First of all, im going to use ground beef meatball mixture, which the recipe is on our website, under amazing meatballs. Now this recipe is going to give you exactly the right amount of ingredients that you need to fill one meatball master tray. Okay, so this is it here and youre simply going to pop this in to the bottom tray and around the perimeter of this tray. There actually is a fill line, so when youre filling it with your own recipes, youll be able to take a look at where that fill line is and just make sure you dont overfill it, because if you overfill it its going to be overstuffed and then itll Be harder to separate and you might have some meat spilling out so thats tip number one: do not overfill the meatball master now, as you can see here its very nice that i can spread this around without having to use my hands now by all means. If you want to use your hands go ahead, but i want to keep my hands clean for the rest of this video, so im just going to spread it out here with my spoon just like that, all right. So now i have spread all of the meat across the bottom tray up to the fill line. Here and again, the recipe on the website is going to give you the exact right quantity that you need to fill the bottom tray to the right amount.

So next, the second tip is to when you seal the top tray onto the bottom tray. You want to make sure that you press evenly across the entire container so that you get all of those cutters all the way through and then that will make sure that its going to separate when you open it again so here see how im doing this making Sure its sealed on the sides and then you might move it closer and then press down like this all the way through. So it goes down all the way in the middle okay and then youre gon na see its gon na pop up on these sides. But thats, okay, just going to press down some more all right and see how much easier this is than actually rolling them all 32 out by hand, and the other point is that this theyre all going to be exactly the same size, which means theyre going to Cook, in the same amount of time and everyones going to get the same size meatballs, so youre not going to have any fights over who got the larger meatballs nice to keep peace in the family all right, so i pressed down all the way across now. Im going to open the tray to show you, okay here we go and its open and portioned out like that see now to get them out. I dont know about you. I, like i, just use a spoon here to pull them out and im just gon na drop them into my boiling sauce.

I have a pot of boiling sauce here and i literally just dump them in like that. If you like to broil them, you can put this on a pan and do that and broil them so again here just dump them right in the sauce super easy and then you use as many as you want, and then you can close it up again and This can either go in the fridge, for, i would say up to two days and then, if you dont want to put them in the fridge store them for later put them in the freezer. Now were going to talk about how to take them out when theyre frozen, because its a little bit different when you do that so im going to put this tray in the freezer and get one thats frozen from the freezer now tip number three is when the Meatballs are frozen, youre going to want to open it upside down, so thats like this, and the reason we do. That is because you dont want to be pulling all of those cutters out of the frozen meat. Its way too difficult, so just put it upside down and the bottom tray will pop right off just like this see easy, peasy and now okay, so these are the frozen meatballs. You can pop them out, like this, see, pull them out like that, and this again will go into the hot sauce or you can put them on a pan if youre having difficulty separating them when theyre frozen, you can also hang them off the corner of the Cabinet or the edge of the cap the counter, and then just do this see if you lean on the corner, itll crack from that edge there so on the corner and also if you are having still having more difficulty, maybe just leave the tray out for 10 To 15 minutes, so it thaws a little bit and then itll be easier to pull out.

Okay – and here you go see how easy they are to pull out and theyre the same size once these cook for a while, they will round out a little more so they will look like regular meatballs. People will be able to tell that you use this container to make the meatballs, but again theyll all cook, evenly whether theyre, fresh or frozen, because theyre all the same size and then again this can go back in the freezer or you can use it all and Make it fresh next time, so those are all my tips and tricks for using the meatball master. If you have any questions at all, you can always email us at thanks.