keep getting updates? Well, not only does the series 4 also run 8.6, but the series 3 as well so with that in mind, expect the series 5 to get at least another two years of software updates feature wise youre getting more here than with the lower end, watches and smartwatches From other brands, notifications from your phone ping up pretty much instantly on the watch, you can reply via dictation or swiping on this pad, which is pretty cool. You can control media playback on here. This is something that previous versions, or at least previous versions of watch os didnt, do very well. In my opinion, they were really good at controlling first party applications like apple music, but not so good at sort of linking with some say, youre sending something over to the chromecast to the tv. You can now control the audio from your watch, not something that was exactly impossible to do before, but i found it quite buggy and sometimes it would connect. Sometimes it wasnt. With the series 5 on watch os 8.6. It seems to be completely flawless every single time. You send something to the chromecast or every time say: youre listening to spotify thats, something that didnt really work all that well before now.

You can control that all through your watch if youve got earbuds and youre running, for example, you just skip track run whatever this integration has become, in my opinion, really top tier, and it worked really well across the board its something that im really happy about. As obviously, i ran into those bugs before and its great to see apple, improving their products, battery life isnt great – it must be said. My model is three years old at this point and it gets me about a day of usage. That includes say i run and obviously my commuting. That includes some some kind of tracking there as well its all right. You know a day getting it through a full day: thats fine, but im used to sort of watches that get me three plus days. So the tic watch pro 3 ultra that i reviewed recently that used to get me through about three to four days. The huawei watches get you to almost a week and the garmin which isnt quite a smart watch, is more of a sports watch. I mean that. Would do two weeks at a time, so this isnt great, i would say one day – might be fine for most people and honestly, i do charge the apple watch on my playstation or on my tv or something overnight, so its not the end of the world. If youre really into sleep tracking, though you might want something thats going to last you longer, because obviously i leave it charging when im sleeping, so it cant really track me sleeping at all and the charging i find takes between one to two hours.

I never really. Let it go below thirty percent and thats, mainly because i finished the day about thirty percent. It does take a big toll on the battery life of the device youre connecting it to as well. So, if youre connecting it to an iphone the logical thing um, you can expect to see about 25 ish, maybe 30 lower battery life than if you were to not use a smartwatch at all. For anyone, whos worried about, say an iphone 12 minis battery life that still gets me through a full day with my airpods connected, sometimes and with my apple watch connected all the time. However, im a pretty light user, so thats sort of give that a bit of reference if youre a heavier user and youre already struggling to get a full day out of your iphone its not going to last you a full day if you have an apple watch Connected all the time now i mentioned tracking a few times there. This is where i was rather impressed actually with the watch 5.. As with other smartwatch reviews recently, i compared it to a way more expensive, garmin fenix 7. Pro on a couple of exercises that i completed recently and whilst the results are a bit off specifically with the gps, it got close enough for me to be usable with that in mind, should you buy one of these for serious training? No, i dont think so. At all, you should buy something way more specialized something from garmin and wahoo, but if youre, just starting out or youre an amateur runner, for example, this will give you enough relatively accurate info to start assessing and improving your performance and given that sports is a bit Of a bonus to something like this id call it good enough, so should you buy the apple watch series? 5? Well, i think that really depends on your situation.

If youre looking for an apple watch specifically – and you want to get one on the cheap, then the series 5 is a great option. It packs in the always on display fantastic display, that is, the performance, is really good and, of course, you get all that tracking tech, maybe not as much as the latest model, but you get plenty of microphone there. You get plenty of features in hardware and software and it still gets the software support that i think, is worth 180 pounds if youre really into your fitness and tracking sports and stuff going by specialized watch. I think they do much better jobs. They give you much better data, they can measure your vo2 max, for example, and other metrics like that, something that garmin is specifically good at if youre after the latest and greatest features going by the latest apple watch its about 400 pounds. If i remember correctly, and if youre on the android side, i would say just pick up something like the tick watch or the galaxy watch, the the latest galaxy watches are really good as well. But i think definitely if you were on the fence about a series. Five, i say: go and buy one. They are really good, theyre, pretty cheap. If you get the smaller model as well as if you get sort of different colors and ones that dont come with watch bands, they can be even cheaper and then you can just supply your own watch bands, which is what you kind of want to do.

For you know, for the sake of cleanliness, so i recommend going and buying your own watch bands whenever buying a used watch in general you dont have to. Of course you can just give it a deep clean, but i happen to do that. Maybe its a bit of an ocd thing, i dont have ocd but its one of those things where i just feel like. If im buying used wearables, i kind of need to get new bands thats, probably more important, with sort of fabric and leather, as opposed to the silicone, and with that i want to leave todays video guys. So if you enjoyed it, please do leave a like comment and subscribe if youre around here to never miss a video like this one. I want to give a massive shout out to my patrons for being continually supportive. There are all my social media links in the video description as always: im, ryan, thomas and ill catch.