0, nice. So what we have in front of us here pete look at this in all its glory. The m gear gadget wallet, oh yeah, so take it out. Take it out. Can i yeah? Thank you. Thank you yeah. So i know ive taken it away from the special cam, but look if i swap ill swap back over here ill do the little twirlies and you can talk all about it. Oh okay, yeah, so the m gear gadget wallet, the most customizable gadget, wallet and edc. Ever thats a quote: ive made up, not them, and you know i like a gadget yeah you do. This is right up the dad street and your street in particular, and that is important because fathers day is coming. So these are the sort of things that we want to give you. This could be the perfect fathers day. Gift have a look at this right. You go oh card wallet, thats good, yeah, yeah, better than that. What about a wallet where you can snuck up sneak away a few notes? Yeah dont, have to tell the misses you got them, hide them back inside. Yes, nobody knows. So. Let me tell you a little bit about ive got some notes. Written here go on, then you tell you, tell me im going to keep having a little. It has a fully aluminium frame which feels amazing, proper edc hardcore. It has removable carbon fiber panels. That pete was just showing you a second ago.

These panels are fully customizable as well, so you can have them in any color or indeed your own custom logo printed or etched onto the carbon fiber. Now that thats pretty cool, you can buy extra panels for it. When you buy the wallet, so you can keep changing up the look as you go: thats pretty cool theres. The panels dropped out nice and theres the bear um just 60 grams in weight. You have a five card, maximum capacity, the cash clip that pete showed you a second ago that you can flip around and hide its got a kind of elasticated band around it, um clippable accessories. Now this is interesting. When you get the wallet from m gear, you can buy additional accessories that clip onto if it shows you here. Oh sorry, the sides of the wallet you can get a flashlight that attaches there. I know you like that idea. I do like a flashlight. You can get a flat multi tool that so you can attach one accessory on each side, so one that side and then one on the other. You can get a flashlight, a mini pen, a multi tool and a usb card. All really cool, so you can have a proper everyday, carry gadget and a wallet in one who doesnt want that. That is a combo and, like i say you can get additional panels, so you can keep changing up the look of your m gear gadget wallet as you go now for me.

I havent carried a wallet for years. I love having a wallet yeah, but lets face it since mobile phones have got a little bit bigger and a little bit bigger that kind of real estate in your trousers, isnt so much there. So the the wallet tends to go in your back pocket, yeah yeah. I like to switch up for something a bit like this. I like to carry my essential cards in there and i like something that i can kind of money clip yeah ive got all of that in a device like this and the fact that its just that little bit more manly fully customizable so make it your own. Get your own print on there if you want um its even got a handwritten serial number, so you know its one of a kind. I know that this is a gadget that youre going to take home. Do you know what im all over it? That to me is super cool and the fact that you know the the features youve talked about there. I can put a torchlight on it. Im, someone that always carries a pen knife yeah ive always got a torch somewhere nearby yeah um. I love that kind of tech, so, for me, thats super cool thats, my sort of thing, and that has got to be one of my recommendations for fathers day this year, the ultimate fathers day everyday, carry that is yeah or just for someone you, like you know You could buy me one if youre on pete, i i mean it depends how much you like, unfortunately, for you see youre keeping this one and i dont get one, but do you know theres theres, a theres, a level theres, a level right that you have to Achieve gifted something like this yeah, if you know someone special enough for this, i dont okay, uh, oh, wait a minute myself! Oh, so it could be a gift for yourself this fathers day too, but yeah its its super cool.

I, like those customs. I like the fact that you can put little mods on it, really personalize it and its just an everyday, carry its like simple stuff. Look a unique number, yeah, thats cool, says vip on the other side, so it also i i need to say that you can get some free cards that come with it. Theyve got a measuring card check out that whats. This called its like a finessing. Do you know what magnificent starting fires? Aj? Yes, exactly uh and a uh this one youre like this is a combination of morse code, uh, ground air emergency code and some other kind of crazy survival stuff which shows you who this is for the rugged outdoorsman. Like me, right do you know maybe yeah, maybe and to finish it off yeah. You of course get a limited lifetime warranty with every single one. Now, thats cool, not many companies go that far just shows you how good the products made theyre willing to stand by it for the lifetime that they they dictate, obviously, and in fairness it feels it doesnt. It feels fantastic. That is a robust bit of kit um. I really like it. I could definitely recommend that and uh the first person ill recommend it to is myself. Well there you go as i take it happy christmas, so pete that about wraps up our look at the mg gadget wallet. 3.0 uh, the perfect fathers day. Gift or indeed, gift to yourself, if thats, the only person in your life that you love – and for that i thank you uh, hopefully, youve enjoyed this new format.

Video um here on top five gadgets i thoroughly enjoyed doing it face, reveal new guest here to stay and what i would say is if you did like it hit subscribe just over there. I know its a lot of people on the channel. Havent hit the subscribe button. Yes, despite the 120 000 subscribers, we are still about 80. Non subscribed so get on it. Also, if you didnt, like this video hit that thumbs up button just down there and uh. If you want to know more about this or you want to suggest any other gadgets that we should cover, join us down below in the comments.