What i love about sophias channel is that shes always willing to try something unexpected, often ridiculous, fair enough so thats. Why i sent her different beauty gadgets to experiment with at home? Yes, and then the plot twist for today is that were going to react to her reaction. Live yes. So this is basically a live reaction reaction. Video reaction, reacting reaction reaction, yes reaction; yes, yeah! Your reaction very and make things really official. Yes, we have laser pointers. Yes, laser pointers. I promised i wouldnt just launch into a five minute laser pointer battle, but at the same time i kind of think that would be more fun, but no promises no promises. I got you all righty well, lets have a look. Are you ready me yes or everyone? You im? Okay, im ready, i hope everyones ready. Yes, okay! So yes were ready. All right lets get to the first product that you reviewed lets. Do it all right so were gon na start off with the hair drying bag? This is from the brand heatago derrick. If something goes wrong. My bloods on your hands: okay, elephant core, all right, so im wet and im back hair in bag, drawstring tightened attached to blow dryer turn it on well. The good news is that you look cool like regardless, regardless what was going through your head, when, when i asked you to try this on well, so ive been told that you cant really see our laser pointers on camera, but i still really want to use them.

So lets see right here right, i think weve got some fear going on for sure. Definitely some fear a little bit im like retracting my head, like a turtle, some reluctance for sure um. What id like to point out here is your hand, gestures, yeah, the feeling of helplessness, just grasping for anything right, literally grasping for anything just trying to hold on to reality. All right. Well, lets see what actually, what lets see what actually happens when you use it Laughter, its pretty warm thats, a trailer shot. It smells like burning hair. I think i like this, the high settings a little hot whoa, whoa, whoa whoa. I mean its not gon. Na. Look good because i didnt, i just stuffed it in there. How does it look? I did not use this thing for its true purpose, but i did not hate my time in the bag all right there, you go uh, so you didnt hate your time. Didnt hate! My time in the bag, i didnt hate it its not often the best review but truly whats your actual feedback on this product. So i realized about halfway through using it that youre supposed to use it sort of like a portable salon, dryer hood so like i just stuffed my wet hair in the bag, but i think youre supposed to use like for like if youre perming, your hair, if Youre, like a curl set to like set it right um, so i think that um i didnt use it well, one could use it well, but i ended up looking pretty bad right right, which is why look at this? This is about to be really smooth, which is why i am now covering my head with this bucket hat shameless plug everyone yeah, look at that bucket hat sofias hat absolutely its shoppable now, somewhere on screen on screen, literally on screen right in the mirror in the Live feed this bucket hat yep, absolutely a beauty fest more like millinery fest.

Am i right, yeah absolutely were gon na make it about hats. You guys alrighty next gadget lets watch this charcoal jelly ball cleansing. Soap, i think its a solid cleanser, and i rub it on my face: how how do we, i cant, get a good grip on it. Did you get that? Yes, its kind of like a like a giant fish egg or sort of like a um, a large uh tapioca ball like a boba ooh. It smells really good and herbaceous scent. Okay lets wash my face: whats the takeaway for the viewers. Here i enjoyed having that ball gliding along my cheeks. Do we try Music? This is the beauty fest version of the tide. Pod challenge actually were gon na. Make that a thing all right, just as a disclaimer dont, need any tie pods. What just but tell me sophia, how did this taste honestly, i mean i am unfortunately im somewhat known for like eating things that youre not supposed to eat. I dont know why thats part of my brand on the internet, but it didnt taste too bad. It kind of tasted like um, you know it had an earl grey vibe like an herbaceous, lavender, herby kind of taste really not really not too bad. All right. Well lets get back to the tape. It tastes pretty good first, so it tastes pretty good. Overall, i enjoyed that, but i feel like it might get slippery in the shower.

Just a a shower thought for you. That was really awful. Sorry derek all right lets move on to the next one. So next lets try out the cirque colors color changing nail polish um. They change color based on heat, so were gon na, apply them and then put my fingers in some some hot situations. They look pretty im drawn to the the deep blue one in the middle. Not blue, i love the smell of acetone in the evening. All right lets let that dry for one second, so with my base coat on lets, apply the color changing nail. Polish sorry, derek im, not doing so hot ooh that ones sparkly tyler were youtubers. We have to do the thumbnail mayday, one of them changed color. While i was doing this, it is changing so thats good all right. So this is my look. Sorry, derek im, not that good at painting my nails, but i tried my best. This elegant ignore all the water across the table. Derek dont say anything about it here they are now im gon na hair dry kinda hard. So that was the color changing nail polishes. Well, there we go there. You have it to add in a couple of dad jokes, would you say they nailed it ill? Let you slide ill, let that slide yeah! You can have that one felt cuticle might delete later. Oh okay, thats a new one too much between rehearsal and now thats.

A new one – i havent heard that one before all right all right. The next product is a cool one, and i bet you felt really cool using it right lets check it out: okay, thats, okay, so next were gon na try out the beauty, pops cryo facial mask kit were gon na make popsicles form a face. All righty were stopping now all right, yeah lets talk about it, popsicles for your face. I have to ask before you even used it. What was going through your mind when i sent you frozen popsicles to put on on your face honestly, i feel like the theme of the whole package was like hot and cold. You know if youve got some hot and cold frenemies vibes here, you know were heating. It up were cooling it down um, but overall this will. I was excited for this one, its quite its kind of luxurious. You know all right all right well lets see what they look like when you uh put popsicles on your face, and these, i think, are the popsicle receptacles popsicle ends mask mix overwhelming tang vibes canned apricots. What is the meaning of this derrick lets? Take him to the freezer. All right were back from the freezer lets lets do it kind of cute. Actually, it does kind of look like a honeycomb or something oh, its, oh, its cold, obviously, its cold, its cold. So was it cold. It was really cold derek, it was cold, derek, it was cold, but was it cool? Is it sorry? Are we going back to the cool thing? All right lets go back, delete later its feeling, refreshing revitalizing, renewing, leave the mask on for five minutes.

All right lets. Go five minutes lets go lets go. I look great. I dont think i like the taste kind of tastes like a fruit leather. I i feel cryogenically renewed. I liked the cold. I liked the glide im looking for some different ingredients, all right, everyone that was sophia nygaard, reviewing beauty products. I got ta ask which was your favorite. Are you using any of these, my favorites, the laser pointer that im currently attacking with? No, i think its the popsicles honestly popsicles were they were nice and luxurious. Everything else was like i was being attacked. You know what i mean i was being. I guess i did the hair dryer to my nails myself, but the bag was interesting. It was actually yeah. I said i didnt hate it in there, its kind of just like a warm desert and honestly who doesnt love a popsicle. I agree even on your face, i should have tried to eat that one. Why did i eat the other one? This was a much more natural thing to eat. Uh. Thank you so much for doing this today. Thank you for letting me antagonizing you with ridiculous beauty.