The charging case is medium sized and has a smooth matte finish with some jbl branding engraved on the front. The charging port is located on the bottom and it has a led display surrounding it. The light will flash when you place the earbuds into the case, letting you know that theyre properly charging. You also have a led light on the inside of the case to let you know when the earbuds are in pairing mode, underneath the light theres a little button. You can use to initiate pairing mode. You can also use this button if you ever need to reset the earbuds, so the earbuds are running bluetooth 5.0. When it came to watching videos on youtube, netflix, etc. I didnt experience any latency or audio lags. So if you watch a lot of movies or videos, these should work just fine. If you like to listen to one earbud at a time while the other charges, unfortunately, it will only work with the right earbud anytime. You place the right earbud into the case. The left earbud will disconnect. This was definitely one of the cons for me with these earbuds, mainly because i reviewed so many other less expensive earbuds that let you listen to either earbud independently. As far as battery life youre going to get roughly six hours from the earbuds on a single charge and the charging case is going to give you about an additional 14 hours for a total of 20 hours of listening time.

These also have fast charging capabilities. So just 10 minutes of charging will give you an hour of listening time, youre, also getting an ipx5 water resistant rating which is going to protect you from sweat and splashes of water, making them a viable option for the gym. So, for me, the fit on these earbuds is just okay. For some reason, the position of the ear wings just would not cooperate with the shape of my ears, so i wasnt able to get that locked in fit that the ear wings are supposed to give again. This is what i experienced with my ears. Specifically everybodys ears are different, so its possible. The ear wings might work for you. The ear tips by themselves were able to give me a decent fit, but these wouldnt be my go to earbuds for any intense movement like running or jumping the earbuds do have proximity sensors, so your music will automatically pause any time you remove one of the earbuds. It will also resume once you place the earbud back into your ear. If you dont like this feature, you can turn it off within the jbl app. You can also use the jbl app to help. You find your earbuds. If you ever misplace them, it will cause the earbuds to make a very high pitched sound, so you can locate them youre, getting some pretty standard. Passive noise cancellation youre also getting talk through and ambient aware modes which is going to allow you to hear the noises around you by way of the microphones.

So this would allow you to easily hold conversations with people while youre wearing the earbuds, as well as maintain awareness of your surroundings when youre out on the go both modes work great as far as allowing you to hear whats going on, and it gives you a Very natural sound almost as if youre not even wearing the earbuds, the earbuds feature touch and swipe sensitive controls that are going to give you control of everything except your track controls. You can activate talk through or ambient aware mode control, your voice assistant increase and decrease volume and play and pause with the touch controls. These also work really well with your different voice assistants. So, whether you use google alexa siri, they have notification, call out abilities. So you can use the earbuds to read out your notifications from your phone. So if you have a new message, a missed phone call whatever it is that you have going on on your phone, you can use the earbuds to let you know so. As far as the sound quality, these feature 5.6 millimeter drivers that pack a pretty powerful punch. In my opinion, the sound quality is definitely the highlight when it comes to these earbuds youre. Getting a nice balanced, sound. The bass is very clean and punchy, and the mids and highs are extremely detailed. What stands out to me, the most, is just how forward the mids and highs can get the jbl app allows you to customize the eq for a more customized sound.

It has some presets for you to play around with and if those arent enough, you can create your own. Personally, i like the jazz preset, which gives the bass and the highs a nice boost. The earbuds have some pretty impressive range as well, so pretty much any eq settings you throw at them theyre going to be able to handle. These are also some of the loudest earbuds youre going to find. So if loud music is your thing im sure you would like these now lets go ahead and do a microphone test to give you an idea of the call quality all right. So this is a quick microphone test of the jbl live 300. True wireless earbuds. So this is pretty much how it would sound if you were to use these earbuds to take phone calls in a quiet environment. Now lets see how they sound once we add some background noise. Alright, so we have some crowd noise being played on a speaker. So if you happen to take a phone call somewhere where its a little bit noisier, this should give you a rough idea as to how you would sound. As always, you guys be the judge.